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Federation Agent Gabriel Marsh is about to get a new partner, and he’s none too happy about it—especially when he discovers that the guy is a womanizer who looks more like a delicate angel than an agent of the Federation. But now they must trust each other on a mission that neither may survive. The problem is that Gabriel thinks he’s fallen in love with his new partner’s “other”—or his female part.

Aleksandr (Lexei) Karanov is what they call a Variant—a person who can be either male or female. He can change at will into his other, a female named Deidre, whom he keeps on a tight leash. He uses her to get close to his targets before he takes control and finishes them off.

Deidre has never thought of fighting her situation with Lexei. She just accepts it—until she meets Gabriel Marsh. Now she longs to fall in love and have a life that’s her own, but she knows that Lexei will never allow it. Could she possibly trick Lexei into letting her be with Gabriel?

From the wild imagination of author Toni V. Sweeney comes a plot that brings a new twist to an old cliché: the love triangle. Variation is a cool and highly entertaining romantic sci-fi thriller that promises to put you on edge. Whenever Gabriel and Deidre are together, you’ll be holding your breath, wondering whether Lexei is about to pop back in at a very bad moment.

The characters’ three different personalities seem to make up a character all its own: Lexei’s cold, methodical rationality, Gabriel’s sensitive but tough male ego, and the delicate but strong Deidre. All of these different personality traits blend together and head for an explosive climax that’s sure to keep you firmly planted in the story until everything falls together.

In this short read, you get romance, sex, and suspense. What more can you ask for to help warm you up on a cold winter day? Ms. Sweeney never fails to entertain, and Variation is a very engaging diversion to keep you occupied on a day when you just feel blah. It’s sure to lift your spirits and leave you wanting more.

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