The Devilís Odds Review
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Sadly, another talented author has left us. Milton T. Burton passed away in November of 2011, but not before leaving behind another great mystery. The Devilís Odds is the fourth book to be published in his short career as an author.

Itís December of 1942, and Virgil Tucker is thinking about leaving the Texas Rangers to help his aunt, Tia Carmen, with the ranch his family has owned for centuries. Heís getting too old for the danger his job entails, but he canít leave without trying to protect a young woman whoís in fear for her life.

Scared out of her mind, Madeline Kimbell comes to Virgil for help. She witnessed the murder of Henry DeMour, a prominent Texas lawyer, and now sheís on the run from men with a whole lot of clout where it counts. She got mixed up in something that she should have stayed out ofóbecause even the devilís odds may not be enough to save her.

Beneath the surface of the case, Virgil gets dragged into the high-stakes world of the New Orleans Mafia, where the top bosses want a piece of the gambling racket thatís about to explode along the coast. The only problem is that each one wants the whole piece. Virgilís life becomes forfeit, along with Madelineís, as he races to find a solution that wonít get everyone killed.

The Devilís Odds flirts with anarchy. Virgil Tucker is part of a powerful Mexican family that more or less controls the government of Texas. Though heís a lawman, heís not afraid to use mild torture to get the information he needs, and he often operates outside the law. Iím not sure that I agree with his methods, but the bad guys are so bad that it really didnít bother me all that muchóand Virgil has plenty of virtuous traits to make up for it.

Madeline, on the other hand, is a weak and somewhat annoying female. You might find that you donít really like her all that much, but it works for the purposes of this novel. Besides, youíll get your fill of a strong woman in Tia Carmen. She can wield a shotgun as well as any manóand no one threatens her family or those under her protection without swift and sure retribution.

Complicated and baffling but also intelligently written, The Devilís Odds will take you on a thrilling chase through the ruthless minds of the 1940s criminal organizations. Itís often hard to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, but it makes for one entertaining read.

Sometimes you have to get mean to fight back, and Milton T. Burton makes it work with his well-rounded characters. If you like your mysteries a little on the rough side, The Devilís Odds is the perfect choice for the rebel in all of us.

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