11th Hour Review
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Pregnant and emotional, Detective Lindsay Boxer takes on two new murder cases that push her to the edge of her endurance. And, this time, she’s alone—not even her husband, Joe, can be counted on when she needs him most.

When millionaire Chaz Smith is gunned down, Lindsay discovers that the murder weapon was stolen from her department’s evidence locker. Suddenly, no one can be trusted—not even those she works with every day. The weapon is also linked to the deaths of four other criminals in the San Francisco area. A vigilante is on the hunt, and more will die before it’s all over.

Next, Lindsay is called to an actor’s patio, where two heads are discovered on elaborate display. Five more heads turn up in the garden, with the potential for more to be unearthed. Is the charming but arrogant actor a killer, or is he an unwilling participant in a sick game?

Hounded by a reporter who launches a series of vicious articles about the murders, Lindsay’s life comes under the microscope. One wrong move could ruin her career.

Lindsay Boxer is as tough as ever in 11th Hour—and pregnancy doesn’t slow her down. She’s compassionate and driven, and you’ll admire her determination to keep going, no matter what’s thrown in her path. Are there detectives like her in the real world? I sure hope so.

The two murder cases will baffle and stun you as one bizarre piece of evidence after another comes to light. Each chapter races by at a fast and furious pace, snatching the very breath from your lungs. You can try to guess, but you’ll never put all of the pieces together, which makes this thriller a delight to read. It’s sure to keep you up until all hours of the night.

As the plot twists and turns from chapter to chapter, 11th Hour delivers an uncanny tale of murder and revenge. The criminals are vicious and merciless, and you’re not going to want to cross paths with them outside a book. No one does suspense quite like James Patterson and Maxine Paetro—and 11th Hour is one of their most suspenseful and shocking novels to date.

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