Let’s Send a SWAT Team Next Time
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines introduces a burglar who was caught napping in the attic, a prowler who was found in his neighbor’s bed, a guy who hid in his ex-girlfriend’s car trunk, and a woman who bit off her boy friend’s earlobe.

All or Nothing at All
Originally reported by United Press International

A large force sent to catch a suspected burglar in a Montreal suburb found the man sleeping in the attic, police said.

Police arrested the 35-year-old suspect after receiving a call from someone who said he heard noises, The (Montreal) Gazette reported.

After a resident (the someone above who heard noises) called at 6 a.m., six police cars, an ambulance, and a small special weapons and tactics squad raced to the scene and closed off the street.

After a 5-hour siege, police stormed the house and found the man sleeping in the attic.

Got to admire a guy who can sleep through a five-hour siege.

Some Enchanted Evening
Originally reported by United Press International

San Diego police said that a man was arrested on prowling charges after being found naked in his neighbor’s bed.

The 25-year-old man, whose name was not given, apparently broke into his female neighbor’s house, undressed, and got into her bed, the U-T San Diego reported. When the neighbor discovered the naked intruder, she called police.

Officers arrested the man, who told them that he went into the woman’s house because he heard a noise. Police said he then got naked and climbed into her bed because “he did not want to startle her.”

How very thoughtful.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
Originally reported by United Press International

A Florida woman’s ex-boyfriend crawled out of the trunk of her car and began to beat her while she was driving home from work.

Peter Maya, 24, was in the Broward County jail after he allegedly hid in the woman’s trunk and then squeezed into the back seat while she drove home.

Keisha Bethel of Oakland Park told police that he struck her numerous times and pulled her back into the car when she tried to get away. He finally stopped on a Miami street and ran off.

According to the police report, the couple lived together for six years and had three children together. They also shared ownership of the car.

Breaking up is hard to do.

Getting to Know You
Originally reported by United Press International

Police in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, said they arrested a woman who allegedly bit off a chunk of a man’s earlobe.

Broken Arrow police said Lecia Cooley, 46, was the “dominant aggressor” in a domestic dispute on a recent Saturday night. Officers arrived to find that the male victim had a “large portion of his right earlobe missing, bruising to his face consistent with a hard punch, and various lacerations from both the family dog and Ms. Cooley,” KDTV, Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported.

The police report said that Cooley, who admitted to biting the man’s ear, also had small puncture wounds that apparently came from the family dog.

Ms. Cooley and the family dog apparently fight dirty.

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