The Ghost Exterminator Review
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Jo Ellen Banks works for Karmic Consultants as a ghost exterminator. When her mojo’s working well, she’s very good at her job—but then she’s sent to a Victorian mansion that’s pulsing with the ghosts of children. Not sure why so many of them are congregating in one place, she attempts to send them on their way, only to accidentally sling-shot two ghosts right into Wyatt Haines, the owner of the house. Now he’s haunted and none too happy about it.

Wyatt doesn’t believe in ghosts, but too many strange problems have cropped up while he’s been renovating the old mansion for his vacation hideaway franchise, so he calls in a paranormal specialist. When Jo shows up, he expects one heck of a fake show. Instead, he gets saddled with two mischievous ghosts who take over his body while he sleeps.

Jo sees Wyatt as a stuffy man in a suit, and Wyatt sees Jo as a freak. Still, attraction sizzles between them—and the heart doesn’t care what’s on the outside when two people are meant to be.

Right from the beginning, The Ghost Exterminator made me laugh out loud—and that seems to be the only way that I can take my romance these days. Meanwhile, since The Ghost Exterminator is a comedy, there are only a couple of creepy scenes that occur in the house. It’s mostly funny—even hilarious at times—but there are a few touching moments as well.

The characters are well-defined, with individual personalities that shine on the page. Jo is her own person, and she won’t change for anyone. There are times when she longs to be normal, but she’ll decide when and where. Wyatt, on the other hand, really is a jerk at times, but he’s also so likable, and you’ll really feel sorry for him when the ghosts make his life miserable in laughable ways.

With laugh out loud moments and quirky characters, you’ll rarely have more fun reading a book. The Ghost Exterminator is the kind of pleasant surprise that you only come across every now and then—so don’t pass this one up.

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