Taking Command
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Pages: 112
Goes Well With: Rich, creamy chocolate éclairs

“Adrenaline and battle stimulants mixed to sharpen his senses all the way to the cellular core,” as Tarik Baill leads his team, blasting enemies and trying not to accidentally hit a well-endowed fem-bot, the toything of a wealthy target. Of course, the pheromones emitted by the artificial humans do distracting things to this rebel’s enhanced body. But there’s history to this tale of high-tech worlds and rebellions, and the beautiful Shon Monet isn’t the only surprise Tarik will meet as he tries to escape with the government’s latest super-powered spaceship. Nor is Tariq anything like Shon might have expected.

Sexual tension feeds as completely into both battle and plot as it does into human relationships, with a sentient ship that’s as skilled at stimulating physical response as it is in warfare and disguise. The booty-bot offers a pleasing touch of humor, while the dialogue is fun with minimal introspection and plenty of action. Technology bristles with fascinating concepts, and the storyline depicts both space battles and sexual savors with equal aplomb.

Personally, I preferred the sentient spaceship to the sexual shenanigans, but Taking Command is certainly an enticing tale. As Shon and Tariq seek to command each other, the situation, and the ship, it’s never quite clear who’s really in charge. But perhaps the question should be: who will be in command as times goes on? And perhaps the authors will continue their story in further tales. But, for now, Taking Command is an enjoyably complete techno-fantasy-romance with plenty of action and adventure—in and out the bedroom, or captain’s cabin—and a fun, if slightly long, lunch break read.

Ed. Note: For more on Taking Command, visit The Wild Rose Press.

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