Woman Thrown into Depression at Bargain Mart
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BETHLEHEM JUNCTION, NH Until yesterday afternoon, Sheri Clayton believed that she was a hip young woman. A mere 27 years old, she could still relate to younger people—for the most part. She’ll admit that she doesn’t understand why kids today dress the way they do. And One Direction. She doesn’t get that either. But for the most part, she is young and hip.

But Clayton slipped into a deep and possibly irreversible state of depression after undergoing an emotionally destructive event yesterday evening in the Bargain Mart in the Bethlehem Junction’s Southeast Grove Plaza.

Clayton was doing some Christmas shopping after work yesterday. As she wandered leisurely through the store, she noticed the Super Bargain Discount Bin in the back corner. She couldn’t resist taking a look through. Maybe there’d be some $1.99 CD of something that her mom used to listen to. A cheap stocking stuffer.

Clayton laughed at a number of the titles that she saw as she dug through the bin. She pulled out a few Barry Manilow CDs for Mom, some George Jones for Dad.

And that’s when she saw it. She let out a gasp as she dropped the CD that she had pulled out of the bin.

It must be a mistake, she thought. But then she saw the fluorescent green “BARGAIN! $1.99!” sticker in the top corner.

But it’s the Mariachi album by the Screemin’ Llamas! It can’t be! This was my favorite album when I was in college! I’m not old enough for my favorite CDs to be in the Super Bargain Discount Bin! This can’t be happening to me!

At that point, Clayton passed out. As Bargain Mart employees finally revived her, she was whimpering, “I’m not old… I’m not old…!”

After she was unable to snap out of her little outburst, Clayton was checked into the Bethlehem Junction Community Care Center. She only seems to have sunken deeper into depression since then. She’s requested that she be dressed just as she did when she was in college—and she refuses to listen to anything but the Screemin’ Llamas. Doctors say her condition is serious and that she may never recover from delusional tendencies.

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