Goodnight Hockey Review
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Now that another hockey season is about to begin, fans of all ages are gearing up for more on-ice action. And anxious young fans can even unwind after another exciting night of hockey with the hockey-themed bedtime story Goodnight Hockey by author Michael Dahl and illustrator Christina E. Forshay.

Goodnight Hockey opens with a thrilling night in the stands, watching the home team play in a snowy arena. Bundled up in their warmest hats and mittens—and sipping on hot chocolate—the crowd cheers for their team while the players battle the visiting team for the win. And then, once the game is over, it’s time to say goodnight—to head home and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

This sports-themed storybook makes a great way to help little hockey fans make the transition from play time to bedtime. It starts out as a fast-paced story about hockey players racing across the ice and shooting the puck to win the game. It’s a fun-filled book, and young readers will love the colorful illustrations of the stadium and the players—and the exciting hockey action, too.

The rhymes, meanwhile, don’t talk down to young readers or shy away from the details of the game. After all, this is a Sports Illustrated Kids book—so while kids enjoy the story, they might learn about the game at the same time. The players in the book line up at center ice for the puck drop—just as real players do at the beginning of each game. They take slapshots at the goalie, and someone gets a hat trick. Even the Zamboni makes an appearance.

Once the game is over, though, the book shifts from action-packed sports story to a bedtime story in the familiar style of the bedtime classic Goodnight Moon. The pacing gradually slows down and the illustrations become more peaceful as the young fans in the book say goodnight to the players, the ref, the other fans, and the lit-up stadium as they make their way home and get ready for bed—and their own hockey dreams, of course.

If you’ve got a little hockey fan at home, Goodnight Hockey is a great pick for your bedtime reading. Whether they’re winding down from a noisy night in the stands, a thrilling game on TV, or their own hockey practice, fans of all ages are sure to enjoy this lovable hockey tale.

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