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$10,000 in Small, Unmarked Puzzles - Parnell HallMargaret Marr
'Til the Fat Girl Sings - Sharon WheatleyChristine Casoli
101 Designer One-Skein Wonders - Judith Durant (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
101 Things You Didn't Know About Shakespeare - Janet WareAngela Dalecki
10th Anniversary - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
11th Hour - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
13 Dates - Matt DunnKristin Dreyer Kramer
13th Target, The - Mark de CastriqueMargaret Marr
1984 - George OrwellKristin Dreyer Kramer
2-At-A-Time Socks - Melissa Morgan-OakesKristin Dreyer Kramer
2008’s Best Beach Bag BooksKristin Dreyer Kramer
2011’s Essential Beach ReadsKristin Dreyer Kramer
5th Horseman, The - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroLaura Shaffer
6th Target, The - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
700 Sundays - Billy CrystalTony Caldwell
7th Heaven - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroJacqueline Jung
8th Confession, The - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
9 Dragons - Michael Connelly Kristin Dreyer Kramer
9th Judgment, The - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
A Is for Alibi - Sue GraftonDeborah Leiter
Aaron’s Wait - Dorien GreyMargaret Marr
About Arachnids - Cathryn SillLisa Marie Fortner
About Marsupials - Cathryn SillLisa Marie Fortner
About the Author - John ColapintoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Above Suspicion - Helen MacInnesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Above the Law - Tim GreenMargaret Marr
Above the Paw (Paw Enforcement #5) - Diane KellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Abraxas Series: Books 1-3, The - Cinsearae SantiagoMargaret Marr
Absolute Instinct - Robert W. WalkerEric M. Croas
Academy Girls - Nora CarrollKristin Dreyer Kramer
Accidental Apprentice, The - Vikas SwarupKristin Dreyer Kramer
Accidental Kiss, An - Dawn DouglasKristin Dreyer Kramer
Accidentally a Bride - Mary MalcolmKristin Dreyer Kramer
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health - Dr. Kathleen AlbertsonJacqueline Jung
Adams Vs. Jefferson - John FerlingTony Caldwell
Addicted to Love - Lori WildeMargaret Marr
Addled - JoeAnn HartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Admission - Jean Hanff KorelitzJacqueline Jung
Adrenaline - Jeff AbbottKristin Dreyer Kramer
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The - Mark TwainJeff Sloan
Adventures of Quinn Higgins, Boy Detective: The Case of the Missing Homework, The - Douglas QuinnP. W. Dowdy
Adventures of Slim & Howdy, The - Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn with Bill FitzhughJacqueline Jung
Afraid - Jack KilbornKristin Dreyer Kramer
After Midnight - Sarah GrimmMargaret Marr
Afternoons with Emily - Rose MacMurrayMargaret Marr
Age of Reinvention, The - Karine TuilKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ageing Well - Dr. George Cromack, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.Jacqueline Jung
Alex Cross’s Trial - James Patterson and Richard DilalloKristin Dreyer Kramer
Alexander Cipher, The - Will AdamsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Algebraist, The - Iain M. BanksSimon Woodhouse
Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy - Richard Brian Davis and William Irwin (Editors)Jacqueline Jung
All About Knitting - Martingale & Company Kristin Dreyer Kramer
All Hours Trading - Mary Jo BurkeMargaret Marr
All in Good Time - Marty KindallMargaret Marr
All of Me - Lori WildeColleen Snodgrass
All That Glitters - Michael MurphyKristin Dreyer Kramer
All This Heavenly Glory - Elizabeth CraneKristin Dreyer Kramer
All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes - Betsy St. Amant Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Almost Moon, The - Alice SeboldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Almost Super - Marion JensenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Alone (The Girl in the Box, Book 1) - Robert J. CraneMargaret Marr
AlterKnits - Leigh RadfordKristin Dreyer Kramer
AlternaCrafts - Jessica VitkusKristin Dreyer Kramer
Always a Bridesmaid - Elaine Hopper Sheila Deeth
Always Watching - Chevy StevensKristin Dreyer Kramer
Always Watching (Elite Guardians #1) - Lynette EasonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The - Michael ChabonDeborah Leiter
Ambitious Brew - Maureen OgleTony Caldwell
American Food Writing - Molly O’Neill (Editor)Gail Cooke
American Vampire - Jennifer ArmintroutMargaret Marr
Amethyst Refrain - Kalliope BellSheila Deeth
Among Thieves - David HospMargaret Marr
Amy's Answering Machine: Messages From Mom - Amy BorkowskyKristin Dreyer Kramer
An Accidental Woman - Barbara DelinskyJozette Aaron
Angel of Wrath - Bill MyersMargaret Marr
Angel with Attitude - Michelle RowenMargaret Marr
Angelos - Robina WilliamsMargaret Marr
Angels on Crusade - Samantha WinstonMargaret Marr
Angels, Vampires & Douche Bags - Carla CollinsMargaret Marr
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - Lorna LandvikMarilyn Turingia
Animal Farm - George OrwellJeff Sloan
Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century - Peter GrahamMargaret Marr
Anonymous Lawyer - Jeremy BlachmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Apologizing to Dogs - Joe CoomerMaryann Boulter
Appalachian Justice (Cedar Hollow Series, Book 1) - Melinda ClaytonMargaret Marr
Apples and Oranges - Marie BrennerJacqueline Jung
April Love - Nancy FraserKristin Dreyer Kramer
Archer (Hawkman #13), The - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Arctic Chill - Arnaldur IndridasonMargaret Marr
Are We Rome? - Cullen MurphyTony Caldwell
Armstrong & Charlie - Steven B. FrankKristin Dreyer Kramer
Arsenic Soup for Lovers - Georgia Z. PostLaura Scott
Arsenic with Austen (Crime with the Classics #1) - Katherine Bolger HydeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Art of French Kissing, The - Kristin HarmelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Art of Travel, The - Alain de BottonDeborah Leiter
Artist's Way, The - Julia CameronKristin Dreyer Kramer
As Long as He Needs Me - Mary VerdickJacqueline Jung
Ashes of Worlds, The - Kevin J. AndersonMargaret Marr
Ashes to Ashes (The Chloe Files #1) - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Ask the Dark - Henry TurnerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Atlantean Legacy, The - Paula BatesMargaret Marr
Atlas, Schmatlas - Craig RobinsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Attack of the Queen - Honor CummingsJozette Aaron
Augusta, Gone: A True Story - Martha Tod DudmanPam Veselinovic
Autumn Blue - Karen HarterMargaret Marr
Avenger Takes His Place, The - Howard MeansTony Caldwell
Ax to Grind (Kenni Lowry #3) - Tonya KappesKristin Dreyer Kramer
B is for Burglar - Sue GraftonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Baby Shark - Robert FateMargaret Marr
Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues - Robert FateMargaret Marr
Baby Shark’s High Plains Redemption - Robert FateMargaret Marr
Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border - Robert FateMargaret Marr
Baby Shark’s Showdown at Chigger Flats - Robert FateMargaret Marr
Back on Track - Abby GainesColleen Snodgrass
Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book1), The - Lemony SnicketDeborah Leiter
Bad Boy - Olivia GoldsmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Boy - Peter RobinsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Day for Mercy, A - Sophie LittlefieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Day for Pretty, A - Sophie LittlefieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Day for Scandal, A - Sophie LittlefieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Day for Sorry, A - Sophie LittlefieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Hair Day - Nancy DarrylMargaret Marr
Bad Hair Day (Whatever After #5) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Kitty - Nick BruelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Luck (The Bad Books, #2) - Pseudonymous BoschKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bad Magic - Pseudonymous BoschKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bag of Bones - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bags: A Knitters' Dozen - Elaine Rowley (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Bah, Humbug! - Heather HorrocksMargaret Marr
Baja Florida - Bob MorrisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Baker Street Letters, The - Michael RobertsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ballad of the Whiskey Robber - Julian RubinsteinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bank - David BledinTony Caldwell
Banners of Alba, The - Jen BlackMargaret Marr
Bannon’s Brides - Loretta C. RogersMargaret Marr
Banshee’s Song, The - M. L. McBryarMargaret Marr
Barbed Crown, The - William DietrichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Barefoot - Elin HilderbrandMaryann Boulter
Bargain with Lucifer - Icy Snow BlackstoneMargaret Marr
Basic Book of Digital Photography, The - Tom Grimm and Michele GrimmJacqueline Jung
Basket Maker, The - Kate NilesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Battle for Wine and Love, The - Alice FeiringJacqueline Jung
Bayou Trilogy, The - Daniel WoodrellMargaret Marr
Be Strong & Curvaceous (All About Us, Book 3) - Shelley Adina Margaret Marr
Beach Road - James Patterson and Peter de JongeLaura Shaffer
Beachbound (Pineapple Cay #2) - Junie CoffeyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Beast’s Redemption, The - Angie DerekMargaret Marr
Beat the Reaper - Josh BazellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Beatles, The - Bob SpitzChristine Casoli
Beauty Queen (Whatever After #7) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Because She Can - Bridie ClarkKristin Dreyer Kramer
Becoming a Superhero - William D. SmithGarvan Giltinan
Becoming Jane Austen - Jon SpenceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bed of Nails - Michael SladeMargaret Marr
Bedbugs - Ben H. WintersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bedford Square - Anne PerryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bedtime Storybook - BrimaxLisa Marie Fortner
Before the Fall - Noah HawleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Before the Moon Rises - Catherine BybeeMargaret Marr
Beginner’s Greek - James CollinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Being Mrs. Alcott - Nancy GearyLisa Marie Fortner
Bel Canto - Ann PatchettDeborah Leiter
Bella’s Christmas Bake Off - Sue WatsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bellwether - Connie WillisDeborah Leiter
Belly - Lisa Selin DavisTony Caldwell
Beluga - Rick GavinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The - Barbara RobinsonDeborah Leiter
Best Dentist in Orange County, The - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Best Friend I Ever Had, The - David NufferJacqueline Jung
Best Laid Plans - Silver JamesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Best of Intentions - Michelle CaryMargaret Marr
Betrayal - Kim AmburnMargaret Marr
Betrayed, The - David HospMargaret Marr
Betrayed (House of Night, Book 2) - P. C. Cast and Kristin CastMargaret Marr
Bette Davis Club, The - Jane LotterKristin Dreyer Kramer
Between Hello and Goodbye - Jean CraigPam Veselinovic
Between the Sheets - Robin WellsMargaret Marr
Between, Georgia - Joshilyn JacksonMaryann Boulter
Betwixt - Tara Bray SmithMargaret Marr
Bewitched by His Kiss - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
Beyond the Blonde - Kathleen Flynn-HuiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Beyond the Scarf - Kathleen Greco and Nick GrecoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bible Salesman, The - Clyde EdgertonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Big Book of Knitted Monsters, The - Rebecca DangerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Big Brush-Off (Jake & Laura, #4), The - Michael MurphyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Big O, The - Declan BurkeJacqueline Jung
Big Trouble - Dave BarryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Billboard’s Hottest Hot 100 Hits: 4th Edition - Fred BronsonJacqueline Jung
Bird Woman, The - Kerry HardieMargaret Marr
Bitten - K.L. NappierMargaret Marr
Bittersweet Victories - Rachel SmithMargaret Marr
Black Hills - Dan SimmonsMargaret Marr
Black Light - Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan, and Stephen RomanoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Black Sheep - C. J. LyonsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Black Site - Dalton FuryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Black-Eyed Blonde, The - Benjamin BlackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blackout - Annie SolomonMargaret Marr
Bleachers - John GrishamTony Caldwell
Bleeding Hearts - Ian RankinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bleeding Hearts: Love Poems for the Nervous & Highly Strung - VariousDeborah Leiter
Bleeding Through - Sandra ParshallMargaret Marr
Blender Baby Food - Nicole YoungLisa Marie Fortner
Blind Faith - C. J. LyonsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blind-Sided - Roger E. Hawkins, Ph.D.Jacqueline Jung
Blonde Faith - Walter MosleyMargaret Marr
Blonde Theory, The - Kristin HarmelLaura Shaffer
Blood Atonement - Dan WaddellMargaret Marr
Blood Bay - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Blood Beast (The Demonata #5) - Darren ShanMargaret Marr
Blood Captain (Vampirates: Book 3) - Justin SomperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood Creek - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Blood Harvest - Brant RandallMaryann Boulter
Blood Hina - Naomi HiraharaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood Hunt - Ian RankinMargaret Marr
Blood in the Water - Jane HaddamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood Lance - Jeri WestersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood Lure - Nevada BarrMargaret Marr
Blood Oath - Christopher FarnsworthKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood of Flowers, The - Anita AmirrezvaniKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood of My Brother - James LePoreMargaret Marr
Blood of the Fold (Sword of Truth series, Book 3) - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Blood Sins - Kay HooperMargaret Marr
Blood Sky (After, Book 4) - Traci L. SlattonMargaret Marr
Blood Vines - Erica SpindlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blood Will Freeze - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Blood Work - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bloodline - Mark BillinghamMargaret Marr
Blow - Bruce PorterCory Dams
Blow Off, The - Mickey J. CorriganKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blue Blood - Susan McBrideKristin Dreyer Kramer
Blue Cheer, The - Ed LynskeyMaryann Boulter
Blue Door, The - David FulmerJacqueline Jung
Blue Jean Baby - Sally ParmerJacqueline Jung
Blue Religion, The - Michael Connelly (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Blue Star, The - Tony EarleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bluetick Revenge - Mark CohenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Boleyn: Tudor Vampire - Cinsearae SantiagoMargaret Marr
Bombproof - Michael RobothamMargaret Marr
Bone Factory, The - Nate KenyonMargaret Marr
Bone Fire, The - Christine BarberMargaret Marr
BoneMan’s Daughters - Ted DekkerMargaret Marr
Book of Craw, The - Sam TorodeMandy Alyss Brown
Book of Fate, The - Brad MeltzerMargaret Marr
Book of Lies, The - Brad MeltzerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Book of Nathan - Curt Weeden and Richard MarickMargaret Marr
Book of the Dead, The - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildKristin Dreyer Kramer
Book of Trouble, The - Ann MarloweMargaret Marr
Book Waitress, The - Deena RemielMargaret Marr
Books 2008: Picking Up the SlackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Books 2009: The Best in Any FormatKristin Dreyer Kramer
Books 2010: The Best of the Year’s Bookshelf BlockbustersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Books 2011: Beating the Recession BluesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Books 2012: Sneaking in a Few PagesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Books 2013: A Page-Turning EscapeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bookseller, The - Cynthia SwansonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Boomsday - Christopher BuckleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bootlegger’s Bride - Marty KindallMargaret Marr
Border Lass - Amanda ScottColleen Snodgrass
Border Moonlight - Amanda ScottColleen Snodgrass
Bound by Love - Wendy StoneColleen Snodgrass
Bound to Moonlight (Sisters of the Moon: Book 2) - Nina CroftMargaret Marr
Bound to Surrender - Tess LamontColleen Snodgrass
Bourne Betrayal, The - Eric Van LustbaderMargaret Marr
Bourne Deception, The - Eric Van LustbaderMargaret Marr
Bourne Identity, The - Robert LudlumTony Caldwell
Bourne Imperative, The - Eric Van LustbaderMargaret Marr
Bourne Objective, The - Eric Van LustbaderMargaret Marr
Bourne Sanction, The - Eric Van LustbaderMargaret Marr
Box of Matches, A - Nicholson BakerKarin M. Round
Brass Verdict, The - Michael Connelly Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Brave Irene - William SteigKristin Dreyer Kramer
Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4) - Stephenie MeyerMargaret Marr
Breaking Silence - Linda CastilloMargaret Marr
Breathing Water - Timothy HallinanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Breed - Chase NovakKristin Dreyer Kramer
Brew or Die (Java Jive #4) - Caroline FardigKristin Dreyer Kramer
Briar Rose - Jane YolenDeborah Leiter
Bride Collector, The - Ted DekkerMargaret Marr
Bride for a Knight - Sue-Ellen WelfonderColleen Snodgrass
Bride’s House, The - Sandra DallasKim de la Montanya
Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen FieldingDeborah Leiter
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - Helen FieldingLisa Marie Fortner
Bright Moon - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Bringing Up Boys - Dr. James DobsonTony Caldwell
Broken - Karin SlaughterMargaret Marr
Broken - Traci L. SlattonMargaret Marr
Broken Silence (Hawkman #15) - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Brothers Bulger, The - Howie CarrMaryann Boulter
Brothers K, The - David James DuncanDeborah Leiter
Brothers of Baker Street, The - Michael RobertsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Brush with Napoleon, A - Laban Carrick HillKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bubble (Game, Book 3) - Anders de la MotteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Buried Secrets - Joseph FinderKristin Dreyer Kramer
Burn - Nevada BarrMargaret Marr
Burn Out - Marcia MullerMargaret Marr
Burned - Thomas EngerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Burning Tulips - Diane PayneJohn Sheirer
Burrito, Illinois - Jason TanamorKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bury Your Dead - Louise PennyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Bush at War - Bob WoodwardTony Caldwell
Buy Back - Brian M. WiprudKristin Dreyer Kramer
Buzz (Game, Book 2) - Anders de la MotteKristin Dreyer Kramer
C is for Corpse - Sue GraftonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Caesar’s Fall - Dorien GreyMargaret Marr
Cairo Affair, The - Olen SteinhauerKristin Dreyer Kramer
California Gold - John JakesKim de la Montanya
Call Me Princess - Sara BlaedelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Calling, The - Inger Ash WolfeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Calling the Dead - Marilyn MeredithMargaret Marr
Camouflage - Natasha WhiteGarvan Giltinan
Camp Arcanum - Josef MatulichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Camp So-and-So - Mary McCoyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie KinsellaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? - Max Brallier Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Candidates, The - Matthew S. HileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Candy Corn Murder (Lucy Stone, Book 22) - Leslie MeierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cannibal Fat Camp - David C. Hayes and Mark C. ScioneauxGarvan Giltinan
Can’t You Hear the Whistle Blowing? - Bill MacWitheyJozette Aaron
Captain Blood - Rafael SabatiniJeff Sloan
Captive Heart - Sarah McKerriganMargaret Marr
Career and Corporate Cool - Rachel C. WeingartenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Carolina Moon - Nora RobertsJozette Aaron
Carpool Diem - Nancy StarKristin Dreyer Kramer
Carrie - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Carry Me! - Susan StockdaleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Carved in Stone (Ruins & Relics, Book II) - Kate DavisonMargaret Marr
Case Histories - Kate AtkinsonKim de la Montanya
Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit (Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective #1), The - Octavia SpencerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Casual Vacancy, The - J. K. RowlingDebra Sponable
Cat in the Mist - Sonja FoustMargaret Marr
Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons - Blaize ClementKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof - Blaize ClementKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cat Sitter’s Cradle, The - Blaize and John ClementKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives, The - Blaize and John Clement Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Cat Sitter’s Pajamas, The - Blaize ClementKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cat Sitter’s Whiskers, The - Blaize and John ClementKristin Dreyer Kramer
Catch a Wave - Peter Ames CarlinMaryann Boulter
Catch Me When I Fall - Nicci FrenchKristin Dreyer Kramer
Catch-22 - Joseph HellerJeff Sloan
Catcher in the Rye, The - J. D. SalingerClaire Smith
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2) - Suzanne CollinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cattitude: The Feline Guide to Being Fabulous - Christine MontaquilaAngela Dalecki
Cause Celeb - Helen FieldingDeborah Leiter
Cause for Murder (Hawkman #7) - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Celestial Sin - Bianca SwanMargaret Marr
Cell - Stephen KingMargaret Marr
Cemetery Dance - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildMargaret Marr
Centuries of June - Keith DonohueMargaret Marr
Certainty - Madeleine ThienMargaret Marr
Cha Cha Cha - Jane HellerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chain Saw Confidential - Gunnar HansenGarvan Giltinan
Chameleon Conspiracy, The - Haggai CarmonMargaret Marr
Champion, The - Heather GrothausColleen Snodgrass
Change in Altitude, A - Anita ShreveMaryann Boulter
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald DahlDeborah Leiter
Chase, The - Janet Evanovich and Lee GoldbergKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chat - Archer MayorMargaret Marr
Chef's Apprentice - David HoffmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cherub - David C. HayesGarvan Giltinan
Chic Knits - Phuong My LyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chic Shall Inherit the Earth (All About Us, Book 6), The - Shelley Adina Margaret Marr
Chicks with Sticks (It’s a Purl Thing) - Elizabeth LenhardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chihuahua of the Baskervilles - Esri AllbrittenMargaret Marr
Child, The - Fiona BartonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Child 44 - Tom Rob SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Child of the Mist - Kathleen MorganColleen Snodgrass
Chill Waters - Joan Hall HoveyMargaret Marr
Chinatown Angel - A. E. RomanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chocolatier’s Wife, The - Cindy Lynn SpeerMargaret Marr
Choice, The - Nicholas SparksMargaret Marr
Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays - Mike MacDonald, Jilly GagnonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger - Beth Harbison Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Chosen (Full Wolf Moon Trilogy, Volume 3) - K. L. NappierMargaret Marr
Chosen One, The - Alan J. GarnerMargaret Marr
Christine Falls - Benjamin BlackMargaret Marr
Christmas Carol, A - Charles DickensJeff Sloan
Christmas Carol (BabyLit), A - Jennifer AdamsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Christmas Cookie Murder - Leslie MeierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Christmas Edition, The - Robin Lee ShopeMargaret Marr
Christmas Eve Can Kill You - William MarantzJacqueline Jung
Christmas Mourning - Margaret MaronMargaret Marr
Chronicles of Casey V., The - Laurie LarsenMargaret Marr
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, The - Ernie MalikKristin Dreyer Kramer
Church of the Dog - Kaya McLarenMaryann Boulter
Cigars, Whiskey and Winning - Al KaltmanTony Caldwell
City, The - Dean KoontzKristin Dreyer Kramer
City Above the Sea and Other Poems - Stephen Alan SaftMargaret Marr
City for Ransom - Robert W. WalkerKristin Dreyer Kramer
City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, Book 2) - Cassandra ClareMargaret Marr
City of Bones - Michael ConnellyJozette Aaron
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1) - Cassandra ClareMargaret Marr
City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, Book 4) - Cassandra ClareMargaret Marr
City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, Book 3) - Cassandra ClareMargaret Marr
City of God, The - E. L. DoctorowDeborah Leiter
City of Silver - Annamaria AlfieriMargaret Marr
City of the Snakes - Darren ShanMargaret Marr
City of Veils - Zoë FerrarisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead - Sara GranKim de la Montanya
Clan Andriescu, The - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Clapton: The Autobiography - Eric ClaptonJacqueline Jung
Classic Knits for Real Women - Martin Storey and Sharon BrantJulie Green
Cleanup, The - Sean DoolittleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cloister Walk, The - Kathleen NorrisDeborah Leiter
Close Encounter with a Crumpet - Fleeta CunninghamSheila Deeth
Closers, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage - Kieran KramerColleen Snodgrass
Club Monstrosity - Jesse PetersenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cobra Murders, The - Jane GreenhillMargaret Marr
Coconut Diet, The - Cherie Calbom with John CalbomMaryann Boulter
Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II - Liza MundyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Code Name: Princess - Christina SkyeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Codex, The - Douglas PrestonEric M. Croas
Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry, The - Gregory Dicum and Nina LuttingerCasey Christo
Coffin Man - James D. DossMargaret Marr
Coffin, Scarcely Used (Flaxborough Mystery #1) - Colin WatsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Coincidence of Coconut Cake, The - Amy E. ReichertKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cold as Ice (Whatever After #6) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cold Glass of Milk, A - Nathan LeslieJozette Aaron
Cold Light (After, Book 2) - Traci L. SlattonMargaret Marr
Cold Light of Mourning, The - Elizabeth J. DuncanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cold North Wind, A - Brenda RobertsMargaret Marr
Cold Vengeance - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildMargaret Marr
Coldest Winter Ever, The - Sister SouljahMarilyn Turingia
Collectors, The - David BaldacciLaura Shaffer
Color of Betrayal, The - Kathy L. WheelerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Colorado Kid, The - Stephen KingMargaret Marr
Colourful Death, A - Carola DunnMargaret Marr
Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies & Toddlers - Norah Gaughan and the Berroco Design TeamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Coming Back - Marcia MullerMargaret Marr
Commonwealth of Thieves, A - Thomas KeneallyTony Caldwell
Companions: Laws of the Blood - Susan SizemoreClaire Smith
Company - Max BarryTony Caldwell
Complaints, The - Ian RankinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Compliments of a Friend - Susan IsaacsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Con Ed - Matthew KleinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Confessions of a Domestic Failure - Bunmi LaditanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Confessions of a Duchess, The - Nicola CornickColleen Snodgrass
Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady - Florence KingTony Caldwell
Confessions of a Murder Suspect - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - Dyan SheldonSarah Verity
Confessions of a Teenage Psychic - Pamela Woods-JacksonMargaret Marr
Confidential Source, A - Jan BroganJozette Aaron
Consider the Lobster - David Foster WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Consolation - Michael RedhillKristin Dreyer Kramer
Continuity Girl, The - Leah McLarenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Conversations, The - Michael OndaatjeKarin M. Round
Conversations with the Fat Girl - Liza PalmerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Corn Flakes with John Lennon - Robert HilburnJacqueline Jung
Corrections, The - Jonathan FranzenDeborah Leiter
Cosmic Landscape, The - Leonard SusskindChristine Casoli
Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved - Kate WhouleyJohn Sheirer
Count to Ten - Karen RoseMargaret Marr
Countdown City (The Last Policeman, Book II) - Ben H. WintersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Courting Disaster - Carol StephensonMargaret Marr
Cover Girl Confidential - Beverly BartlettLaura Shaffer
Cover Me - Catherine MannColleen Snodgrass
Cover of Darkness - Kaylea CrossColleen Snodgrass
Cover the Butter - Carrie KabakKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cover Your Assets - Patricia SmileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cowboy Fever - Joanne KennedyColleen Snodgrass
Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies - Elanor LynnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Creation in Death - J. D. RobbKristin Dreyer Kramer
Crescent Moon - Lori HandelandMargaret Marr
Crime Beat - Michael ConnellyMargaret Marr
Criminal and an Irishman, A - Patrick Nee, Richard Farrell, and Michael BlytheMaryann Boulter
Crimson - Gord RolloMargaret Marr
Crimson Moon - J. A. SaareMargaret Marr
Crimson Portrait, The - Jody ShieldsMargaret Marr
Crimson Warning (A Lady Emily Mystery), A - Tasha AlexanderMargaret Marr
Crocodile on the Sandbank - Elizabeth PetersKarin M. Round
Cross - James PattersonLaura Shaffer
Cross Country - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cross Fire - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Crossed - Ally CondieMargaret Marr
Crossroads, The - Mark HostutlerJay Fortner
Cruel Ever After, The - Ellen HartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cryer’s Cross - Lisa McMannKristin Dreyer Kramer
Crying Blood - Donis CaseyMargaret Marr
Crystal Lake Memories - Peter M. Bracke (Editor)Garvan Giltinan
Curse of Culcraig, The - Dawn BrownMargaret Marr
Curse of the Pharaohs, The - Elizabeth PetersKarin M. Round
Cursed to Kill - Claire AshgroveSheila Deeth
Curtain Falls, A - Stefanie PintoffMargaret Marr
Custom Knits - Wendy BernardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Custom Knits 2 - Wendy BernardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cut, Paste, Kill - Marshall KarpKristin Dreyer Kramer
Cutlasses and Caresses - Jean FullertonMargaret Marr
Cutter Mountain Rendezvous - Barbara WeitzMargaret Marr
Cutting Myself in Half - Taylor LeBaron with Jack and Mary BransonMargaret Marr
Cyber Cinderella - Christina HopkinsonLaura Shaffer
Cypress House, The - Michael KorytaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Da Vinci Cod, The - Don BrineMarijo Herndon
Da Vinci Code, The - Dan BrownEric M. Croas
Damage Control - Robert DugoniMargaret Marr
Damages - BahzeJustin Samuels
Damnation Street - Andrew KlavanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dancing to “Almendra” - Mayra MonteroJacqueline Jung
Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, The - Angie FoxKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dangerous Days of Daniel X, The - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dangerous Man, A - Anne StevesSheila Deeth
Dangerous Remedy, A - Mike BreconMargaret Marr
Dangerous to Know - Tasha AlexanderMargaret Marr
Dangerous Woman, A - Debra LeeMargaret Marr
Danger’s Kiss - Sarah McKerriganMargaret Marr
Daniel X: Alien Hunter - James Patterson and Leopoldo GoutKristin Dreyer Kramer
Daniel X: Watch the Skies - James Patterson and Ned RustKristin Dreyer Kramer
Daniel’s Mystery Egg - Alma Flor AdaLaura Shaffer
Dark Anatomy, A - Robin BlakeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dark God Descending - Tony-Paul De VissageMargaret Marr
Dark Hills Divide (The Land of Elyon, Book 1), The - Patrick CarmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dark Mirror - Barry MaitlandMargaret Marr
Dark Places - Gillian FlynnKim de la Montanya
Dark Pool - Jen BlackMargaret Marr
Dark Riders, The - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Dark River, The - John Twelve HawksMargaret Marr
Dark Room, The - Julia CameronKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dark Side of the Morgue - Raymond BensonJacqueline Jung
Dark Visions (Sarah Roberts, Book 1) - Jonas SaulMargaret Marr
Darkest Seduction, The - Gena ShowalterColleen Snodgrass
Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie MoningKristin Dreyer Kramer
Darklove - Claudy ConnMargaret Marr
Darkness & Light - John HarveyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Darkness of Lanaia’s Garden , The - Lanaia LeeMargaret Marr
Darkness on the Edge of Town - Brian KeeneMargaret Marr
Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter (Star Wars) - Michael ReavesCoinneach MacFarlane
Date Me, Baby, One More Time - Stephanie RoweMargaret Marr
Dating is Murder - Harley Jane KozakKristin Dreyer Kramer
Daughter of Camelot (Empire of Shadows, Book 1) - Glynis CooneyMargaret Marr
Dave Barry is Not Taking This Sitting Down! - Dave BarryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys - Dave BarryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead and Buried - Quintin JardineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead at Daybreak - Deon MeyerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead Before Dying - Deon MeyerMargaret Marr
Dead Center - David RosenfeltKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead Connection - Alafair BurkeJacqueline Jung
Dead Crazy - William ColeMargaret Marr
Dead End Fix - T. E. WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead Hour, The - Denise MinaMargaret Marr
Dead Husband, The - R. J. BrownMargaret Marr
Dead Last - James W. HallMargaret Marr
Dead Lawyers - Debra TashMargaret Marr
Dead Lift - Rachel BradyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead Like You - Peter JamesMargaret Marr
Dead Man, The - Joel GoldmanMargaret Marr
Dead Man’s Grip - Peter JamesMargaret Marr
Dead Man’s Puzzle - Parnell HallMargaret Marr
Dead Men’s Boots - Mike CareyMargaret Marr
Dead Street - Mickey SpillaneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dead Write - Sheila LoweMargaret Marr
Deader Homes and Gardens - Joan HessKristin Dreyer Kramer
Deadly Abandon - Kallie LaneMargaret Marr
Deadly Dragon (The Nightmare Club #2), The - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Deadly Harvest - Leonard GoldbergKarin M. Round
Deadly Paradise - Kathleen MixMargaret Marr
Deadly Secrets - Leeann BurkeMargaret Marr
Dear Dwayne, With Love - Eliza GordonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dear John - Nicholas SparksLaura Shaffer
Dearly Departed, The - Elinor LipmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death and Honesty - Cynthia RiggsMargaret Marr
Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips, The - Stephen Baldwin and Mark TabbKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death Before Decaf - Caroline FardigKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death by Black Hole - Neil deGrasse TysonJonathan Lowe
Death by Hollywood - Steven BochcoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death Cloud - Andrew LaneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death Makes the Cut - Janice HamrickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death Notice - Todd RitterKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death of a Bore - M.C. BeatonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death of a Dreamer - M.C. BeatonMargaret Marr
Death of a Gentle Lady - M. C. BeatonJacqueline Jung
Death of a Valentine - M. C. BeatonJacqueline Jung
Death of Bunny Munro, The - Nick CaveKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death on Tour - Janice HamrickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death Rides Again - Janice HamrickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding (Tara Holloway #12) - Diane KellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream - Diane KellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death’s Half Acre - Margaret MaronKristin Dreyer Kramer
Death’s Shadow (The Demonata #7) - Darren ShanMargaret Marr
Decent Proposal, The - Kemper DonovanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Deeds of the Disturber, The - Elizabeth PetersKarin M. Round
Defense for the Dead, A - Michael FredricksonMaryann Boulter
Deidre’s Secret - Terry Lee WildeMargaret Marr
Delirious - Daniel PalmerMargaret Marr
Deliver Us from Evil - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Delores Claiborne - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Demon Apocalypse (The Demonata #6) - Darren ShanMargaret Marr
Demon in Blue Jeans - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Demons and Stilettos Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Sandra SookooColleen Snodgrass
Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates: Book 1) - Justin SomperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Demon’s Eye, The - M. L. McBryarMargaret Marr
Demon’s Hunger - Eve SilverMargaret Marr
Demon’s Parchment, The - Jeri WestersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Descent - Sandy DeLucaMargaret Marr
Desert Magick: Superstitions - Dana DavisMargaret Marr
Desire Me - Robyn deHartColleen Snodgrass
Desiring the Highlander - Michele SinclairColleen Snodgrass
Destruction of an Innocent - M. L. McBryar Margaret Marr
Detective Inspector Huss - Helene TurstenKarin M. Round
Devil, The - Ken BruenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Devil Glass - C. Robert CalesMargaret Marr
Devil in Disguise - Heather HuffmanMargaret Marr
Devil You Know, The - Mike CareyMargaret Marr
Devil’s Odds, The - Milton T. BurtonMargaret Marr
Devil’s Peak - Deon MeyerMargaret Marr
Devil’s Ribbon, The - D. E. MeredithMargaret Marr
Devotion of Suspect X, The - Keigo HigashinoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Devoured - D. E. MeredithMargaret Marr
Devouring, The - Simon HoltMargaret Marr
Diana Chronicles, The - Tina BrownMaryann Boulter
Diary of a Married Call Girl - Tracy QuanTony Caldwell
Diary of a Vampire Stripper - Cinserae SantiagoMargaret Marr
Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red, The - Ellen RimbauerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Die for Me - Karen RoseMargaret Marr
Die Like an Eagle (Meg Langslow #19) - Donna AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Diet for a New America - John RobbinsPaul Barriere
Dimiter - William Peter BlattyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dink - Melody Knight and N.D. Hansen-HillSheila Deeth
Directive, The - Matthew QuirkKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dirkle Smat Inside Mount Flatbottom - Lynn D. GarthwaiteMargaret Marr
Dirt-Brown Derby, The - Ed LynskeyMaryann Boulter
Dirty Little Angels - Chris TusaMargaret Marr
Disappearance at Père-Lachaise, The - Claude IznerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Disclaimer - Renée KnightKristin Dreyer Kramer
Discover Beading - Lesley WeissMaryann Boulter
Divas of Damascus Road - Michelle StimpsonMargaret Marr
Divergent - Veronica RothKristin Dreyer Kramer
Divine Justice - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Rebecca WellsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Diviners, The - Rick MoodyTony Caldwell
Diving Pool, The - Yoko Ogawa (Translated by Stephen Snyder)Jacqueline Jung
Dixie Betrayed - David J. EicherTony Caldwell
Doctor McBride - Lauri RobinsonSheila Deeth
Doctor’s Orders - Annick ClaireColleen Snodgrass
Doing Harm - Kelly ParsonsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dolce Handknits - Kim DolceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Don’t Blink - James Patterson and Howard RoughanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Don’t Look Down - David Laing DawsonJacqueline Jung
Don’t Make a Scene - Valerie Block Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Don’t Say Goodnight, Irene - Gabriella Lucas Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Don’t Tell Mother (Whispers, Book 2) - Tara WestMargaret Marr
Doomsday Book, The - Connie WillisDeborah Leiter
Dose of Murder, A - Lori AvocatoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Double Black - Wendy ClinchMargaret Marr
Double Cross - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Double Prey - Steven F. HavillMargaret Marr
Double Up (Davis Way #6) - Gretchen ArcherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Down in the Flood - Kenneth AbelMargaret Marr
Down to the Wire - David RosenfeltKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dracula (BabyLit) - Jennifer AdamsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dracula in Love - Karen EssexKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dracula The Un-Dead - Dacre Stoker and Ian HoltKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dragon Laird, The - Deborah LynneHelen Kay Polaski
Dragon's Son - Elaine CorvidaeMargaret Marr
Dragon’s Diamond (Darkness of Dragons, Book 2) - Jane ToombsMargaret Marr
Dragon’s Pearl (Darkness of Dragons, Book 1) - Jane ToombsMargaret Marr
Dragon’s Stone (Darkness of Dragons, Book 3) - Jane ToombsMargaret Marr
Drake House, The - Kelly MoranMargaret Marr
Drama City - George PelecanosJozette Aaron
Dream On (Whatever After #4) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dreamer - Daniel QuinnMargaret Marr
Dreamland - David K. RandallDebra Sponable
Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark, Book 9) - Kresley ColeColleen Snodgrass
Dreams of Beauty - Aubrie DionneMargaret Marr
Dress Your Best - Clinton Kelly and Stacy LondonChristine Casoli
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim - David SedarisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Drink the Tea - Thomas KaufmanJacqueline Jung
Drinkology WINE - James WallerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Driving Like Crazy - P. J. O’Rourke Tony Caldwell
Drood - Dan SimmonsLaura Scott
Drop, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Drop of the Hard Stuff, A - Lawrence BlockMargaret Marr
Dry - Augusten BurroughsTony Caldwell
Duck & Goose - Tad HillsLisa Marie Fortner
Dunbar’s Curse (Bound by Blood, The Legends Book II) - Faith V. SmithMargaret Marr
Dutch - Teri WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Dying Crapshooter’s Blues, The - David FulmerJacqueline Jung
Earthly Tribulations - J. R. SinghMaryann Boulter
Easy Knits for Little Kids - Catherine ToughKristin Dreyer Kramer
Eats, Shoots & Leaves - Lynne TrussDon Kelley
Echo Park - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Echoes of Darkness - Victoria M. NoxonMargaret Marr
Echoes of the Storm - Amanda Albright StillMargaret Marr
Eden’s Scarecrow - J. Parham SaundersMargaret Marr
Edge of Ruin, The - Irene FlemingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Eighth Scroll, The - Dr. Laurence B. BrownMargaret Marr
Either You’re In or You’re In the Way - Logan and Noah MillerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Electric Barracuda - Tim DorseyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Elegy for April - Benjamin BlackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Elephants Can Remember - Agatha ChristieDeborah Leiter
Eleven - Mark WatsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Elvis Encyclopedia, The - Adam VictorJacqueline Jung
Embellish - R. L. SloanMargaret Marr
Embraceable You - Kat Henry DoranMargaret Marr
Embracing the Wolf - Catherine BybeeMargaret Marr
Emmy Budd, Don’t Look Now - Jean BlasiarMargaret Marr
Empire Falls - Richard RussoAnn Ring
Empty Nest, The - Karen Stabiner (Editor)Jacqueline Jung
Enchanted Truth, The - Kym PetrieKristin Dreyer Kramer
End of Everything, The - Megan AbbottMargaret Marr
End of the Line - Mike MannoJacqueline Jung
End of the Wasp Season, The - Denise MinaKristin Dreyer Kramer
English Roses, The - MadonnaHeide Kaminski
Entertaining with the Sopranos - Allen RuckerChristine Casoli
Equality - Tim KellisJacqueline Jung
Error of Our Ways, The - David CarkeetKristin Dreyer Kramer
Escape from McWrath Mansion - Annie NuttMargaret Marr
Essential Baby - Debbie BlissKristin Dreyer Kramer
Eternal Nights - Patti O’SheaColleen Snodgrass
Eternal Ones, The - Kirsten MillerMargaret Marr
Eternity Swamp - T. C. TereschakSheila Deeth
Even - Andrew GrantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Even Money - Dick Francis and Felix FrancisTimothy Nunes
Every Anxious Wave - Mo DaviauKristin Dreyer Kramer
Everybody into the Pool - Beth LisickMaryann Boulter
Everybody Loves Somebody - Joanna ScottLaura Shaffer
Everyday Cat Excuses - Molly BrandenburgGarvan Giltinan
Everyone Else's Girl - Megan CraneChristine Casoli
Everything but the Truth - Debby ConradMargaret Marr
Everything Dreams Book, The - Jenni KosarinLisa Marie Fortner
Everything Games Book, The - Lesley BoltonAngela Dalecki
Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse - Lucas Klauss Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Everything's Eventual - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Evil at Heart - Chelsea CainMargaret Marr
Evil Inside, The - Heather GrahamMargaret Marr
Ex and the Single Girl - Lani Diane RichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Excellent Women - Barbara PymDeborah Leiter
Excuse Me for Living - Ric KlassKristin Dreyer Kramer
Executor, The - Jesse KellermanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Expiration Date - Duane SwierczynskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Exposure - Kurt WenzelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Extra Credit - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Eyes on You - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Eyre Affair, The - Jasper FfordeKarin M. Round
Fade to White - Wendy ClinchMargaret Marr
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray BradburyTony Caldwell
Fair Play - Deirdre MartinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fairest of All (Whatever After #1) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fairy Fun - Anita PhilmarColleen Snodgrass
Fairy Tales Can Come True (Class of ‘85 Reunion Series) - Silver JamesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fairyville - Emma HollyColleen Snodgrass
Faith - Merry K. StahelSheila Deeth
Faith of the Fallen (Sword of Truth series, Book 6) - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Faithful Shadow - Kevin J. HowardMargaret Marr
Fall of Rome, The - Bryan Ward-PerkinsD. Jason Cooper
Fallen - Lauren KateMargaret Marr
Fallen - Karin SlaughterMargaret Marr
Fallen (After, Book 1) - Traci L. SlattonMargaret Marr
Falling for You - Heather ThurmeierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fallout - Karlene Blakemore-Mowle Kristin Dreyer Kramer
False Convictions - Tim GreenMargaret Marr
False Profits - Patricia SmileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
False Witness - Randy SingerMargaret Marr
Family Matters - Rohinton MistryDiane Payne
Family Pictures - Jane GreenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Far from Xanadu - Julie Anne PetersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Far Shore (After, Book 3) - Traci L. SlattonMargaret Marr
Farm, The - Tom Rob SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fashion File, The - Janie Bryant with Monica Corcoran HarelJacqueline Jung
Fast Forward - Eric SpitznagelGarvan Giltinan
Fat Fridays - Judith KeimKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fat Man, The - Ken HarmonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism - Mike Mignola and Christopher GoldenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Father’s Eyes - Cherie BurbachMaryann Boulter
Fear - Dirk KurbjuweitKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. ThompsonJeff Sloan
Fear of the Dark - Walter MosleyMargaret Marr
Feelers - Brian M. WiprudKristin Dreyer Kramer
Female of the Species, The - Joyce Carol OatesTony Caldwell
Feuding Hearts - Natasha DeenMargaret Marr
Fever - Sean RoweKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fever Dream - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildMargaret Marr
Field Guide to Burying Your Parents, A - Liza PalmerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fields, The - Kevin MaherGarvan Giltinan
Fieldwork - Mischa Berlinski Margaret Marr
Fifteen Digits - Nick SantoraMargaret Marr
Fifth Angel, The - Tim GreenEric M. Croas
Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fifth Man, The - James LePoreMargaret Marr
Fifth Witness, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, Book 2) - E. L. JamesColleen Snodgrass
Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, Book 3) - E. L. JamesColleen Snodgrass
Fifty Shades of Grey - E. L. JamesColleen Snodgrass
Fifty-Eight Faces - Kat DuncanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fifty-to-One - Charles ArdaiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Film Snob*s Dictionary, The - David Kamp and Lawrence LeviKristin Dreyer Kramer
Final Exam - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Finding Father Christmas - Robin Jones GunnMaryann Boulter
Finishing Touches - Deanna KizisLaura Shaffer
Fire Gazer - Kevin Burton McGuireJacqueline Jung
Fire Witness, The - Lars KeplerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Firefly Lane - Kristin HannahMaryann Boulter
First Date - Lynne RobertsColleen Snodgrass
First Family - David BaldacciKristin Dreyer Kramer
First Grave on the Right - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
First Light - Bill RancicKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fisherman’s Son, The - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Fitness Junkie - Lucy Sykes and Jo PiazzaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fitted Knits - Stefanie JapelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf - Ben HoganTony Caldwell
Five Men Who Broke My Heart - Susan ShapiroKristin Dreyer Kramer
Five People You Meet in Heaven, The - Mitch AlbomMargaret Marr
Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook - Phyllis Pellman GoodKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fixed in Blood - T. E. WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fixed in Fear - T. E. WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fixer, The - T. E. WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Flashing Before My Eyes - Dick SchaapTony Caldwell
Flashman - George MacDonald FraserJeff Sloan
Flesh & Blood - John HarveyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Flipping Out - Marshall KarpKristin Dreyer Kramer
Flood Girls, The - Richard FifieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Flowers by Felicity - Janet Lee BartonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School #1) - Jen CalonitaKristin Dreyer Kramer
For Better, For Worse - Carole MatthewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
For the Love in Adler’s Brain - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
For the Love of Matty - Johanna RileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
For the Rank of Master - Hollie SniderJozette Aaron
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest HemingwayJeff Sloan
Forcing Amaryllis - Louise UreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Forever - Pete HamillMaryann Boulter
Forget About It - Caprice CraneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Forgivin' Ain't Forgettin' - Mata ElliottMargaret Marr
Founding Brothers - Joseph J. EllisTony Caldwell
Four Quartets - T. S. EliotDeborah Leiter
Four to Score - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Four Wives - Wendy WalkerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fourth Watcher, The - Timothy HallinanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Foxfire - Carol Ann ErhardtMargaret Marr
Fracture (Colonial Scouts Adventures: Book 1) - Roxanne SmolenMargaret Marr
Frangipani - Célestine VaiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Frantic Woman’s Guide to Feeding Family and Friends, The - Mary Jo RulnickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Free Chairs - John SheirerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Free Food for Millionaires - Min Jin LeeMaryann Boulter
Freedom’s Just Another Word - Diane PayneMandy Alyss Brown
Frenemies - Megan CraneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Friend Request - Laura MarshallKristin Dreyer Kramer
Frightened Man, The - Kenneth CameronKristin Dreyer Kramer
Frog Music - Emma DonoghueKristin Dreyer Kramer
From Ashes to Honor - Loree LoughColleen Snodgrass
From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors - Marilyn Peake (Editor)Margaret Marr
From the Ashes - Jeremy BurnsMargaret Marr
Fugitive Grandma, The - Dimitri RoganoMargaret Marr
Full House - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Full Tilt - Janet Evanovich and Charlotte HughesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Full Wolf Moon - K.L. NappierMargaret Marr
Gaea - Robina WilliamsMargaret Marr
Gallery of Regrettable Food, The - James LileksKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gambler’s Moon - Debra DoggettSheila Deeth
Game - Anders de la MotteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Game (I Hunt Killers, Book 2) - Barry LygaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gangbusters - Michele HartMargaret Marr
Gardens of Night - Greg F. GifuneMargaret Marr
Gate House, The - Nelson DeMilleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gatecrasher, The - Madeleine WickhamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gatherer, The - Jerry BayneMargaret Marr
Gathering, The - Kelley ArmstrongMargaret Marr
Gemini Rising - Linda NightingaleMargaret Marr
Genesis Code, The - John CaseKarin M. Round
Genie in a Bottle (Whatever After #9) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gentle Rogue - Johanna LindseyColleen Snodgrass
Get It Together - Damian BarrJustin Samuels
Get Real - Donald E. WestlakeJacqueline Jung
Getting Mother's Body - Suzan-Lori ParksJustin Samuels
Ghost Downstairs, The - Molly RingleMargaret Marr
Ghost Exterminator, The - Vivi AndrewsMargaret Marr
Ghost Hero - S. J. RozanMargaret Marr
Ghost Moon - Heather GrahamMargaret Marr
Ghost of a Chance - Judi PhillipsMargaret Marr
Ghost of Death - Chrys FeySheila Deeth
Ghost Prison - Joseph DelaneyMargaret Marr
Ghost Soldiers - Hampton SidesTony Caldwell
Ghost Unlaid - Marie TreanorMargaret Marr
ghostgirl - Tonya HurleyMargaret Marr
Ghostly Charm, A - M. J. FrederickColleen Snodgrass
Ghostwriter - Travis ThrasherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gideon’s Heart (Bound by Blood, The Legends: Book III) - Faith V. SmithMargaret Marr
Gideon’s Sword - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildMargaret Marr
Gift of the Magi and Other Stories, The - O. HenryLisa Marie Fortner
Girl 99 - Andy JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl I Wanted to Be, The - Sarah Grace McCandlessMaryann Boulter
Girl in Green, The - Derek B. MillerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl Next Door, The - Brad ParksKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl Who Stopped Swimming, The - Joshilyn JacksonMargaret Marr
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Tracy ChevalierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl with the Long Green Heart, The - Lawrence BlockKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girl's Guide to Fun & Funky Knitting - Kathleen Greco and Nick GrecoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, The - Vicki IovineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood, The - Vicki IovineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girls in Trucks - Katie CrouchKristin Dreyer Kramer
Girls Most Likely - Sheila WilliamsChristine Casoli
Girls’ Best Book of Knitting, Sewing, and Embroidery - Virginie DesmoulinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Giver, The - Lois LowryMargaret Marr
Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires, Book 1) - Rachel CaineMargaret Marr
God of Mischief, The - Paul BajoriaMargaret Marr
Godric - Frederick BuechnerDeborah Leiter
Gods and Fathers - James LePoreMargaret Marr
Gods Behaving Badly - Marie PhillipsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gods of Guilt, The - Michael ConnellyGarvan Giltinan
Gone - Michael GrantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gone Girl - Gillian FlynnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Good Grief - Lolly WinstonJozette Aaron
Good in Bed - Jennifer WeinerLisa Finch
Good Luck of Right Now, The - Matthew QuickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Good Neighbor, The - Amy Sue NathanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry PratchettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Good Son, The - Craig NovaMaryann Boulter
Good Son, The - Russel D. McLeanMargaret Marr
Good Spy Dies Twice (Bullseye #1), The - Mark HosackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Good Thief’s Guide to Berlin, The - Chris EwanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Goodbye to All That - Judith ArnoldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Goodbye, Jimmy Choo - Annie SandersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Goodnight Hockey - Michael Dahl and Christina E. ForshayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2 - Elena Favilli and Francesca CavalloKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gorg Wars, The - Stephen GambutiMargaret Marr
Gotta Have It - Renée AlexisMargaret Marr
Governor’s Wife, The - Kate RizorJacqueline Jung
Grace that Keeps This World, The - Tom BaileyTony Caldwell
Grace’s Gold - Mary MannersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Grammy’s Favorite Knits for Baby - Doreen L. MarquartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Grand Illusion, The - Chuck Panozzo with Michele SkettinoChristine Casoli
Grapes of Wrath, The - John SteinbeckDon Kelley
Gravedigger’s Ball, The - Solomon JonesMargaret Marr
Graveyard Apartment, The - Mariko KoikeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Great Gatsby, The - F. Scott FitzgeraldDeborah Leiter
Great Golf - Danny Peary and Allen F. Richardson (Editors)Tony Caldwell
Great Zoo of China, The - Matthew ReillyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Greatest Detective: A Look at Doyle's Infamous Hero, Sherlock Holmes, TheJeff Sloan
Green Light for Murder - Heywood GouldMargaret Marr
Greetings from Knit Cafe - Suzan MischerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Grimm - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Guess Who What When & Where Picture Trivia Book Series: Movie Edition, The - Dave CutlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Guide to Quality, Taste & Style, A - Tim GunnJacqueline Jung
Guilt by Association - Marcia ClarkMargaret Marr
Guilty Wives - James Patterson and David EllisMargaret Marr
Guitar and a Pen, A - Robert Hicks, John Bohlinger, Justin Stelter (Editors)Jacqueline Jung
Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic - Stefanie Wilder-TaylorKristin Dreyer Kramer
Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1), The - Stephen KingJeff Sloan
Guys - William ThomasKristin Dreyer Kramer
H - Barbara DinermanJacqueline Jung
Hack - Melissa PlautKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hades - Russell AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Half-Mammals of Dixie, The - George SingletonTony Caldwell
Handknit Holidays - Melanie FalickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hannibal Rising - Thomas HarrisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Happiness Sold Separately - Lolly WinstonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Happy Hour - Michele ScottJacqueline Jung
Hard Day’s Death, A - Raymond BensonMargaret Marr
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) - J. K. RowlingDeborah Leiter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) - J. K. RowlingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) - J. K. RowlingDeborah Leiter
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) - J. K. RowlingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5) - J. K. RowlingDeborah Leiter
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) - J. K. RowlingDeborah Leiter
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) - J. K. RowlingDeborah Leiter
Harvey Walden’s No Excuses! Fitness Workout - Harvey Walden IVJay Fortner
Hasta la Vista, Lola! - Misa RamirezKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hatching, The - Ezekiel BooneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage - Alice MunroDeborah Leiter
Haunted Richmond - Pamela K. KinneyMargaret Marr
Haunting of Amelia Pritchart, The - Sandra SookooMargaret Marr
Haunting of Andrew Sharpai, The - Jerome PetersonMargaret Marr
Headless Paperboy, The - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate - Debora YostChristine Casoli
Heart of a Hunter - Tamela MilesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Heart of Evil - Heather GrahamMargaret Marr
Heart of Stone - Jill Marie LandisColleen Snodgrass
Heart of the Dragon - Gena ShowalterColleen Snodgrass
Heartbeat Away, A - Michael PalmerMargaret Marr
Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, A - Dave EggersDeborah Leiter
Hearts Akilter - Catherine E. McLeanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hearts Crossing - Marianne EvansSheila Deeth
Heist, The - Kaelyn MacCarrickMargaret Marr
Heist! - Jeff DiamantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hell & Gone - Duane SwierczynskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hellbent (Orphan X #3) - Gregg HurwitzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hellfire Club, The - Peter StraubKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hell’s Corner - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Help! I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door - Celine ChatillonMargaret Marr
Hemingway Deadlights - Michael AtkinsonJacqueline Jung
Henry VIII: The King and His Court - Alison WeirR. Lantz Saylor
Her Own Sweet Time - Karen CoganMargaret Marr
Here Comes Santa Claus - Sandra Hill, Kate Holmes, Trish JensenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Here She Lies - Kate PepperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hero - Perry MooreMaryann Boulter
Hidden Assassins, The - Robert WilsonLaura Shaffer
Hidden Hearts - Rachel SmithMargaret Marr
Hide - Lisa GardnerMargaret Marr
High Five - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
High Tide in Tucson - Barbara KingsolverKarin M. Round
Highland Whispers - Sharon GillenwaterColleen Snodgrass
Highway, The - C. J. BoxKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hint of Wicked, A - Jennifer HaymoreColleen Snodgrass
Hip Knit Hats - Cathy CarronKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hippo Eats Dwarf: A Field Guide to Hoaxes and Other B.S. - Alex BoeseMaryann Boulter
Hippy Gourmet’s Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating, The - Bruce Brennan and James EhrlichJacqueline Jung
Hiring Cupid - Jane BeckenhamMargaret Marr
His Hope, Her Salvation - Emma LaiMargaret Marr
His Immortal Embrace - Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands, Sara Blayne, and Kate HuntingtonColleen Snodgrass
His Lovely Wife - Elizabeth DewberryMaryann Boulter
His Ship, Her Fantasy - Emma LaiColleen Snodgrass
His Wounded Heart - R. L. SymeSheila Deeth
Hiss and Hers - M. C. BeatonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Historian, The - Elizabeth KostovaMargaret Marr
History Book, The - Humphrey HawksleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
History of a Pleasure Seeker - Richard MasonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hit, The - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Hit and Run - Carol Ann ErhardtMargaret Marr
Hitler’s Silver Box - Allen MalnakMargaret Marr
Hobbit (Prelude to The Lord of the Rings), The - J. R. R. TolkienDeborah Leiter
Hogwarts and Flavor BeansMargaret Marr
Holiday Knits - Sara Lucas and Allison IsaacsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hollow Bones - C. J. LyonsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hollowland - Amanda HockingMargaret Marr
Hollywood Ending - David S. GrantMargaret Marr
Hollywood Hills - Joseph WambaughKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hollywood Knits - Suss CousinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hollywood Knits Style - Suss CousinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hollywood Station - Joseph WambaughKristin Dreyer Kramer
Holy Ghost Corner - Michele Andrea BowenMaryann Boulter
Holy Thief, The - William RyanMargaret Marr
Home Cooking - Laurie ColwinKarin M. Round
Home Creamery, The - Kathy Farrell-KingsleyJacqueline Jung
Home Knits - Suss CousinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Home Town - Tracy KidderDeborah Leiter
Homecoming of Reece Flynn, The - Mallary MitchellMargaret Marr
Honest Toddler, The - Bunmi LaditanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Honeysuckle - Elizabeth ButlerMargaret Marr
Honor Defended - D. H. BrownMargaret Marr
Hoodwinked - Jennifer LynnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hooked - Matt RichtelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hooked - Jane MayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hope Road - John BarlowKristin Dreyer Kramer
Horrorstör - Grady HendrixKristin Dreyer Kramer
Host, The - Stephenie MeyerMargaret Marr
Hostage Taker - Stefanie PintoffKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hot - Julia HarperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hotter After Midnight - Cynthia EdenMargaret Marr
Hotter Than Hell - Kathleen ScottColleen Snodgrass
House on Fortune Street, The - Margot LiveseyJacqueline Jung
Houston, We Have a Problema - Gwendolyn ZepedaMargaret Marr
How Strong Women Pray - Bonnie St. JohnMargaret Marr
How to Be a Grown-Up - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola KrausKristin Dreyer Kramer
How to Be Good - Nick HornbyKristin Dreyer Kramer
How to Lose a Client - Becky A. BartnessMargaret Marr
How to Marry a Ghost - Hope McIntyreMargaret Marr
How to Talk to Anyone About Anything! - Jill SpiegelJacqueline Jung
How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky - Lydia NetzerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed - Marc BlatteMargaret Marr
Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett, The - Chelsea SedotiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hundred-Foot Journey, The - Richard C. MoraisMarilyn Turingia
Hunger Games, The - Suzanne CollinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hunger Like No Other, A - Kresley ColeColleen Snodgrass
Hungry for More - Diana HolquistMargaret Marr
Hungry Girl - Lisa LillienKristin Dreyer Kramer
Hunt Club, The - Brett LottKarin M. Round
Hunt the Wolf - Don Mann with Ralph PezzulloMargaret Marr
Hunted, The - Wayne BarcombMargaret Marr
Husband, The - Dean KoontzMaryann Boulter
Hush - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method - Marie F. MonganLisa Marie Fortner
Hypothermia - Arnaldur IndridasonMargaret Marr
I Can See You - Karen RoseMargaret Marr
I Didn’t Hear Anything - Jenni HolbrookMargaret Marr
I Do...or Do I? - Karen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
I Had the Strangest Dream... - Kelly Sullivan WaldenLaura Shaffer
I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew - Dr. SeussJeff Sloan
I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down - William GayTony Caldwell
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - Tucker MaxTony Caldwell
I Hunt Killers - Barry LygaKristin Dreyer Kramer
I Love Claire - Tracey BatemanLaura Shaffer
I Love You - Brandy WilsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
I Never Saw Paris - Harry I. FreundMargaret Marr
I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This! - Bob NewhartJacqueline Jung
I Think I Hear Sleigh Bells - Virginia C. FoleyJozette Aaron
I, Alex Cross - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ice Carousel, The - Amy HahnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ice Cold - Tess GerritsenMargaret Marr
Ice Queen, The - Alice HoffmanMaryann Boulter
Identity Man, The - Andrew KlavanKristin Dreyer Kramer
If Only You Knew - Alex HairstonJustin Samuels
If the Creek Don't Rise - Rita WilliamsMargaret Marr
If the Shoe Fits (Whatever After #2) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails - Barbara CorcoranKarin M. Round
If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late - Pseudonymous BoschKristin Dreyer Kramer
Illegal - Paul LevineMargaret Marr
Illegally Iced - Jessica BeckKristin Dreyer Kramer
Immortal - Traci I. SlattonMargaret Marr
Immortal Desire - Sirena Van SchaikMargaret Marr
Immortal Highlander, The - Karen MoningColleen Snodgrass
Imperfect Birds - Anne LamottKristin Dreyer Kramer
Imperfect Enjoyment, The - Dewan W. GibsonJacqueline Jung
Impersonator, The - Mary MileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Imposter in Town, An - Denise MoncriefSheila Deeth
In His Sight - Pamela S. ThibodeauxMargaret Marr
In the Beginning - Cinsearae R. Santiago Margaret Marr
In the Cherry Tree - Dan PopeJohn Sheirer
In the Fold - Rachel CuskKristin Dreyer Kramer
In the Garden of the North American Martyrs - Tobias WolffTony Caldwell
In the Shadow of Gotham - Stefanie PintoffMargaret Marr
In the Small - Michael HagueDon Kelley
In the Woods - Tana FrenchMargaret Marr
In Trysts - Melody Knight Margaret Marr
Inca Gold - Clive CusslerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Incomplete Revenge, An - Jacqueline WinspearMargaret Marr
Inconvenient Wife, An - Megan ChanceMargaret Marr
Indignation - Philip RothClayton Kent Lowe
Indigo Blade, The - Linda JonesColleen Snodgrass
Inglourious Basterds: A Screenplay - Quentin TarantinoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Inheritance for the Birds, An - Linda BancheColleen Snodgrass
Inner Circle, The - Brad MeltzerMargaret Marr
Inner City Blues - Paula L. WoodsJozette Aaron
Innocence - David HospMargaret Marr
Innocent - Scott TurowMargaret Marr
Innocent, The - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Innocent Man, The - John GrishamLaura Shaffer
Inquest on Imhotep - Derek Adie FlowerMargaret Marr
Insatiable Desire - Rita HerronMargaret Marr
Inside Scoop - Marilyn Peake (Editor)Margaret Marr
Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder - Shamini Flint Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Insurgent (Divergent, Book 2) - Veronica RothKristin Dreyer Kramer
Intensity - Dean KoontzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Intertwined - Gena ShowalterColleen Snodgrass
Interview with Helen Kay PolaskiAnn Ring
Intimate Weddings - Christina FriedrichsenLisa Marie Fortner
Into the Fire - Richard and Esther ProvencherMargaret Marr
Into the Grae - Nicola BeaumontSheila Deeth
Into the Void (Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi) - Tim LebbonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Introvert Advantage, The - Marti Olsen Laney, Pys. D.Lisa Marie Fortner
Invitation, The - Diane HohKristin Dreyer Kramer
Is He Lying to You? - Dan CrumJacqueline Jung
Is It Just Me, Or Is Everything Sh*t? - Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur with Brendan HayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Island Apart - Steven RaichlenDebra Sponable
Island of Dr. Moreau, The - H.G. WellsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Islands in the Stream - Ernest HemingwayJeff Sloan
It Ends with Us - Colleen HooverKristin Dreyer Kramer
It Had to Be You - Keris StaintonKristin Dreyer Kramer
It Happened in Boston? - Russell H. GreenanKristin Dreyer Kramer
It Started with a Dare - Lindsay Faith RechKristin Dreyer Kramer
It's Not About the Bike - Lance Armstrong with Sally JenkinsDon Kelley
Italian for Beginners - Kristin HarmelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Italian Lover, The - Robert HellengaJacqueline Jung
It’s About Your Husband - Lauren LiptonKristin Dreyer Kramer
It’s All About Us (All About Us, Book 1) - Shelley Adina Margaret Marr
It’s in the Eyes - Charles ToftoyMargaret Marr
It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - Charles M. SchulzLisa Marie Fortner
It’s You and Me, Baby - Rose GorhamSheila Deeth
I’ll Walk Alone - Mary Higgins ClarkMargaret Marr
I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas - Molly Harper Kristin Dreyer Kramer
I’m So Happy For You - Lucinda Rosenfeld Kristin Dreyer Kramer
I’m with Stupid - Elaine SzewczykKristin Dreyer Kramer
I’ve Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman - John MorrisD. Jason Cooper
Jackal in the Garden - Deborah EllisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Jackie Brown - Elmore LeonardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Jacob’s Oath - Martin FletcherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Jake Harwood - Harvey MendezMargaret Marr
Jane of Austin - Hillary Manton LodgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Jelly’s Gold - David HousewrightJacqueline Jung
Jennifer Government - Max BarryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Jernigan - David GatesTimothy Gager
Jerome and the Seraph - Robina WilliamsMargaret Marr
Job (Fox and O'Hare, Book 3), The - Janet Evanovich and Lee GoldbergKristin Dreyer Kramer
Job from Hell (Ancient Legends, Book 1), A - Jayde ScottMargaret Marr
Joe Golem and the Drowning City - Mike Mignola and Christopher GoldenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Johnny Dead - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Join Me! - Danny WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Journey Together - R. L. HowardJozette Aaron
Joy of Knitting Companion, The - Lisa R. MyersKristin Dreyer Kramer
JPod - Douglas CouplandMark Pfeiffer
Jude the Obscure - Thomas HardySimon Woodhouse
Judge & Jury - James Patterson and Andrew GrossKristin Dreyer Kramer
Julia’s Room - William WildeMargaret Marr
Julie and Julia - Julie PowellKristin Dreyer Kramer
July, July - Tim O'BrienTony Caldwell
Jury Master, The - Robert DugoniMaryann Boulter
Just Desserts - Mary DaheimKristin Dreyer Kramer
Just Friends - Robyn SismanBrian W. Schaaf
Just the Way You Are (GOSPA Journeys, Vol. 2) - K. M. DaughtersSheila Deeth
Karaoke Cowgirl - Stacy DawnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kat, Incorrigible - Stephanie BurgisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Keeper of My Heart - Therese TravisSheila Deeth
Keepers of Legend - Cheryel HuttonMargaret Marr
Kennedy’s Last Days - Bill O’ReillyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Key to Charlotte, The - E. A. WestSheila Deeth
Kill Alex Cross - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kill Me - Stephen WhiteMaryann Boulter
Kill Me If You Can - James Patterson and Marshall KarpKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kill Me Later - Peggy ParsonsMargaret Marr
Kill the Boy Band - Goldy MoldavskyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kill the Heroes (Charlie Henry #4) - David ThurloKristin Dreyer Kramer
Killer Angels, The - Michael ShaaraTony Caldwell
Killer’s Kiss, A - William LashnerJacqueline Jung
Killing Jesus - Bill O’Reilly and Martin DugardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Killing Season, A - Priscilla RoyalMargaret Marr
Killing Storm, The - Kathryn CaseyKristin Dreyer Kramer
King & Queen of the River - Stan GarveyTimothy Nunes
King Arthur’s Last Knight - D. P. HewittKristin Dreyer Kramer
King Leopold's Ghost - Adam HochschildKarin M. Round
Kingdom Come - Tim GreenMargaret Marr
Kingdom of Strangers - Zoë FerrarisKristin Dreyer Kramer
King’s Swordswoman, The - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Kiss of the Silver Wolf - Sharon BuchbinderSheila Deeth
Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand (Kitty Norville, Book 5) - Carrie VaughnMargaret Marr
Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, Book 6) - Carrie VaughnMargaret Marr
Kitty’s House of Horrors (Kitty Norville, Book 7) - Carrie VaughnMargaret Marr
Knight’s Prize - Sarah McKerriganMargaret Marr
Knight’s Treasure - Amanda ScottColleen Snodgrass
Knit 2 Together - Tracey Ullman and Mel ClarkKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knit One, Stripe Too - Candace Eisner StrickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knit Together - Debbie MacomberKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knit Tricks! - Rebecca WatKristin Dreyer Kramer
KnitGrrl2 - Shannon OkeyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knitted Finger Puppets - Meg LeachKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knitting Nature - Norah GaughanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knitting Pleats - Olga PobedinskayaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knitting Under the Influence - Claire LaZebnikKristin Dreyer Kramer
Knot, The - Marty KindallMargaret Marr
Kristin Knits - Kristin NicholasKristin Dreyer Kramer
Krysta’s Curse (Whispers, Book 3) - Tara WestMargaret Marr
Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Amigurumi - Tomoko TakamoriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends - Saori YamazakiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Woolly Embroidery - Various ArtistsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lacy Little Knits - Iris SchreierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lady and the Vamp - Michelle RowenColleen Snodgrass
Lady Danger - Sarah McKerriganMargaret Marr
Lady Mechanika, Volume 1 - Joe Benitez and Peter SteigerwaldD. Jason Cooper
Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte - Joe Benitez and M. M. Chen, Art: Joe Beitez and Martin MontielD. Jason Cooper
Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey - M. M. Chen, Joe Benitez, Martin MontielD. Jason Cooper
Lady of the Stars - Linda BancheColleen Snodgrass
Lady’s Choice - Amanda ScottMargaret Marr
Lake Charles - Ed LynskeyMaryann Boulter
Lake Wobegon Days - Garrison KeillorDeborah Leiter
Land of Marvels - Barry UnsworthKristin Dreyer Kramer
Landing - Emma DonoghueJacqueline Jung
Landline - Rainbow RowellTimothy Nunes
Las Vegas: An Unconventional History - Michelle Ferrari and Stephen IvesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lash - Tara Fox HallMargaret Marr
Last Chance Matinee, The - Mariah StewartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Last Chance Millionaire, The - Douglas R. AndrewJacqueline Jung
Last Days of Krypton, The - Kevin J. AndersonMichael Heerema
Last Don, The - Mario PuzoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Last Ember, The - Daniel LevinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Last Enchantments, The - Charles FinchKristin Dreyer Kramer
Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, The - Thom Hartmann, Neale Donald WalschPaul Barriere
Last Illusion, The - Rhys BowenMargaret Marr
Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, The - Richard ZimlerTimothy Nunes
Last Kingdom, The - Bernard CornwellTony Caldwell
Last Policeman, The - Ben H. WintersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Last Shot, The - Darcy FreyKarin M. Round
Last Summer (of You & Me), The - Ann BrasharesMargaret Marr
Last Vampire Standing, The - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Last Voyage of Columbus, The - Martin DugardTony Caldwell
Late Bloomer’s Revolution, The - Amy CohenJacqueline Jung
Late for the Wedding - Barbara EdwardsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Laughing Monsters, The - Denis JohnsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Laura Rider’s Masterpiece - Jane HamiltonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lawless - Jeffrey SalaneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Laws of Murder, The - Charles FinchKristin Dreyer Kramer
Leave It to Cleavage - Wendy WaxKristin Dreyer Kramer
Left at the Altar (GOSPA Journeys, Vol. 1) - K. M. DaughtersSheila Deeth
Left Behind - Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. JenkinsClaire Smith
Legend of Juggin Joe, The - Joseph YakelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Legend of Otherland - C. H. KellyMargaret Marr
Lennon Prophecy, The - Joseph NiezgodaJacqueline Jung
Let the Dog Drive - David BowmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Let's All Kill Constance - Ray BradburyTony Caldwell
Lethal - Sandra BrownMargaret Marr
Lethally Blond - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Letters from a Nut - Ted L. NancyTony Caldwell
Let’s Get Together - DeeDee Stovel and Pam WakefieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lezlie’s Lifeline - LoRee PeeryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Liars Anonymous - Louise UreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Liars’ Gospel, The - Naomi AldermanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lie in Plain Sight (Maeve Conlon, #3) - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lie with Me - Sabine DurrantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - Al FrankenJohn Sheirer
Lies That Bind - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Life Intended, The - Kristin HarmelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Life Safari - John StreleckyChristine Casoli
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages - Tom HoltKristin Dreyer Kramer
Light Fantastic, The - Terry PratchettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Light in the Attic, A - Shel SilversteinDeborah Leiter
Light on Snow - Anita ShreveMargaret Marr
Like Sheep Gone Astray - Leslie J. SherrodMargaret Marr
Likeness, The - Tana FrenchMargaret Marr
Lily and the Major - Linda Lael MillerColleen Snodgrass
Lily Hates Goodbyes - Jerilyn MarlerColleen Snodgrass
Lincoln Lawyer, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The - C.S. LewisLisa Marie Fortner
Liquid Soul - Matthew CarterJacqueline Jung
Lisey’s Story - Stephen KingMargaret Marr
List, The - Patricia FordeKristin Dreyer Kramer
List (Class of ‘85 Reunion Series), The - Veronica LynchMargaret Marr
List: A Love Story in 781 Chapters, The - Avena StoutKristin Dreyer Kramer
Literary Book of Answers, The - Carol Bolt (Editor)Deborah Leiter
Little Boy Lost - T. M. WrightMargaret Marr
Live a Little - Kim GreenMaryann Boulter
Living with the Dead - Kelley ArmstrongMargaret Marr
LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout - LL Cool J and Dave Honig with Jeff O’ConnellJacqueline Jung
Locked In - Marcia MullerMargaret Marr
London Boulevard - Ken BruenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lone Star Legend - Gwendolyn ZepedaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lonely Hearts Mountain - Rachel SmithMargaret Marr
Loop-d-Loop - Teva DurhamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Loop-d-Loop Lace - Teva DurhamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Loose Girl - Kerry CohenMaryann Boulter
Lord of the Rings, The - J. R. R. TolkienDeborah Leiter
Lord of the Wings - Donna AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lords of Corruption - Kyle MillsMargaret Marr
Lords of the North - Bernard CornwellTony Caldwell
Lost and Found - Carolyn ParkhurstKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lost City of Z, The - David GrannKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lost Dog, The - Michelle de KretserDon Kelley
Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot, The - Bart D. EhrmanTony Caldwell
Lost in Lone Creek - Mary MannersSheila Deeth
Lost Mirror (The Adventures of Rel Rel) - J. J. and Jen EvangelistaMargaret Marr
Lost Symbol, The - Dan BrownKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lost Witness, The - Robert EllisMargaret Marr
Love & Blood - Jamie TreckerJacqueline Jung
Love Bites - Adrienne BarbeauKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love in Lone Creek - Mary MannersSheila Deeth
Love May Fail - Matthew QuickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love Most Haunted, A - Helen PilzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love on a Wire - Jo BarrettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love Rehab - Jo PiazzaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love Resurrected - Austyn SherrieKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love the One You’re With - Emily GiffinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Love Vampire Style - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Love's Book of Answers - Carol Bolt (Editor)Brian W. Schaaf
Love, Honour, and O’Brien - Jennifer RowMargaret Marr
LoveHampton - Sherri RifkinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lovely Bones, The - Alice SeboldBrian W. Schaaf
Lovesong - Valerie SherwoodColleen Snodgrass
Loving Frank - Nancy HoranLisa Brown Thompson
Luck and Circumstance - Michael Lindsay-HoggKristin Dreyer Kramer
Luck of the Draw - Anthony J. CardieriJacqueline Jung
Lucky - Alice SeboldBrian W. Schaaf
Lullaby in Lone Creek - Mary MannersSheila Deeth
Luminous Nights - Michele HartMargaret Marr
Lure of the Witch (Hawkman #11), The - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Luv Ya Bunches - Lauren MyracleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Lux - Maria FlookKristin Dreyer Kramer
Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders - Judith Durant (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Lycan Love - Anastasia MaltezosMargaret Marr
MacGregor’s Bride - Barbara DanColleen Snodgrass
Mad as the Dickens - Toni L.P. KelnerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mad Hot Adventures of an Unlikely Documentary Filmmaker, The - Amy SewellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mad Love - Nick SpaldingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Made in the U.S.A. - Billie LettsMaryann Boulter
Mademoiselle Victorine - Debra FinermanLisa Marie Fortner
Magdalen Rising - Elizabeth CunninghamMargaret Marr
Magic of His Touch, The - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
Magic of Ordinary Days, The - Ann Howard CreelKarin M. Round
Magic Pencil, The - Eve ShelnuttLisa Marie Fortner
Magicians, The - Lev GrossmanKim de la Montanya
Magician’s Book, The - Laura MillerDon Kelley
Mai Tai Guy - Mickey J. CorriganKristin Dreyer Kramer
Make Me a Match - Diana HolquistMargaret Marr
Make ‘Em Laugh - Debbie Reynolds and Dorian Hannaway Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Makedown, The - Gitty DaneshvariKristin Dreyer Kramer
Making Felted Friends - Sue PearlKristin Dreyer Kramer
Making of The Lords of Flatbush, The - Stephen VeronaJacqueline Jung
Mama Makes Up Her Mind - Bailey WhiteKarin M. Round
Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, The - Oscar HijuelosDeborah Leiter
Man and Boy - Tony ParsonsTony Caldwell
Man Who Listens to Horses, The - Monty RobertsKarin M. Round
Mandalorian Armor (Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 1), The - K. W. JeterCoinneach MacFarlane
Manhunt - James L. SwansonTony Caldwell
Mapping of Love and Death, The - Jacqueline WinspearMargaret Marr
Marked (House of Night, Book 1) - P. C. Cast and Kristin CastMargaret Marr
Marked for Death (Inherited Damnation, #8) - Claire AshgroveSheila Deeth
Marriage Bundle, The - Earlene GleisnerMargaret Marr
Marriage Pact, The - Michelle RichmondKristin Dreyer Kramer
Martyrs & Monsters - Robert DunbarMargaret Marr
Masks, Volume 2 - Cullen Bunn, Eman CasallosD. Jason Cooper
Matched - Ally CondieMargaret Marr
Mattie’s Meltaways - Mary MannersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (The Protectors, Book 1) - James PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Maybe This Christmas - Janet DaileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Maybell’s Revenge - Bill Mac WitheyJozette Aaron
Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts - J. L. WilsonMargaret Marr
Me Talk Pretty One Day - David SedarisKarin M. Round
Medium, The - C. J. ArcherMargaret Marr
Melissa Explains It All - Melissa Joan HartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Memoirs of a Fortune Teller - Gary TurcotteMargaret Marr
Memoirs of an Immigrant - Olof A. EriksenMaryann Boulter
Memories of Midnight - Sidney SheldonClaire Smith
Men and Other Mammals - Jim KeebleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mental Floss History of the World, The - Erik Sass and Steve WiegandMichael Heerema
Mercury in Retrograde - Paula FroelichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mercy Street - Mariah StewartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mergers & Acquisitions - Dana VachonGail Cooke
Merlicious 3 - Various ArtistsMargaret Marr
Messenger of Athens, The - Anne ZouroudiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Messenger of Truth - Jacqueline WinspearMargaret Marr
Metal Gear Solid - Raymond BensonMargaret Marr
Metamorphosis, The - Franz KafkaJeff Sloan
Metro Girl - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Midas - Russell AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Midnight Bites - Cinsearae Santiago (Editor)Margaret Marr
Midnight Cove - Cierra JamesMargaret Marr
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - John BerendtDeborah Leiter
Midnight Magic - Shari AntonMargaret Marr
Midnight Plan of the Repo Man, The - W. Bruce CameronKristin Dreyer Kramer
Midsummer Night’s Scream, A - R. L. StineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mile 81 - Stephen KingMargaret Marr
Mind of a Genius, The - David SnowdonMargaret Marr
Mind Over Body - Nordine ZouaregJacqueline Jung
Mind-Blown - Michele HartMarilyn Turingia
Minding Ben - Victoria BrownKristin Dreyer Kramer
Miracleman Book 1: A Dream of Flying - The Original Writer, Garry Leach, and Alan DavisMichael Heerema
Miracleman Book 2: The Red King Syndrome - The Original Writer, Chuck Austen, Rick Veitch, and Alan DavisMichael Heerema
Miracles and Mischief - Mary MannersMargaret Marr
Mirror, Mirror - Cara Delevingne with Rowan ColemanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Misadventures of Oliver Booth, The - David DesmondKristin Dreyer Kramer
Miscarriage of Justice - Kip GaydenMaryann Boulter
Mischief in Mudbug - Jana DeLeonMargaret Marr
Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 4), The - Lemony SnicketKristin Dreyer Kramer
Misquoting Jesus - Bart D. EhrmanTony Caldwell
Miss FishFly - Linda S. GlazSheila Deeth
Miss New York Has Everything - Lori JakielaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom RiggsMargaret Marr
Miss Understanding - Stephanie LessingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Missing in Action - Pam ChampagneMargaret Marr
Missing! (Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries, Book 4) - Anne CapeciKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mistress - James Patterson and David EllisMargaret Marr
Mistress Bradstreet - Charlotte GordonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mists of Avalon, The - Marion Zimmer BradleyLisa Marie Fortner
Mixology - Holly RapportTony Caldwell
Moby Dick - Herman MelvilleJeff Sloan
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3) - Suzanne CollinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Modern Classics - Louisa HardingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Modern Top-Down Knitting - Kristina McGowanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Moment of Truth, The - Mark O’NealJacqueline Jung
Money Shot - Christa FaustKristin Dreyer Kramer
Monopoly - Philip E. OrbanesJacqueline Jung
Monster - Jonathan KellermanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Moo - Jane SmileyDeborah Leiter
Moonlight Mile - Dennis LehaneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Moonlight on Diamonds - Lydia StormMargaret Marr
Moonshine Murder (Hawkman #14) - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Moon’s Pull, The - Beverly TorresMargaret Marr
Moral Disorder - Margaret AtwoodTony Caldwell
More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts - Joelle HoversonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mosaic Crimes, The - Giulio LeoniKristin Dreyer Kramer
Moscow Rules - Daniel SilvaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mountains Beyond Mountains - Tracy KidderKarin M. Round
Movie Game - Michael EbnerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper - Hilary LiftinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mr. Commitment - Mike GayleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mr. Hooligan - Ian VasquezKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - Robert C. O'BrienKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mrs. John Doe - Tom SavageKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mrs. Saint and the Defectives - Julie Lawson TimmerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mrs. Shakespeare: The Complete Works - Robert NyeDeborah Leiter
Ms. Taken Identity - Dan BegleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Muder Alfresco - Nadia GordonMargaret Marr
Mug Shot (Java Jive Mystery #2) - Caroline FardigKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mummy Case, The - Elizabeth PetersKarin M. Round
Murder at the Foul Line - Otto Penzler (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder in Hum Harbour - Jayne E. SelfMargaret Marr
Murder in Mayberry - Mary Kinney Branson and Jack Branson Margaret Marr
Murder in Old Blood - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Murder in the Rough - Otto Penzler (Editor)Tony Caldwell
Murder of King Tut, The - James Patterson and Martin DugardKristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder on the Cliffs - Joanna ChallisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder on the Leviathan - Boris AkuninKristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha ChristieKristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder Over Mochas (Java Jive #5) - Caroline FardigKristin Dreyer Kramer
Murder Passes the Buck - Deb BakerMargaret Marr
Murder Season - Robert EllisMargaret Marr
Murphy’s Law - Rhys BowenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Museum of Kitschy Stitches, The - Stitchy McYarnpantsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mutation Z: Closing the Borders - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
My Best Everything - Sarah TompKristin Dreyer Kramer
My Biker Bodyguard - J. R. TurnerJacqueline Jung
My Ex from Hell - Tellulah DarlingKristin Dreyer Kramer
My Girl - Jack JordanKristin Dreyer Kramer
My Lucky Star - Joe KeenanKristin Dreyer Kramer
My Mother Talks to Trees - Doris GoveLisa Marie Fortner
My Name is Will - Jess WinfieldKristin Dreyer Kramer
My Next Phase - Eric Sundstrom, PhD, Randy Burnham, PhD, and Michael BurnhamJacqueline Jung
My Soul to Take - Rachel VincentMargaret Marr
My Uncle Oswald - Roald DahlGarvan Giltinan
My War - Colby BuzzellTony Caldwell
My Wicked Enemy - Carolyn JewelMargaret Marr
Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish, The - Tim FlanneryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Mystic and the Blossoms - Ashok MalhotraMargaret Marr
Mystic River - Dennis LehaneKarin M. Round
Nadia Knows Best - Jill MansellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nail Through the Heart, A - Timothy HallinanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Naked - David SedarisTony Caldwell
Name Dropping - Jane HellerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Name of This Book is Secret, The - Pseudonymous BoschKristin Dreyer Kramer
Names My Sisters Call Me - Megan CraneMaryann Boulter
Naming of the Dead, The - Ian RankinMargaret Marr
Nanny Diaries, The - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola KrausKristin Dreyer Kramer
Narrows, The - Michael ConnellyJozette Aaron
Native Tongue - Carl HiaasenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nature’s Wrapture - Sheryl ThiesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Navel Gazing - Michael Ian BlackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nearest Exit, The - Olen SteinhauerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nearly Departed - Suzanne RossiMargaret Marr
Needled to Death - Maggie SeftonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nefertiti’s Heart (The Artifact Hunters, Book 1) - A. W. ExleyD. Jason Cooper
Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me - Nan MarinoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nelson Mandela: In His Own Words - Edited by Kadar Asmal, David Chidester, Wilmot JamesJozette Aaron
Neptune Avenue - Gabriel CohenJacqueline Jung
Nerd Camp - Elissa Brent WeissmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nerd in Shining Armor - Vicki Lewis ThompsonColleen Snodgrass
Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You’ve Got the Ring) - Judith DurantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Never Knowing - Chevy StevensKristin Dreyer Kramer
Never Laugh as a Hearse Goes By - Elizabeth J. DuncanKristin Dreyer Kramer
New Knits on the Block - Vickie HowellKristin Dreyer Kramer
New Life, A - Stephanie KepkeSheila Deeth
New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) - Stephenie MeyerKristin Dreyer Kramer
New Stories from the South - Shannon Ravenel (editor)Tony Caldwell
Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr - Elizabeth AmberColleen Snodgrass
Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab - “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve HockensmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage - “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America - Barbara EhrenreichPam Veselinovic
Night Abraham Called to the Stars, The - Robert BlyRobert Hudson
Night Before Doomsday, The - Linda NightingaleMargaret Marr
Night Circus, The - Erin MorgensternKim de la Montanya
Night Demons - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Night Gardener, The - George PelecanosMaryann Boulter
Night Man Cometh, The - Tony-Paul de VisageMargaret Marr
Night on Fire - Douglas CorleoneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Night Swimmer, The - Matt BondurantKristin Dreyer Kramer
Night Terrors - Dennis PalumboMargaret Marr
Nightfall - Laura GriffinMargaret Marr
Nightingale Before Christmas, The - Donna AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Volume 1 - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nights of Rain and Stars - Maeve BinchyMarilyn Turingia
Nights of the Red Moon - Milton T. BurtonMargaret Marr
Nightwalker - Heather GrahamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, The - Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonDebra Sponable
No Control - Shannon K. ButcherMargaret Marr
No Escape - Shannon K. ButcherMargaret Marr
No Hope for Gomez! - Graham ParkeMargaret Marr
No More than Friends - Chelle HicksKristin Dreyer Kramer
No One Gets Out Alive - Adam NevillKristin Dreyer Kramer
No One Lives Twice - Julie MoffettKristin Dreyer Kramer
No One to Trust - Julie MoffettKristin Dreyer Kramer
No Regrets - Shannon K. ButcherKristin Dreyer Kramer
No Regrets - Aviva Yael and P. M. ChenJacqueline Jung
No Shelter (No Shelter Trilogy, Book One) - T. S. WeltiMargaret Marr
No Time for Goodbye - Linwood BarclayKristin Dreyer Kramer
No Weddings (No Weddings, Volume 1) - Kat Bastion with Stone BastionKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nobody Does It Better - Cecily von ZiegesarKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nooks & Crannies - Jessica LawsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
North River - Pete HamillMaryann Boulter
Nostradamus Ate My Hamster - Robert RankinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Not Without Anna - Vicki M. TaylorJozette Aaron
Not2Nite - Barbara BurkeSheila Deeth
Notebook Girls, The - Julia Baskin, Lindsey Newman, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, Courtney ToombsChristine Casoli
Notes from a Small Island - Bill BrysonDeborah Leiter
Notes from Rainbow Bridge - Beth SzillagyiMargaret Marr
Notorious (Max Revere, Book 1) - Allison BrennanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Notorious Eliza - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
Now You See Her - Cecelia TishyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Now You See Her - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nowhere Man (Orphan X #2), The - Gregg HurwitzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nowhere Nice - Rick GavinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Nowhere to Hide - Joan Hall HoveyMargaret Marr
Nursing Home Fugitive, The - Georgiann Baldino Margaret Marr
NYPD Red - James Patterson and Marshall KarpKristin Dreyer Kramer
NYPD Red 2 - James Patterson and Marshall KarpKristin Dreyer Kramer
Oblivion Society, The - Marcus Alexander HartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Occupy Faerie - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Ocean at the End of the Lane, The - Neil GaimanTimothy Nunes
Ocean Breezes - Sheryl ThiesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Odd Ball Knitting - Barbara AlbrightKristin Dreyer Kramer
Odd Mom Out - Jane PorterKristin Dreyer Kramer
Of Ghosts and Geeks - Molly RingleColleen Snodgrass
Of Mice and Men - John SteinbeckJeff Sloan
Of Noble Birth - Brenda NovakColleen Snodgrass
Of Water and Dragons - Kelley HeckartMargaret Marr
Off Season - Anne Rivers SiddonsMaryann Boulter
Officer Elvis - Gary GusickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Old Man and the Sea, The - Ernest HemingwayTony Caldwell
Oliver and the Seawigs - Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Omnibus - Shari L. McGathyMargaret Marr
On a Pale Horse - Piers AnthonyMandy Alyss Brown
On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwanKatie Jacobs
On Fire - Larry BrownPam Veselinovic
On Paradise Drive - David BrooksTony Caldwell
On the Grind - Stephen J. CannellMargaret Marr
On the Line - S. J. RozanMargaret Marr
On the Night You Were Born - Nancy TillmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
On the Road - Jack KerouacJeff Sloan
Once Smitten, Twice Shy - Lori WildeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Once upon a Frog (Whatever After #8) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Once Upon a Lie - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
One Cold Night - Kate PepperKristin Dreyer Kramer
One Dead Lawyer - Tony LindsayMargaret Marr
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (30th Ann. Ed.) - Ken KeseyKristin Dreyer Kramer
One for the Money - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
One Funeral (No Weddings, Book 2) - Kat Bastion with Stone BastionKristin Dreyer Kramer
One Good Turn - Kate AtkinsonMargaret Marr
One Mississippi - Mark ChildressLaura Shaffer
One More for the Road - Ray BradburyTony Caldwell
One Small Victory - Maryann MillerMargaret Marr
One Step Too Far - Tina SeskisKristin Dreyer Kramer
One Summer - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
One-in-a-Million Boy, The - Monica WoodKristin Dreyer Kramer
One-Minute Cleaner Plain & Simple, The - Donna SmallinKristin Dreyer Kramer
One-Skein Wonders - Judith Durant (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
One-Yard Wonders - Rebecca Yaker and Patricia HoskinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Only If You Dare - Margo HoornstraSheila Deeth
Only in Novels - Laura BriggsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Only the Best – Sólo lo Mejor - Adrienne Avila and Leslie Pickell (Editors)Christine Casoli
Open Net - George PlimptonKarin M. Round
Opening Belle - Maureen SherryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy - Karen FoxleeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Opposite of Fate, The - Amy TanDon Kelley
Orange Crush - Tim DorseyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Order of Coincidence - Mark WildesCoinneach MacFarlane
Ordinary Angel, An - Kathy Otten Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Organic Body Care Recipes - Stephanie TourlesJacqueline Jung
Original Sin - Beth McMullenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Orphan X - Gregg HurwitzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Orso: The Troll Who Couldn't Scare - Brad Thiessen and Jeremy BalzerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Other Side of the Horizon, The - K. LynchMargaret Marr
Other Story, The - Tatiana De RosnayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Other Woman, The - Eric Jerome DickeyMarilyn Turingia
Other Woman, The - Victoria Zackheim (Editor)Don Kelley
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception - Nancy Martin Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Out of Mind - Catherine SampsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Out of the Blue Writers Unite - Edited by Deborah Priestly and Timothy GagerChristine Casoli
Out of the Darkness - Lilly GayleMargaret Marr
Out of the Shadow - J. S. WinnDebra Sponable
Out of Time - Samantha GravesColleen Snodgrass
Outback Reckoning - R. P. BonassoMargaret Marr
Outlander - Diana GabaldonMarilyn Turingia
Outlaw in Love - Tanya HansonSheila Deeth
Over Her Dead Body - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Over Here - Edward HumesTony Caldwell
Overkill - Eugenia Lovett WestJacqueline Jung
Overlook, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Oxford Murders, The - Guillermo MartínezJacqueline Jung
Paint It Black - Janet FitchMaryann Boulter
Painted House, A - John GrishamTony Caldwell
Painter from Shanghai, The - Jennifer Cody EpsteinDon Kelley
Painter’s Tempest in a Teapot, The - Nancy A. Lindley-GauthierColleen Snodgrass
Painting the Invisible Man - Rita SchianoJacqueline Jung
Pale Horseman, The - Bernarnd CornwellTony Caldwell
Panic Attack - Jason StarrJacqueline Jung
ParaNorman - Elizabeth Cody KimmelKristin Dreyer Kramer
ParaNorman: Attack of the Pilgrim Zombies! - Annie AuerbachKristin Dreyer Kramer
ParaNorman: Meet the Ghosts - Lucy RosenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Paris Movie Walks - Michael Schürmann Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Paris Requiem - Lisa AppignanesiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Passage, The - Justin CroninKristin Dreyer Kramer
Passion (Fallen, Book 3) - Lauren KateMargaret Marr
Passion in Paris - Helen HardtKristin Dreyer Kramer
Patient, The - Michael PalmerJozette Aaron
Patient Presents, The - Kelley Jean White, MDArthur C. Ford, Sr.
Paul of Dune - Brian Herbert and Kevin J. AndersonMichael Heerema
Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark - Brian KellowKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pearl - Tabitha KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pelham Fell Here - Ed LynskeyMaryann Boulter
Penny, The - Joyce Meyer and Deborah BedfordKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pentacles of Magick: The Healing - Eliza GayleMargaret Marr
People I Want to Punch in the Throat - Jen MannKristin Dreyer Kramer
Perfect Day, A - Richard Paul EvansLaura Shaffer
Perfidia - Elspeth McKendrickColleen Snodgrass
Peripheral Son, The - Dorien GreyMargaret Marr
Personal Self Defense - Mark RaatzMandy Alyss Brown
Phantom Evil - Heather GrahamMargaret Marr
Phantom Hearts Part 1: Bound - Chris Michaels and Reema FarraLisa Finch
Phantoms - Dean KoontzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Philippa - Beatrice SmallColleen Snodgrass
Philosophy Made Simple - Robert HellengaJacqueline Jung
Physical Education - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Piece of Heaven, A - Donna B. SnowMargaret Marr
Piece of Work - Laura ZigmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pillars Of Creation (Sword of Truth series, Book 7), The - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Pillars of the Earth, The - Ken FollettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pilot's Wife, The - Anita ShreveKarin M. Round
Pine Barrens, The - John McPheeKarin M. Round
Pines, The - Robert DunbarMargaret Marr
Pines - Blake CrouchMargaret Marr
Pink Jinx - Sandra HillMargaret Marr
Pippy's Wish - Selena RobinsMargaret Marr
Pirates Don’t Change Diapers - Melinda Long and David ShannonLaura Shaffer
Pirate’s Booty - Teresa Noelle RobertsColleen Snodgrass
Pirate’s Lady - Robin Lee HatcherColleen Snodgrass
Pirate’s Revenge (The Lobster Cove Series), The - Sarita LeoneSheila Deeth
Pistolero - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Plainsong - Kent HarufKristin Dreyer Kramer
Play Goes On, The - Neil SimonDon Kelley
Play Nice - Gemma HallidayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Please Understand Me - David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates Debra Sponable
Pleasure of My Company, The - Steve MartinTony Caldwell
Pleasure Unbound - Larissa IoneMargaret Marr
Plum Lucky - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pocket-47 - Jude HardinMargaret Marr
Poems from the Heart - Annette Hoggs-JacksonMargaret Marr
Poetic Justice for Nature - Kevin R. FishArthur C. Ford, Sr.
Poets’ Corner, The - John LithgowLisa Marie Fortner
Pointed Death, A - Kath RussellMargaret Marr
Poison Princess: The Arcana Chronicles - Kresley ColeColleen Snodgrass
Poisonwood Bible, The - Barbara KingsolverLisa Finch
Politician, The - Andrew YoungJacqueline Jung
Pontoon - Garrison KeillorJonathan Lowe
Portrait of Emily Price, A - Katherine ReayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Possessive - Catherine BybeeMargaret Marr
Postcard Killers, The - James Patterson and Liza MarklundKristin Dreyer Kramer
Potter Springs - Britta ColemanAngela Dalecki
Pout-Pout Fish, The - Deborah DiesenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Powdered Peril - Jessica BeckKristin Dreyer Kramer
Power of Purpose, The - Peter S. TemesAnn Ring
Power Tools in the Sacred Grove (Arcanum Faire #2) - Josef MatulichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Prayer for Owen Meany, A - John IrvingDeborah Leiter
Precipice: The Beginning - Kevin J. HowardMargaret Marr
Presidential Diversions - Paul F. Boller, Jr.Jacqueline Jung
President’s Secret, The - Martin KurzerMargaret Marr
Pressed Pennies - Steven ManchesterMargaret Marr
Pretenders - Lisi HarrisonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Price of Malice, The - Archer MayorMargaret Marr
Pride and Prejudice - Jane AustenDeborah Leiter
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls - Steve HockensmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After - Steve HockensmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pride v. Prejudice (Claire Malloy Mystery #20) - Joan HessKristin Dreyer Kramer
Priest's Madonna, The - Amy HassingerMargaret Marr
Priest’s Graveyard, The - Ted DekkerMargaret Marr
Primal Instinct - Helen HardtColleen Snodgrass
Prince Caspian - C. S. LewisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Prince of Ash - Elaine CorvidaeMargaret Marr
Princess Bride, The - William GoldmanDeborah Leiter
Princess in Training - Tammi Sauer and Joe Berger Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle - Beverly BartlettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Private - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroKristin Dreyer Kramer
Private: #1 Suspect - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroMargaret Marr
Promises, Promises (Class of ‘85 Reunion Series) - Silver JamesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Prophet, The - Amanda StevensMargaret Marr
Prophet, The - Michael KorytaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pumpkin Picking with Murder (Otter Lake Mysteries #2) - Auralee WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Purely Private Matter (Rosalind Thorne #2), A - Darcie WildeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Pursuit - Elizabeth Jennings Margaret Marr
Pushed Back to Strength: A Black Woman's Journey Home - Gloria Wade-GaylesPam Veselinovic
Q is for Quarry - Sue GraftonKarin M. Round
Quentins - Maeve BinchyJozette Aaron
Quickie, The - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeMargaret Marr
Quicksilver - Joy SpraycarMargaret Marr
Radiance of Tomorrow, The - Ishmael BeahKristin Dreyer Kramer
Radio Girls - Sarah-Jane StratfordKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rage Is Back - Adam MansbachKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ragged End of Nowhere, The - Roy ChaneyMargaret Marr
Rains, The - Gregg HurwitzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Raising Hope - Katie WillardAngela Dalecki
Ranchero - Rick GavinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Random Family - Adrian Nicole LeBlancMaryann Boulter
Random Monster Corporation - David James SearleGarvan Giltinan
Rapture (Fallen, Book 3) - Lauren KateMargaret Marr
Rat Bastards - John “Red” SheaMaryann Boulter
Rats, The - James HerbertGarvan Giltinan
Ravens - George Dawes GreenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ravens in Our Midst - Cinsearae Santiago (Editor)Margaret Marr
Ravished by a Highlander - Paula QuinnColleen Snodgrass
Reading, Writing, and Leaving Home: Life on the Page - Lynn FreedChristine Casoli
Real Animal House, The - Chris MillerChristine Casoli
Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2 - Kelley St. JohnMargaret Marr
Reality Boy - A. S. KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Reality Ends Here - Alison GaylinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Reason to Believe - Leslie Ann DennisMargaret Marr
Reckless Eyeballing - Ishmael ReedDeborah Leiter
Recovery - Alexandrea WeisMargaret Marr
Red Bones - Ann ClevesMargaret Marr
Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins - Rupert EverettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Red Herring - Archer MayorMargaret Marr
Red Hot Fix, The - T. E. WoodsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Red Leather Reunion (Class of ‘85 Reunion Series) - Karen BostromKristin Dreyer Kramer
Red Leaves - Thomas H. CookMargaret Marr
Red Star Burning - Brian FreemantleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Red Wolf - Liza MarklundKristin Dreyer Kramer
Red Zone - Alan McTeerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Redcoats and Rebels - Christopher HibbertTony Caldwell
Redeeming Daisy - Tanya HansonSheila Deeth
Redeeming Vows - Catherine BybeeMargaret Marr
Redemption Song - Chris SalewiczKristin Dreyer Kramer
Redemption’s Kiss - Louise DelamoreSheila Deeth
Regulators, The - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rehearsal, The - Eleanor CattonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Reincarnationist, The - M. J. RoseKristin Dreyer Kramer
Relentless - Dean KoontzMargaret Marr
Remember Me? - Sophie KinsellaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rep, The - William WildeMargaret Marr
Repeat - Neal PollackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 2), The - Lemony SnicketKristin Dreyer Kramer
Republic of Pirates, The - Colin WoodardMaryann Boulter
ReSew - Jenny Wilding CardonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Restitution - Lee VanceMaryann Boulter
Restorer, The - Amanda StevensMargaret Marr
Resurrected Love (Gospa Journeys, Vol. 3) - K. M. DaughtersSheila Deeth
Returned, The - Dr. Laurence B. BrownMargaret Marr
Reunion of the Untouchables (The Study Train, Volume I) - Kurt FrenierMargaret Marr
Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman - Elizabeth BuchanKarin M. Round
Revenge of the Paste Eaters: Memoirs of a Misfit - Cheryl PeckChristine Casoli
Reversal, The - Michael ConnellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Reviver - Seth PatrickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Revolutionary Road - Richard YatesClayton Kent Lowe
Rewrites - Neil SimonDon Kelley
Ribbon of Rain - Pam ChampagneMargaret Marr
Rich Boy - Sharon PomerantzMaryann Boulter
Ricky Gervais Presents: The World of Karl Pilkington - Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl PilkingtonMark Pfeiffer
Ridge, The - Michael KorytaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ring in the Year with Murder (Otter Lake Mystery #4) - Auralee WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ringer - Brian M. WiprudKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rising Star - Cari GelberKristin Dreyer Kramer
Risking It All - Lucy OliverKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rizzo’s War - Lou ManfredoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Road Home, The - Rose TremainKristin Dreyer Kramer
Road Through the Mountains, A - Elizabeth McGregorColleen Snodgrass
Roadkill - Kinky FriedmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Roadworks - Gerard ReadettMargaret Marr
Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event - James H. CobbMargaret Marr
Rock Bottom - Michael ShillingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rock Hole, The - Reavis Z. WorthamMargaret Marr
Rocky Road to Romance, The - Janet EvanovichMargaret Marr
Romancing the Hero - Cate MastersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Romantic Style - Jennie AtkinsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Roomies - Sara Zarr and Tara AltebrandoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rope, The - Nevada BarrMargaret Marr
Rose Madder - Stephen KingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Rough Justice - Jack HigginsMargaret Marr
Royal Wedding Disaster (From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #2) - Meg CabotKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ruby Red - Kerstin GierKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 1), The - John FlanaganMargaret Marr
Rum Diary, The - Hunter S. ThompsonJeff Sloan
Run Among Thorns - Anna Louise LuciaColleen Snodgrass
Run for Your Life - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Runner - Patrick LeeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Running Girl (Louise Rick), The - Sara BlaedelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Running With Scissors - Augusten BurroughsAnn Ring
Russian Experiences - The Raven and Marie ClaireDenise M. Clark
S. - Doug Dorst and J. J. AbramsGarvan Giltinan
Sacred Evil - Heather GrahamMargaret Marr
Sacrifice - Alexandrea WeisMargaret Marr
Sacrificial Matter, A - Ilona FridlSheila Deeth
Safe Haven - Nicholas SparksMargaret Marr
Safe House - Christine DuncanMargaret Marr
Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona StaplesMichael Heerema
Said the Spider to the Fly - Miss MaeMargaret Marr
Sailing Alone Around the Room - Billy CollinsDeborah Leiter
Sam's Letters to Jennifer - James PattersonMargaret Marr
Sanctuary - Ken BruenJacqueline Jung
Sanctuary - Tanya HansonSheila Deeth
Sandman: Overture, The - Neil Gaiman and J. H. Williams IIIMichael Heerema
Santa Clawed - Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie BrownKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sassy - Gloria MalletteJacqueline Jung
Satin Nights - Karen E. Quinones MillerMargaret Marr
Saturday Style - Doreen L. MarquartKristin Dreyer Kramer
Savage Survival - Darrell BainMargaret Marr
Savanna’s Gift - Camille EideColleen Snodgrass
Scam (Fox and O’Hare, Book 4), The - Janet Evanovich and Lee GoldbergKristin Dreyer Kramer
Scarecrow, The - Michael Connelly Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Scarlet Pimpernel, The - Baroness OrczyDeborah Leiter
Scarlet Spy, The - Andrea PickensKristin Dreyer Kramer
Scary Mary - S. A. HunterMargaret Marr
Scent of Cherry - Patty HardinMargaret Marr
Scoundrel’s Kiss - Carrie LoftyMargaret Marr
Scream for Me - Karen RoseMargaret Marr
Screaming Room, The - Thomas O’CallaghanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Scrolls of Darkness - Paul Henry JohnsonMargaret Marr
Sea of Flesh and Ash, The - Jeffrey Thomas and Scott ThomasMargaret Marr
Seabiscuit - Laura HillenbrandTimothy Nunes
Seamless (or Nearly Seamless) Knits - Andra Knight-BowmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sean (The Cowboys) - Leigh GreenwoodColleen Snodgrass
Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead - Phil LeshJeff Sloan
Season of Love - Leanne TylerMargaret Marr
Second Chance Summer - Michelle McAdamMargaret Marr
Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo, The - Peter OrnerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Second Grave on the Left - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Secondhand Smoke - Karen E. OlsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old, The - Hendrik Groen (translated by Hester Velmans)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Secret Keeper, The - Dorien GreyMargaret Marr
Secret of the White Rose - Stefanie PintoffMargaret Marr
Secret Sentinel, The - Alison ChambersMargaret Marr
Secret Speech, The - Tom Rob SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Secrets to Happiness - Sarah DunnKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seducing the Night - Tamelia TumlinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seducing the Sheriff - Shannon RobinsonMargaret Marr
See Isabelle Run - Elizabeth BloomJozette Aaron
See Jane Lead - Lois P. Frankel, PhDLisa Marie Fortner
Seeds of Memory - J. Richard JacobsMargaret Marr
Seeing Me Naked - Liza PalmerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Send Yourself Roses - Kathleen Turner and Gloria FeldtDon Kelley
Sense and Sensibility - Jane AustenLisa Marie Fortner
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters - Jane Austen and Ben H. WintersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Serafina and the Black Cloak - Robert BeattyMargaret Marr
Seraphim - Shelby ReedMargaret Marr
Serial Killers Club, The - Jeff PoveyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Serial Killer’s Daughter, The - Heywood GouldMargaret Marr
Serpent in the Thorns - Jeri WestersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Serpent Prince, The - Elizabeth HoytColleen Snodgrass
Servant of the Bones - Anne RiceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seven Loves - Valerie TruebloodLaura Shaffer
Seven Up - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seven Wonders, The - Steven SaylorKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seventh Grave and No Body - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Seventy-Seven Clocks - Christopher FowlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sew Decorative - Sew News MagazineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sew the Perfect Bag - Sew News MagazineKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sew the Perfect Gift - Various DesignersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sew with Sara - Sara TrailKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sh*tty Mom - Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo, and Mary Ann Zoellner Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Shadow Divers - Robert KursonTony Caldwell
Shadow in the City, A - Charles BowdenMaryann Boulter
Shadows from the Past - Rebecca GraceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shadows in Summer - Crescent VarroneMargaret Marr
Shadows in the Night (Hawkman #12) - Betty Sullivan La PierreMargaret Marr
Shadows of Death - David SundstrandMargaret Marr
Shakedown - Joel GoldmanMargaret Marr
Shamra Divided (The Shamra Chronicles, Book Two) - Barry HoffmanMargaret Marr
Shattered Dreams - Irene SpencerMaryann Boulter
Shattered: Reclaiming a Life Torn Apart by Violence - Debra Puglisi Sharp, Marjorie PrestonPam Veselinovic
She is Me - Cathleen SchineJozette Aaron
Sheet Music - Dr. Kevin LemanTony Caldwell
Sheikh’s Proposal , The - Jane BeckenhamMargaret Marr
Shelf Life - Suzanne Strempek SheaJohn Sheirer
Sheriff McBride - Lauri RobinsonMargaret Marr
Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah - A. J. LowKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sherlockian, The - Graham MooreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shilo - Kathie Harrington Sheila Deeth
Shine Shine Shine - Lydia NetzerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shivers!: The Pirate Who’s Afraid of Everything - Annabeth Bondor-StoneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shivers!: The Pirate Who’s Back in Bunny Slippers (Shivers! #2) - Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shoe Marks - Karen Vance HowardMargaret Marr
Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie KinsellaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie KinsellaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shopgirl - Steve MartinDeborah Leiter
Shore, The - Robert DunbarMargaret Marr
Short History of Nearly Everything, A - Bill BrysonDon Kelley
Short Squeeze - Chris KnopfKristin Dreyer Kramer
Shotgun Lovesongs - Nickolas ButlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Show World - Wilton BarnhardtKristin Dreyer Kramer
Showdown in Mudbug - Jana DeLeonMargaret Marr
Showing Off (Upside-Down Magic #3) - Emily Jenkins, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren MyracleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Signed, Mata Hari - Yannick MurphyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silent Hour, The - Michael KorytaMargaret Marr
Silent Man, The - Alex BerensonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silent Movies - Peter Kobel and the Library of CongressKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silent Murders (Roaring Twenties, Book 2) - Mary MileyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silly Little Rich Girl - Jimmy GleacherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silmarillion, The - J. R. R. TolkienDeborah Leiter
Silver - Edward ChupackKristin Dreyer Kramer
Silver-Mine Spook, The - Lance HowardMargaret Marr
Simple Murder, A - Eleanor KuhnsMargaret Marr
Simple Plan, A - Scott B. SmithKristin Dreyer Kramer
Simplicity of Cider, The - Amy E. ReichertKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sinbad’s Last Voyage - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Sinbad’s Pride (The Adventures of Sinbad: Book Three) - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Sinbad’s Wife (The Adventures of Sinbad: Book Two) - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Singing in a Strange Land - Nick SalvatoreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Single in Suburbia - Wendy WaxKristin Dreyer Kramer
Single Shot, A - Matthew F. JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sink or Swim (The Creature from the Seventh Grade, Book 2) - Bob BalabanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sink or Swim (Whatever After #3) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay - Stefanie Wilder-TaylorKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sisters of Misery - Megan Kelley HallMargaret Marr
Six Seconds - Rick MofinaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Six Suspects - Vikas SwarupKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sixteen Pleasures, The - Robert HellengaJacqueline Jung
Sixth Man, The - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Size 2 for Life - Ashley Marriott and Marc L. Paulsen, MDJacqueline Jung
Size Eight in a Size Zero World - Meredith CagenJacqueline Jung
Skeleton in the Closet, The - M. C. BeatonJozette Aaron
Skelly Man, The - David DanielKristin Dreyer Kramer
Skinny Dip - Carl HiaasenAndrew Fermie
Skinny Dipping with Murder (Otter Lake Mysteries #1) - Auralee WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Skitter (The Hatching #2) - Ezekiel BooneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Skull Feeder - Pamela Chillemi-Yeager and Dana Joseph SchaffMargaret Marr
Skylight Confessions - Alice HoffmanMargaret Marr
Slapshot of Love - Gary PearsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt VonnegutGarvan Giltinan
Slave of My Own Desire, A - Eve SummersMargaret Marr
Sleuth Slayer - Jeffrey B. Burton and Bruce W. BurtonJacqueline Jung
Sliding Into Home - Dori Hillestad ButlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Slipping into Darkness - Peter BlaunerMargaret Marr
Sliver of Darkness (The Chloe Files #2) - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Small Town Punk - John L. SheppardTimothy Gager
Small Town Treasure - Dora HiersColleen Snodgrass
Smart One and the Pretty One, The - Claire LaZebnikKristin Dreyer Kramer
Smuggler of the Heart - JoAnn CarterMargaret Marr
Snatched - Karen SlaughterMargaret Marr
Snicker of Magic, A - Natalie LloydKristin Dreyer Kramer
Snow Blind - Kara Lynn RussellMargaret Marr
Snow White Christmas Cookie, The - David HandlerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Snowed In with Murder (Otter Lake Mysteries #3) - Auralee WallaceKristin Dreyer Kramer
So Cold the River - Michael KorytaKristin Dreyer Kramer
So Pretty It Hurts - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sociopath Next Door, The - Martha Stout, Ph.D.Jacqueline Jung
Sold into Egypt - Madeleine L'EngleDeborah Leiter
Some Like It Haute - Julie K. L. DamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Someone to Watch Over Me - Jerrie AlexanderKristin Dreyer Kramer
Something Old, Something Dead (Ivy Morris Mysteries, Book 3) - Misty SimonMargaret Marr
Something Special - Keena KincaidMargaret Marr
Son of the Circus, A - John IrvingKristin Dreyer Kramer
Songs of Innocence - Richard AleasKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sonnets from the Portuguese - Elizabeth Barrett BrowningDeborah Leiter
Sons and Princes - James LePoreMargaret Marr
Sophie and the Sea Monster - Don GillmorLisa Marie Fortner
Sophie’s Secret (Whispers, Book 1) - Tara WestMargaret Marr
Sorceress Star - Elaine CorvidaeMargaret Marr
Soul City - TouréJozette Aaron
Sour Grapes - G.A. McKevettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spaceheadz (SPHDZ, Book 1) - Jon Scieszka and Francesco SeditaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spanking Watson - Kinky FriedmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Specs Appeal - Beverly BretonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Speed Knitting - Kris PercivalKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spell of the Killing Moon, The - Skhye MoncriefMargaret Marr
Spin the Golden Light Bulb (The Crimson Five #1) - Jackie YeagerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spiral of Echoes, A - Barbara M. Hodges and Maggie PucilloMargaret Marr
Spire, The - Richard North PattersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spirit Keepers, The - J. K. WinnDebra Sponable
Sportscaster’s Guide to Watching Football, A - Mark OristanoJacqueline Jung
Sprinkle with Murder (Cupcake Bakery #1) - Jenn McKinlayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Spyder Hole - Bob NesoffMargaret Marr
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk - David SedarisMaryann Boulter
Star - Pamela AndersonMarilyn Turingia
Star is Found, A - Janet Hirshenson and Jane JenkinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Star Road - Matthew Costello and Rick HautalaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Star Struck - Pamela AndersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Star Wars (Children’s Series) - Paul Davids, Hollace DavidsCoinneach MacFarlane
Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith - Matthew StoverJonathan Dalecki
Stay Serendipity Stay - Gabriella LucasSheila Deeth
Steal the Show - Thomas KaufmanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Steam and Sensibility - Kirsten WeissD. Jason Cooper
Steampunk Megapack, The - Jay Lake and G. D. Falksen (Editors)D. Jason Cooper
Steampunk Rat - Madeline Holly-RosingMandy Alyss Brown
Step on a Crack - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sticks & Stones (Upside-Down Magic #2) - Emily Jenkins, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren MyracleKristin Dreyer Kramer
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers - Mary RoachKarin M. Round
Still Foolin’ ‘Em - Billy CrystalKristin Dreyer Kramer
Still Midnight - Denise MinaMargaret Marr
Still Missing - Chevy StevensKristin Dreyer Kramer
Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island - Michael Phillip CashMargaret Marr
Sting of Justice, The - Cora HarrisonMargaret Marr
Stingy Jack - R. Scott TaylorJacqueline Jung
Stolen - Daniel PalmerMargaret Marr
Stone and Shadow - Becky TaylorMargaret Marr
Stone Cold - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth series, Book 2) - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Stories That Bite You - William WildeMargaret Marr
Straight Up and Dirty - Stephanie KleinLaura Shaffer
Strain, The - Guillermo del Toro and Chuck HoganKristin Dreyer Kramer
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Great Illustrated Classics), The - Robert Louis StevensonBrian W. Schaaf
Strange Eight - K. L. NappierMargaret Marr
Strangers in Death - J. D. RobbKristin Dreyer Kramer
Strip Tease - Carl HiaasenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Struck By Lightning - Lizzie T. LeafMargaret Marr
Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family - Patricia VolkGloria Durland Slater
Stupid and Contagious - Caprice CraneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Successful Lace Knitting - Donna DruchunasKristin Dreyer Kramer
Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat - Elizabeth Cody KimmelMargaret Marr
Sugar and Sin - Stella Price and Audra PriceMargaret Marr
Sugar and Spice (Whatever After #10) - Sarah MlynowskiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sugar Shack - Paisley ScottMargaret Marr
Suicide Forest (World’s Scariest Places: Book One) - Jeremy BatesMargaret Marr
Summer Affair, A - Elin HilderbrandMaryann Boulter
Summons, The - John GrishamR. Lantz Saylor
Sun Also Rises, The - Ernest HemingwayTony Caldwell
Sunbaked (Pineapple Cay #1) - Junie CoffeyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sundays at Tiffany’s - James Patterson and Gabrielle CharbonnetKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sunday’s Colt and Other Stories of the Old West - Randy SmithMargaret Marr
Sundered Stone, The - Elaine CorvidaeMargaret Marr
Sundial - Carrie LoftyMargaret Marr
Sunstruck - Mayra CalvaniMargaret Marr
Super Stitches Knitting - Karen HemingwayKristin Dreyer Kramer
Supreme Courtship - Christopher BuckleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Surprise! Surprise! - Agatha ChristieDeborah Leiter
Surrender to the Roman - M. K. ChesterMargaret Marr
Surviving High Society - Elizabeth Marvin MulhollandJacqueline Jung
Survivor, The - Gregg Hurwitz Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Suzy’s Case - Andy SiegelKristin Dreyer Kramer
Swan for the Money - Donna AndrewsMargaret Marr
Sway - Zachary LazarJacqueline Jung
Sweet Bye-Bye - Denise Michelle HarrisJozette Aaron
Sweet Lake - Christine NolfiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Sweet Man Is Gone - Peggy EhrhartJacqueline Jung
Swift Run - Laura DiSilverioKristin Dreyer Kramer
Swimmer, The - Joakim ZanderKristin Dreyer Kramer
Swimming Upstream Slowly - Melissa ClarkLaura Shaffer
Swimsuit - James Patterson and Maxine PaetroKristin Dreyer Kramer
Switchcraft - Mary CastilloMargaret Marr
T-Shirt Makeovers - Sistahs of HarlemKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tabloid City - Pete HamillMargaret Marr
Taft 2012 - Jason HellerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tag Man - Archer MayorMargaret Marr
Taint of Midas, The - Anne ZouroudiKristin Dreyer Kramer
Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder - Julie A. Fast and John Preston, PsyDLaura Shaffer
Taking Command - KyAnn Waters and Grad StoneSheila Deeth
Tall Cool One - Zoey DeanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tall, Dark, and Deadly - Heather GrahamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tangled Souls - Sherry Hall MauroMargaret Marr
Tara Road - Maeve BinchyMarilyn Turingia
Taste of Chocolate, A - Vonnie DavisKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tastes of Love and Evil - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
Teacher Man - Frank McCourtDon Kelley
Telling the Truth - Fredrick BuechnerDeborah Leiter
Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth series, Book 4) - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Tempt Me Eternally - Gena ShowalterColleen Snodgrass
Tempted by Fate - Kate PerryColleen Snodgrass
Tempting Fate - Jane GreenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ten Big Ones - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ten Little Indians - Agatha ChristieKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ten Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed - Richard RoeperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ten-Minute Marriage Principle, The - Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Tequila Dirty - Mickey J. CorriganKristin Dreyer Kramer
Terms of Surrender - Gracie C. McKeeverMargaret Marr
Tessa’s Teacakes - Mary MannersKristin Dreyer Kramer
Texas Hearts - Rachel SmithMargaret Marr
Thanks, But No Thanks - Susan LyonsColleen Snodgrass
That Night - Chevy StevensKristin Dreyer Kramer
That’s Amore - Wendy MarkhamColleen Snodgrass
The Cat’s Table - Michael OndaatjeDebra Sponable
The Third Floor - C. Dennis MooreMargaret Marr
Theft - N. S. KöeningsJacqueline Jung
Their Wildest Dreams - Peter AbrahamsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Them: Adventures with Extremists - Jon RonsonDeborah Leiter
Then We Came to the End - Joshua FerrisKristin Dreyer Kramer
There’s a Squirrel in My Toilet - Rebecca CooperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Thicker Than Water - Alicia DeanSheila Deeth
Thicket, The - Joe R. LansdaleMargaret Marr
Things I Want to Punch in the Face - Jennifer WorickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me - Ben Karlin (Editor)Jacqueline Jung
Things They Carried: A Work of Fiction, The - Tim O'BrienTony Caldwell
Thinking Person’s Guide to Fitness, The - Jake Nash, BSME, CSCSJacqueline Jung
Third Class Superhero - Charles YuTony Caldwell
Third Degree - Maggie BarbieriKristin Dreyer Kramer
Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda JonesKristin Dreyer Kramer
Third Rail, The - Michael HarveyMargaret Marr
Thirteen Problems, The - Agatha ChristieKristin Dreyer Kramer
This House Is Not for Sale - E. C. OsonduKristin Dreyer Kramer
This Is Not the Story You Think It Is - Laura MunsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
This One Is Mine - Maria SempleJacqueline Jung
This Train - Rachel SmithMargaret Marr
Those Who Wish Me Dead - Michael KorytaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Thousand and One Nights, A - Lara TupperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tiare in Bloom - Célestine VaiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tick Tock - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tide of Terror (Vampirates: Book 2) - Justin SomperKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tidings of Great Boys (All About Us, Book 5) - Shelley Adina Margaret Marr
Time for Bed - Mem FoxLisa Marie Fortner
Time Loop - Morelle SmithCoinneach MacFarlane
Time Traveler’s Wife , The - Audrey NiffeneggerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Time Untime - Sherrilyn KenyonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tinkerer’s Daughter , The - Jamie SedgwickD. Jason Cooper
Tipping Point, The - Malcolm GladwellKristin Dreyer Kramer
To Dare and to Conquer - Derek LeebaertTony Caldwell
To E...or Not to E?Kristin Dreyer Kramer
To Hell with Love - Sherri ErwinColleen Snodgrass
To Love a Thief - Chérie De SuesSheila Deeth
To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie WillisDeborah Leiter
To Taste Temptation - Elizabeth HoytColleen Snodgrass
To Yesterday - Mark WildesCoinneach MacFarlane
Tomorrow They Will Kiss - Eduardo SantiagoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Too Far Gone - Marliss MeltonMargaret Marr
Top 10 Beach-Worthy AuthorsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Torment (Fallen, Book 2) - Lauren KateMargaret Marr
Touch of the Demon - Christina PhillipsMargaret Marr
Touchy Subjects - Emma DonoghueJacqueline Jung
Tourist Season - Carl HiaasenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Toys - James Patterson and Neil McMahonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Trading Spaces Behind the Scenes - Brian KramerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Trail of Bones and Excrement - Marilyn PeakeMargaret Marr
Trail of Hope - Heidi VanlandinghamSheila Deeth
Train Wreck - Bennett GavrishMaryann Boulter
Traveling Mercies - Anne LamottDeborah Leiter
Trespasser - Paul DoironKristin Dreyer Kramer
Trial, The - Franz KafkaJeff Sloan
Trial of Rachel Williams, The - William WildeMargaret Marr
Triangle of Deception - Haggai CarmonJacqueline Jung
Trick to Treat - Kimberlee R. MendozaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tricky Business - Dave BarryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Troglodytes - Ed LynskeyMaryann Boulter
Tropic of Cancer - Henry MillerJeff Sloan
Trouble in Mudbug - Jana DeLeonMargaret Marr
Troubled Bones - Jeri WestersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
True Believer - Nicholas SparksAngela Dalecki
True Blue - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
True Self, The - J.R. SinghMaryann Boulter
Trumpet of the Swan, The - E. B. WhiteDeborah Leiter
Truth According to Us, The - Annie BarrowsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Truth and Salsa - Linda LoweryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Truth Commission, The - Susan JubyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Truth or Tabloid? - Peter FentonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Try Darkness - James Scott BellMaryann Boulter
Try Dying - James Scott BellMaryann Boulter
Try Fear - James Scott BellMaryann Boulter
Tuck Everlasting - Natalie BabbittDeborah Leiter
Tulip Fever - Deborah MoggachKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tumbling Stones - Carol Clark RobertsMargaret Marr
Turnaround, The - George PelecanosKristin Dreyer Kramer
Twice - Lisa MiscioneJozette Aaron
Twice Is Not Enough - Emma LaiColleen Snodgrass
Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) - Stephenie MeyerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Twilight Magic - Shari AntonColleen Snodgrass
Twisted Branch - Chris BlaineKim Hatfield
Twisted Tails - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Twisted Tails II: Out of Time—Volume Two - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Twisted Tails II: Time on Our Hands—Volume I - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Twisted Tails III: Pure Fear - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Twisted Tails V: Apocalypses Now and Then - J. Richard Jacobs (Editor)Margaret Marr
Two Legged Snakes - Dr. Ed SlackJacqueline Jung
Two Sweaters for My Father - Perri KlassKristin Dreyer Kramer
Tyrant’s Daughter, The - J. C. CarlesonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Ultra-Longevity - Mark Liponis, M.D.Jacqueline Jung
Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls, The - Julie SchumacherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Under the Covers - Jo BarrettKristin Dreyer Kramer
Under the Dome - Stephen KingMargaret Marr
Under the Tuscan Sun - Frances MayesDeborah Leiter
Underpants, The - Steve Martin, Carl SternheimDeborah Leiter
Understanding Other People - Beverly D. FlaxingtonJacqueline Jung
UnDutchables, The - Colin White and Laurie BouckeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Unexpected Blessing, An - Debra St. JohnMargaret Marr
Unexpected Guest, An - Anne KorkeakiviKristin Dreyer Kramer
Unexpected Storm, The - Steven ManchesterMargaret Marr
Unforgettable Invitations - Melissa Collette GilesLisa Marie Fortner
Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, The - Max WirestoneKristin Dreyer Kramer
Unholy Grail - D. L. WilsonTony Caldwell
Unlikely Praise - Carla RossiMargaret Marr
Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Unraveling of Mercy Louis, The - Keija ParssinenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Unredeemed Captive, The - John Putnam DemosKarin M. Round
Unrepentant Rake, The - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
Unscripted - Natalie Aaron and Marla SchwartzKristin Dreyer Kramer
Unsung Hero, The - Suzanne BrockmannColleen Snodgrass
Untamed Highlander - Donna GrantColleen Snodgrass
Untouchable - Kresley ColeColleen Snodgrass
Unwanteds, The - Lisa McMannKristin Dreyer Kramer
Upside-Down Magic - Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily JenkinsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Urawaza - Lisa KatayamaKristin Dreyer Kramer
Urban Gothic - Brian KeeneMargaret Marr
Vampire Bytes - Jane GreenhillSheila Deeth
Vampire Kristmas - Donna MichaelsMargaret Marr
Vampires Are Forever - Tony-Paul de VissageMargaret Marr
Vampire’s Madam, The - L. RosarioMargaret Marr
Vampyres of Hollywood - Adrienne Barbeau and Michael ScottKristin Dreyer Kramer
Vanilla Bright Like Eminem - Michel FaberJacqueline Jung
Vanished - Joseph FinderMargaret Marr
Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, The - Maggie O’FarrellMaryann Boulter
Variation - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Vector Prime (Star Wars, New Jedi Order, 1) - R. A. SalvatoreCoinneach MacFarlane
Vegan Cooking for Carnivores - Roberto MartinJacqueline Jung
Vehicle of Vengeance - Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams Margaret Marr
Veil of Lies - Jeri WestersonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Vengeance from Eden - Toni V. SweeneyMargaret Marr
Very Bad Men - Harry DolanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Very Easy Circular Knits - Betty BarndenKristin Dreyer Kramer
Very Merry Hockey Holiday, A - Toni AleoKristin Dreyer Kramer
Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, The - George SaundersDebra Sponable
Vicious Circle - Mike CareyMargaret Marr
Victoria Vanishes, The - Christopher FowlerMargaret Marr
Vigilant - Michele HartMargaret Marr
Viking Takes a Knight, The - Sandra HillColleen Snodgrass
Viking Unchained - Sandra HillColleen Snodgrass
Vineyard, The - Barbara DelinskyJozette Aaron
Violets Are Blue - James PattersonR. Lantz Saylor
Virginia - Susan HughesMargaret Marr
Virtues of War, The - Steven PressfieldTony Caldwell
Virtuous Woman, A - Kaye GibbonsDeborah Leiter
Visionary, The - Pamela S. ThibodeauxMargaret Marr
Vittorio the Vampire - Anne RiceKristin Dreyer Kramer
Viva Poncho - Christina Stork and Leslie BarbazetteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Vixen Diaries, The - Karrine SteffansJacqueline Jung
Voice, The - Bill MyersMargaret Marr
Voices of the Living Grail - W.B. DeLongJozette Aaron
Voyagers - K.L. NappierMargaret Marr
Wake Up! You’re Probably Never Going to Look Like That - Michelle PearlJacqueline Jung
Walk in the Woods, A - Bill BrysonDeborah Leiter
Wanton Governess, The - Barbara MonajemMargaret Marr
War and Peace - Leo TolstoyJeff Sloan
Warm Bodies - Isaac MarionKristin Dreyer Kramer
Warning (Sarah Roberts, Book 2), The - Jonas SaulMargaret Marr
Warrior for Christmas, A - Beth TrisselColleen Snodgrass
Watch Your Back! - Donald E. WestlakeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Watchmaker’s Daughter (Glass and Steele #1), The - C. J. ArcherD. Jason Cooper
Watchman, The - Robert CraisJacqueline Jung
Watchman - Ian RankinMargaret Marr
Waxman Murders, The - P. C. DohertyKristin Dreyer Kramer
We Take This Man - Candice Dow and Daaimah S. PooleJacqueline Jung
We the Children (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School, Book 1) - Andrew ClementsKristin Dreyer Kramer
We Were Soldiers Once...And Young - Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. GallowayTony Caldwell
Wedding Date, The - Jasmine GuilloryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Weekend Knitting - Melanie FalickKristin Dreyer Kramer
Weekenders, The - Mary Kay AndrewsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Weight of Lies, The - Emily CarpenterKristin Dreyer Kramer
Welcome to Michael’s - Michael McCartyJacqueline Jung
Wendy Knits Lace - Wendy D. JohnsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wentworths, The - Katie ArnoldiMaryann Boulter
Werewolf Whisperer, The - Ericka ScottMargaret Marr
What a Girl Wants - Selena RobinsMargaret Marr
What a Scoundrel Wants - Carrie LoftyMargaret Marr
What Comes After Crazy? - Sandi Kahn SheltonMargaret Marr
What I Know Now - Ellyn Spragins (Editor)Kristin Dreyer Kramer
What is Mine - Anne HoltKristin Dreyer Kramer
What Never Happens - Anne HoltMargaret Marr
What Tangled Webs - Dan DillardMargaret Marr
What the Sea Saw - Stephanie St. PierreKristin Dreyer Kramer
What to Expect When You’re Expecting - Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, Sandee HathawayLisa Marie Fortner
What Was Asked of Us - Trish WoodTony Caldwell
What Wendell Wants - Jenny LeeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wheel of Darkness, The - Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildMargaret Marr
When - Victoria LaurieKristin Dreyer Kramer
When Ghosts Speak - Mary Ann WinkowskiMaryann Boulter
When Highland Lightning Strikes - Willa BlairSheila Deeth
When I Wished I Was Alone - Dave CutlerLisa Logan
When the Devil Holds the Candle - Karin FossumLaura Shaffer
When You Are Engulfed in Flames - David SedarisMaryann Boulter
Where Armadillos Go to Die - James HimeMargaret Marr
Whispers at Willow Lake - Mary MannersSheila Deeth
Whispers on Shadow Bay - Raquel ByrnesMargaret Marr
Whistling Season, The - Ivan DoigMargaret Marr
White Bones - Graham MastertonGarvan Giltinan
White Book, The - Ken MansfieldChristine Casoli
White Cat (The Curse Workers, Book 1) - Holly BlackKristin Dreyer Kramer
White Lies - Jeremy BatesMargaret Marr
White Oleander - Janet FitchDeborah Leiter
White Orchid - Linda LaddColleen Snodgrass
White Princess, The - Philippa GregoryLisa Finch
Who Made You a Princess? (All About Us, Book 4) - Shelley Adina Margaret Marr
Whole Truth, The - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Why Café, The - John P. StreleckyChristine Casoli
Why Can’t I Be You - Allie LarkinKristin Dreyer Kramer
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers - Robert M. SapolskyDebra Sponable
Wicked Appetite - Janet EvanovichKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wide Window (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 3), The - Lemony SnicketKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wife 22 - Melanie GideonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wife by Wednesday - Catherine BybeeMargaret Marr
Wigfield - Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Stephen ColbertDeborah Leiter
Wild at Heart - John EldridgeTony Caldwell
Wild Fire - Nelson DeMilleMaryann Boulter
Wild Iris, The - Louise GlückDeborah Leiter
Wild Thing - Josh BazellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Willing Sacrifice - Gloria OliverMargaret Marr
Willow Witch (The Nightmare Club #3), The - Howard HopkinsMargaret Marr
Willy - Robert DunbarMargaret Marr
Windkeeper - Charlotte Boyett-Compo Margaret Marr
Window Opens, A - Elisabeth EganKristin Dreyer Kramer
Windows into Heaven - Julia K. MooreMargaret Marr
Windup Girl, The - Paolo BacigalupiAshley Stryker
Wings in the Dark - Michael MurphyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Winter in Madrid - C. J. SansomMargaret Marr
Winter King (Warlord Chronicles Book 1), The - Bernard CornwellRoss Morceau
Winter’s Bone - Daniel WoodrellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wish Craft - Lauri RobinsonKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wishful Drinking - Carrie FisherKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wishing Makes It So - Marilyn MeredithMaryann Boulter
Witch & Wizard - James Patterson and Gabrielle CharbonnetKristin Dreyer Kramer
Witch and the Vampire, The - Tricia SchneiderSheila Deeth
Witchfire (Witchlock, Book 1) - Cyrese CovelliMargaret Marr
Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure, The - S. D. StuartMandy Alyss Brown
Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth series, Book 1) - Terry GoodkindCoinneach MacFarlane
Wizard’s Daughter, The - Victoria GraydaleColleen Snodgrass
Wolfkin - Lord of Wind and Fire - Elaine CorvidaeJozette Aaron
Wolves of Andover, The - Kathleen KentMargaret Marr
Woman Next Door, The - Barbara DelinskyJozette Aaron
Woman of Consequence, A - Anna DeanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Woman of Honour, A - Marlow KellyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach (And Other Annoying People) , The - Lauren Allison and Lisa PerryKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wonders, The - Paddy O’ReillyKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wood - Robert DunbarMargaret Marr
Work From Home - Mark RaatzMandy Alyss Brown
Working Stiff's Manifesto, A - Iain LevisonPam Veselinovic
World I Never Made, A - James LePoreMargaret Marr
Worst Case - James Patterson and Michael LedwidgeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wounded Faith - Mary MannersSheila Deeth
Wraithborn Redux #3 - Marcia Chen and Joe BenitezD. Jason Cooper
Wrapped in Comfort - Alison Jeppson HydeKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wreckage, The - Michael RobothamKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wrinkle in Time, A - Madeleine L'EngleDeborah Leiter
Write. 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. - Karen E. Peterson, Ph.D.Lisa Marie Fortner
Writer's Block, The - Jason RekulakKristin Dreyer Kramer
Written in Blood - Sheila LoweMargaret Marr
Wrong Man, The - Kate WhiteKristin Dreyer Kramer
Wrongsized - Larry SolomonMaryann Boulter
Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics, The - Julie Carles, Jordana JacobsKristin Dreyer Kramer
Yo! - Julia AlvarezKristin Dreyer Kramer
Yoga as Medicine - Timothy McCallJacqueline Jung
Yoga Chick - Bess GallanisKristin Dreyer Kramer
You Can't Hide - Karen RoseMargaret Marr
You Don't Know Jack - Erin McCarthyColleen Snodgrass
You Had Me at Good-bye - Tracey BatemanKristin Dreyer Kramer
You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again! - Suzanne HansenKarin M. Round
Young Wives Club, The - Julie PennellKristin Dreyer Kramer
Your Bed or Mine? - Candy HallidayMargaret Marr
Your Roots Are Showing - Elise ChidleyKristin Dreyer Kramer
You’re Next - Gregg Hurwitz Kristin Dreyer Kramer
You’ve Been Warned - James Patterson and Howard RoughanKristin Dreyer Kramer
Zebra in the Manger, The - Karen HallKristin Dreyer Kramer
Zero Day - David BaldacciMargaret Marr
Zombie, Ohio - Scott KenemoreKristin Dreyer Kramer
Zoom! - Diane AdamsLisa Marie Fortner
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