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COLUMNS: Single in the City List
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Abused Woman Needs Friend, Reader ArguesChristine West
Abusive Boyfriend Put Out to PastureChristine West
Affair To Remember—Or Not, AnChristine West
Always Call Women When You Say You WillChristine West
Are Men and Women So Different?Christine West
Being Alone at Dances is DepressingChristine West
Boyfriend Needs Time to GrieveChristine West
Boyfriend on Outside Too LongChristine West
Boyfriend Shameful for False PromiseChristine West
Call It Quits with Uncommitted LoverChristine West
Chatroom Visits a WorryChristine West
Computer Love Lacks Real FeelingChristine West
Confidence Carries Most Weight of AllChristine West
Crappy Stuff Goes on During DatesChristine West
Divorced Man Treats Girlfriend Like MistressChristine West
Don't Give Up on Involved FriendsChristine West
Don't Let Getting Stood Up Get You DownChristine West
Dreaded One-Night Stand, TheChristine West
Dumpee Doesn't Need All the ParticularsChristine West
Dumper Finds Out About Life as DumpeeChristine West
Ex-Husband Deserves to Know He’s HistoryChristine West
Ex-Lovers' New Ties Must BindChristine West
Failed Singles Must Get Right Back on the HorseChristine West
Fiancé Not Even Ready for a SteadyChristine West
Fiancé’s Fidelity in DoubtChristine West
First Date Too Early for High-Pressure PitchChristine West
Four Years Not a Waste of Time...YetChristine West
Friend Won’t Act on AdviceChristine West
Friendly Flirt’s Boyfriend Might Be Real DealChristine West
Gawking Grates on Older DateChristine West
Girlfriend Slow to See She’s a Daytime DiversionChristine West
Girlfriend’s Style Is All Take, No GiveChristine West
Give Senior's Wife a Lift, TooChristine West
Guy Can’t Read Writing in the SkyChristine West
He Wants a Baby, She Doesn’t; Let Him Have It HimselfChristine West
He’s Not the One If He Doesn’t Want YouChristine West
How Can a Girl Friend Become a Girlfriend?Christine West
Humour Still Best MedicineChristine West
If Paris is Romantic, Madrid is RandyChristine West
If She Refuses to Talk, It’s Time to Move OnChristine West
It Doesn't Have to be the Season to be LonelyChristine West
It's Over, Chum; Move OnChristine West
It's Time to Put Up or Shut UpChristine West
Jealous Boyfriend Straining RelationshipChristine West
Jealousy Isn't Justification for MeddlingChristine West
Kiss Abusive Boyfriend GoodbyeChristine West
Lad Fearing Paternity Trap Could Just Stay Zipped UpChristine West
Ladies, It’s Okay to Make the First MoveChristine West
Late Date Dubious MateChristine West
Laughter, the New AddictionChristine West
Living Alone Has Its PointsChristine West
Loneliness the FearChristine West
Loss of Spouse No Reason to Stop Living LifeChristine West
Lout Bailed Out Without A WordChristine West
Make Realistic ResolutionsChristine West
Man Wants More Than BenefitsChristine West
March of Time Has Single Feeling She's Out of StepChristine West
Matchmaking For a Friend Isn’t WrongChristine West
Mature At 19, Can’t Find Stimulating MateChristine West
Men Ask What Women Are Looking ForChristine West
Mid-Life Crisis a CrockChristine West
Minidating: Seven Minutes to Hit It Off or NotChristine West
Moving on is the Best Form of RevengeChristine West
Mr. Wonderful has Breath to KillChristine West
New Year’s Eve: A Popular Night for LoveChristine West
Non-verbal Guy Sounds Like a KeeperChristine West
Obsessing Over Fiancé’s Ex PointlessChristine West
Oh Brother, She Doesn't Want a DateChristine West
One Being Cheated Is the Betrayed Wife, TheChristine West
One Woman Cheating Doesn’t Mean All WillChristine West
Online ‘Lovers’ Really Pen PalsChristine West
Opposite Sex Can Smell Desperation a Mile AwayChristine West
Pick Up a Few Tips from These LinesChristine West
Poor Self-Esteem Limits RelationshipChristine West
Power: Woman’s Key to IndependenceChristine West
Reader Wants Wife BackChristine West
Readers Say Being Single Can Bring Holiday JoyChristine West
Reunion Needn't Cause StressChristine West
Shy Woman Told She’s Not the Only OneChristine West
Shyness a Common Hurdle in Meeting PeopleChristine West
Single or Paired, Be PreparedChristine West
Sixteen or Sixty-Six, Singles Have QuestionsChristine West
Size Complaint May Point to Weightier IssuesChristine West
Slow Down and LiveChristine West
Soldier Must First Love HimselfChristine West
Soldiers Deserve Loyalty on Home FrontChristine West
Son Needs to Stand Up to Parents' RacismChristine West
Special Occasions Bring Families TogetherChristine West
Stalking Just as Bad as CheatingChristine West
Superficial Standards Rule WorldChristine West
Take Time in Choosing the Right GuyChristine West
Ten-Minute Cuddle Not Too Much to AskChristine West
There's No Use Fighting Spring FeverChristine West
Too Early to Spark Old FlameChristine West
Torn Between Two Losers, Feelin’ Like a FoolChristine West
Travelling Alone Need Not Be LonelyChristine West
Twelve Ways to Play Nicely in the New YearChristine West
Unemployed Boyfriend Needs SpaceChristine West
Wake Up and Smell the MelodramaChristine West
What's Your Romantic IQ?Christine West
When You Love Yourself, Others Will Love You, TooChristine West
When You're Both Adults, Dating Decisions are YoursChristine West
Wife Wants 'Business' RelationshipChristine West
Woman Should Question Her RelationshipChristine West
You Only Get One Chance to Make a First ImpressionChristine West
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