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5 Days in AfricaPamela Veselinovic
All in Good TimeMarijo Herndon
Altan the MagicianMichael Fowler
Animal HouseMaryann Boulter
Animal House, Part IIMaryann Boulter
Animal House, Part III - The Final ChapterMaryann Boulter
Ansel Adams’ EyebrowsTimothy Nunes
Are You Serious?Anna-Marie Marinelli
Art of Picking the Wrong Ones, TheChristine Casoli
Bald Eagle, TheAdam Graupe
Balken Brij and Pig-in-the-BlanketsDiane Payne
Bath, TheLewis Turco
BeautyPavelle Wesser
Beer Belly BurlesqueTimothy Nunes
Big Trouble in the Small of the BackRodd Justice
Bring on the Sudden SilenceMargaret Marr
Bubble, TheAlexandra Seidel
Bug OffTim Coles
Business Fish and Nazi HandiworkKristin Dreyer Kramer
Canadian in Paris, ALisa Marie Fortner
Catalogue Idea, TheLewis Turco
Catching a Flick in MoreliaEd Lynskey
Chair, TheLewis Turco
Childhood ChumLawson Alan
Christmas Bomb, TheChristine Casoli
Christmas with JosephineLinda Napolitano Manning
Clinic, TheJeff Sloan
Color Me ExoticMargaret Marr
Coping in SoCalJacqueline Jung
Corpse, TheJeff Sloan
Country Boy, City StreetsMargaret Marr
Daredevil DaddyAlice Folkart
Days of Auld Lang SyneMaryann Boulter
Delicate Matter, AMaryann Boulter
Delicious DreamsHelen Kay Polaski
Diary of an Office SeductressMichael Fowler
Dinny O’Toole’s FortuneLewis Turco
Do A Little Dance, Look A Little Dumb…Gregg Podolski
Doctor Sigmund FraudCaroline Totten
Don't Try This at HomeChristine Casoli
DoppelgangerMorelle Smith
Doppelganger - Part 2Morelle Smith
DullMichael Fowler
EasterChristine Casoli
Emergency Hip ReplacementJennifer Karin
EndingBrent Brophy
ErdaLewis Turco
EvictedSteven Manchester
Family Vacation Song, TheChristine Casoli
Fear and Shoulder Bags in the Sears TowerKristin Dreyer Kramer
Fifth SessionPamela Tyree Griffin
Filling My Mother’s ShoesSuzanne Nielsen
Final Fitting, TheTony Caldwell
Fine Line, TheChristine Casoli
First DateNathan Leslie
Fishing Jeff Foxworthy StyleMargaret Marr
FlowersongBrent Brophy
Friday Night OutHannah Williamson
FroggieChristine Casoli
From a Child's PerspectiveLisa Marie Fortner
Future PowerPavelle Wesser
Gangsta FrogChristine Casoli
Getaway, TheNathan Leslie
Girls' Weekend AwayLisa Marie Fortner
Give Me a BreakJennifer Karin
God's Power, TheJay Fortner
GordieMichael Fowler
Great Collapse, TheLewis Turco
Great Collapse, The
Greetin's from Hoot 'n' HollerMaryann Boulter
Harley and the Chicken SnakeMargaret Marr
HHIDAPZ, ThePaul Barriere
Hostage, TheJeff Sloan
I'll Do It LaterCharlotte Stephens
Impresario, TheLewis Turco
In a PickleChristopher Hivner
Incident at Callahan’s, AnLewis Turco
Into the Counselor's Office: Navigating Anti-GuidanceJosh Gryniewicz
Jacob’s BallJeff Sloan
Journey into ParisLisa Marie Fortner
Just Another Day in the JungleMargaret Marr
JusticeDiane Payne
Keeping It RealLuana Krause
KellyLewis Turco
Kelly’s FingersMarty Politelli
Kissing Bandit, TheBill Monks
Laugher, TheLewis Turco
Lester & ChesterPaul Barriere
Letter from the Front, ASteven Manchester
Letter to Santa, AAlice Kline
Liberation of GI Joe, TheTony Caldwell
Life WithoutTimothy Nunes
Like ClockworkSuzanne Nielsen
Like No One's WatchingChristine Casoli
Little Italy, AChristine Casoli
Made and MakerJeff Sloan
MatineeLewis Turco
Mechanical World and Odd Characters, TheJohn Foster
Meditation MadnessDiane Payne
Meet the BoyfriendSheila Deeth
Metaphysics and the MacchiatoLuana Krause
Milligan StewLuana Krause
Missing MoneyJohn Nugent
Modern Day NomadPavelle Wesser
Mother’s HelperJohn Herrmann
MurderJohn Nugent
My Brush with AgricultureDon Kelley
My Date with Olympic Gymnast Svetlana KhorkinaMichael Fowler
My First Holy CommunionChristine Casoli
My Life in BrasAndrea Herron
My Next Big AdventureJosh Gryniewicz
My Stepsons Bobo and ChucklesMichael Fowler
New Tomorrow, APavelle Wesser
News or BoozePaul Barriere
Night NoisesSarah Collins Honenberger
Night SchoolPavelle Wesser
No Handsome PrincePavelle Wesser
Not BeingBrent Brophy
ObservationsLisa Marie Fortner
Of Immigrants, Taxicabs and Nintendo WorldMaryann Boulter
Of Mice and Men... A Christmas StoryMarijo Herndon
One Sunday MorningLewis Turco
Oozing SympathyMaryann Boulter
Party GirlSheila Deeth
Place in the Line, TheAlexandra Seidel
Plan, TheJay Fortner
Platinum Premium Service & Support PolicyBill Monks
PolymersNathan Leslie
Posh ChowderCaroline Totten
Prank CallersKatie Tillwick
PremonitionsGlanda Widger
Prison, TheLewis Turco
RecognitionLewis Turco
Rising UpBrent Brophy
RomaMorelle Smith
Safe, TheChristine Casoli
SaltLewis Turco
SantaChristine Casoli
Santa’s Little HelperSheila Deeth
Sarah Wants a HamsterDon Kelley
Searching for the Perfect MartiniTimothy Nunes
Seated in Alternative RealityMargaret Marr
Secret Name, TheLewis Turco
Self DiscoveryNicole Campbell
Seven Minute DateTimothy Gager
Shakespeare's Three Little SwineLuana Krause
Sigh-lent NightMaryann Boulter
Sixty-Second Self-DestructJonathon Scadding
SleepSheila Deeth
Story of a StoryBrent Brophy
Substitute, TheJohn Bruce
SundayAdriane St. Clare
Sweat the Small StuffKenneth Janssen
The Backwards Pants Fire Drill AffairKristin Dreyer Kramer
The Job InterviewLuana Krause
The Other Side of the MirrorJeff Sloan
The RaccoonBill Monks
This Won't HurtLinda Napolitano Manning
TVs, Now and ThenMarijo Herndon
Twiddley WinksTimothy Nunes
Unforgettable JesseTom O'Brien
Veena Was DeadPavelle Wesser
Way, ThePavelle Wesser
WeatherwiseMaryann Boulter
Whatever Happened to Fred?Sheila Deeth
Who Knew?Selena Robins
Why Me?Jozette Aaron
You Can't Eat Meat!Linda Napolitano Manning
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