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November 20, 2009

Supernaturall 5.10: “Abandon All Hope”

Filed under: Supernatural,TV — michael @ 1:05 pm

After a couple weeks of light-hearted diversions, “Supernatural” dives headlong back into the Apocalypse and not everyone’s going to get out of this one alive.  It’s a reminder to be careful what you wish for, even as it delivers one hell of a powerful episode. (more…)

November 2, 2009

Supernatural 5.07: “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”

Filed under: Supernatural,TV — michael @ 12:43 pm

This week sees the brothers taking another break from the impending Apocalypse to investigate the bizarre case of a man who ages from mid-30s to dead-on-the-bathroom-floor in a manner of minutes.  The culprit turns out to be a 600-year-old Irish “he-witch” (love that term) who runs a secret high-stakes poker game where players bet years of life rather than cold hard cash.  When Bobby gets involved, one bad choice leads to another until he and both Winchesters are in rough shape. (more…)

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