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March 30, 2012

New in Theaters This Week:

Filed under: Movies — kdk @ 8:20 am

This week, Hollywood follows up a massive Hunger Games weekend with warring gods and fairy tale princesses. (more…)

March 29, 2012

For Your Listening Pleasure

Filed under: Clips and Downloads,Music — kdk @ 7:50 am

It’s time to kick off another spring weekend with a new spring soundtrack! Get started by checking out the latest downloads below! (more…)

March 27, 2012

New on Blu-ray and DVD This Week:

Filed under: DVD,Movies — kdk @ 10:03 am

Now that you’ve seen The Hunger Games, it’s time to catch up on the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases. Here’s what you’ll find this week: (more…)

CIFF’12 Report: Day 4

Filed under: Film Festivals,Movies — kdk @ 9:10 am

Okay, so Day 4 was actually yesterday—but, well, I’m still trying to recover, so I’m a little behind schedule (and actively avoiding my overflowing inbox). (more…)

March 25, 2012

CIFF’12 Report: Day 3

Filed under: Film Festivals,Movies — kdk @ 10:54 pm

Today was a day full of unexpected twists—and I don’t mean the kind that show up at the end of a movie. (more…)

March 24, 2012

CIFF’12 Report: Day 2

Filed under: Film Festivals,Movies — kdk @ 11:35 pm

It’s never a good thing when you wake up feeling exhausted—especially when you have a long day ahead. But, then again, that’s pretty much every day when you’re pregnant—so I guess today was like any other day. After my upstairs neighbors finally stopped stomping around at 1 this morning (or, technically, I guess that’s yesterday morning now), I got to sleep until around 7, when I was inexplicably wide awake (again…pregnancy). My alarm was set for 8:45, so I refused to get out of bed. But, eventually, I gave up, took a shower, and headed for the breakfast room, where a nice, warm waffle was calling my name. Then, after turning on my computer and checking my mail, I met up with Michael at around 10:30. (more…)

March 23, 2012

CIFF’12 Report: Day 1, Part 2

Filed under: Film Festivals — kdk @ 11:04 pm

The drive from Columbus to Cleveland has never been a very exciting one—just lots of flat, wide-open spaces for 100 miles or so. That’s why I tend to pack everything I might need to keep myself entertained: snacks, books on CD, MP3 player… But, this time, I just spent most of the time chatting with my mom. She’s always good for an hour-long phone call. (more…)

CIFF’12 Report: Day 1

Filed under: Film Festivals — kdk @ 7:58 am

Another Cleveland International Film Festival is under way! (more…)

New in Theaters This Week

Filed under: Movies — kdk @ 7:52 am

This weekend is a big one for Hunger Games fans. In fact, the release of The Hunger Games has been so eagerly anticipated for so long that no one else dared to schedule another major release for the same weekend. Still, if you’re heading to the theater this weekend, you do have a few other options. Check them out right here. (more…)

March 22, 2012

For Your Listening Pleasure

Filed under: Clips and Downloads,Music — kdk @ 7:42 am

Now that the SXSW festival has come to a close, the music biz seems to be taking a little break. We do, however, still have a couple of new downloads for you to check out this week: (more…)

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