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Kristin Dreyer Kramer has been writing in some form or another (usually when she was supposed to be doing something else) since the ripe old age of ten—when she, her cousin, and their two Cabbage Patch Dolls formed the Poo Authors’ Club. After a short career in advertising, Kristin got [MORE]
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Maryann is a native of Newton, Massachusetts and a graduate of Boston College. When not reading or writing (she authors’s monthly “Royally Speaking” column), Maryann is employed nights and weekends at a Boston law firm. She currently resides in Southern [MORE]
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Sheila Deeth grew up in the UK and has both a Bachelors and a Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England. She moved to the States with her husband and three sons twelve years ago and recently became a US citizen. Since losing her job as a software QA engineer, she’s written [MORE]
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  dunne_danny@yahoo.comDanny’s Blog 
Danny Dunne was born in Hidalgo, Illinois (POP. 100) in 1945. He is the second-best-known writer from Hidalgo. The best-known writer is Winfred Van Atta whose novel, Shock Treatment, was made into a [MORE]
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  margaretannmarr@yahoo.comMargaret’s Site 
Margaret Marr is a multi-published e-book author with several paranormal romances/mysteries/thrillers available from SynergEbooks. She’s also the author of the wildly popular Grave Keeper series, about a military vet who psychically feels [MORE]
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Colleen (Giaimo) Snodgrass was born in Queens, New York, but currently resides in Andover, Massachusetts. She began writing at thirteen and eventually put her scribbling to good use as an English major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 2003, Colleen received her M.A. in [MORE]
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In her previous life, Deb produced important documents for charitable organizations: grant proposals, feature articles, college curricula, and annual reports, in the hope of making the world a better place, or, failing that, paying her electric bill. These days, those old papers remain [MORE]
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  tonycald@gmail.comTony's Blog 
Tony Caldwell currently lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and works for the National Guard in a non-descript office building a few blocks from the Pentagon. He is the father of five (two his, three hers), ranging in age from 4 to 21, and a daily rider of the Metro?s ?Orange [MORE]
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  christine@nightsandweekends.comChristine’s Site 
Christine Casoli lives in a homespun tropical paradise overlooking scenic downtown Melrose, Massachusetts with her frog, Heriberto, and her rabbit, Kasha Torre. By day she’s a g-woman, serving our great country in a fascinating, but highly-classified, capacity. She has experience [MORE]
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