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Our Fertile Forever - WOMPS
With the cover for their debut album, Our Fertile Forever, featuring a woman wearing nothing but her breastfeeding (and also naked) child for clothing, it pretty much goes without saying that Glasgow-based pop rockers WOMPS know how to grab your attention. However, it takes much more than a quick flash to stay afloat in the music business, and as you listen through their record, you’ll realize that, thankfully, WOMPS know that, too. [more...]
Acapulco Lips - Acapulco Lips
The new self-titled album from Seattle’s Acapulco Lips is the type I picture being advertised in older television commercials with the overexcited middle-aged salesman rambling on about how great his product is and then finally ending with the classic line, “If you like ____________, then you’ll love ______________.” Insert “surf rock” and “Acapulco Lips” in those blanks, and you’ve got a perfect description for their latest endeavor. [more...]
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