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Toni Erdmann
The bond between a father and a daughter can be a truly special one. But in the Oscar-nominated German dramedy Toni Erdmann, a strong, successful young woman struggles to keep her jokester of a father in check as she tries to close an important business deal.

Toni Erdmann tells the story of a father’s attempt to reconnect with his grown daughter. Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek) is a practical joker who never [more...]
The Great Wall
The Great Wall of China is an astonishing landmark—which, of course, means it’s appeared in countless films through the years. But I think it’s safe to say that you’ve never seen the Wall used to battle the kind of enemy found in The Great Wall.

The Great Wall stars Matt Damon as William, a mercenary who’s traveling through China in search of the magical black powder that will make him rich beyond his imagination. But [more...]
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