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The Running Girl (Louise Rick) - Sara Blaedel
When it comes to their children, mothers can be fiercely protective, standing up to anyone and anything to shield their kids from any kind of harm. And in The Running Girl by Sara Blaedel, one anguished mother is accused of seeking revenge on those who hurt her child.

The story follows Danish detective Louise Rick as she investigates a case that hits a little too close to home. Her foster son, Jonas, is at a friend’s party [more...]
Spin the Golden Light Bulb (The Crimson Five #1) - Jackie Yeager
Before they’re struck by the realities of the “real world,” children are creative and inventive; they’re full of wonder and possibilities. And in Spin the Golden Light Bulb, author Jackie Yeager introduces readers to a group of young inventors whose ideas could change the world.

The story begins in New York in 2071, as eleven-year-old aspiring inventor Kia Krumpet is preparing to participate with the rest of the country’s [more...]
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