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Ann Ring has been known to be a job hopper—everything from waitressing to sales—so everyone’s glad she finally figured out what she wants to do in life. (A slow learner—she’s been journaling since the age of 10.) Now if she could only write. Well, sometimes she actually can and does. She doesn’t believe in reincarnation, but if she did, in her next life she’d want to write just like Jo Ann Beard, the one who grew up in Moline, Illinois, and graduated from Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. Lately Ann’s been writing narrative essays, devotions, plays, singles’ ads, poetry, and articles. In her day job, she tutors kids in the summer and substitute teaches the other nine months, while dreaming of seeing her name among Pulitzer Prize winners and/or being over-burdened with too many speaking engagements. As a direct result of lots of babysitting as a teenager, Ann has kept a promise to herself that she’d never have kids and is grateful she met the last World’s Best Man Alive. She grew up in Iowa, but currently she and her husband, Jeff, live in Woodhull, Illinois.
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