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Born at base camp 27 on the face of Mount Everest, Chris knew his life would be one of adventure, danger and excitement. 29 years later, he is still waiting for that phase of his life to begin.

Chris has had many jobs in the past: production manager in a copy shop, graphic designer, assassin, cafeteria worker, zookeeper, lifeguard, shepherd; but is currently employed as a writer for a large, multi-national company developing whatever content they ask of him.

Believing he needed another challenge to his already incredibly mundane life, Chris has recently decided to throw himself into what he hears is the "highly lucrative" freelance writing market. He plans to write for a year and take his earnings and buy a flying car, so he can visit his aunt in Pittsburgh.

Please send any and all comments, hate mail, love letters, cash and fruit to He loves all correspondence and will try to answer everything as sarcastically as possible.
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