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  claytonklowe@gmail.comNews from Walhalla 
Father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend. In upstate New York it all began, and somewhere in Ohio, most likely, it will come to an end. In between there’s been my books, music, hiking, swimming, travelling, and hanging out at MACS CAFE. As for schooling, there’s been Bethany College, Christian Theological Seminary, and the great Ohio State. And as for making a living, there’s been writing and producing for TV in both Indy and Columbus and teaching film and video at Ohio State and The University of Georgia. For fun there’s been film series on TV, film discussions at the Columbus Museum of Art, and, most recently, a radio show on WCBE.

I’m a bit of a heavy-handed writer, so editor Kristin has vowed to teach me how to relax and lighten up. But she knows full well that if she were to ask me to review “Humpty Dumpty,” I’d have to first research the viscosity of unbroken eggs, then follow through with a study on how fast oval shapes are likely to fall. All this, of course, before I can record my first word.

Good luck, ms. kdk.
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