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Cory began running his freshman year of high school. He would run everywhere. Whether it was to the grocery store, the mall, or the local college. He began to develop an everlasting love for Hope College.

He doesn't know what it was about the college. It could be the design of the campus, the layout of landmarks, or the people getting in his way. Either way, it lead to his love for the game of golf. Not golf-golf though, but Frisbee Golf.

Cory hopes to someday be on the PDGA touring circuit, making a name for himself by throwing, singing, and dancing on the golf course. His mom tells him not to quit school because she doesn't want her son to live in an RV, touring the country.

So Cory is a college student from Ho-town, trying to get his elementary teaching degree. He has a love for running, disc golf, hanging out with his friends, talking to Mark about his past pimping experiences, and going to concerts.
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