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  debleiter@purdue.eduStill and Still Moving 
Deborah Leiter spends a lot of time reading. It’s an addiction, really. For a long time, she was really bad at returning library books and therefore turned to book-buying. To support her habit, she worked full-time at a publishing company for seven years. By doing so, she collected eight bookcases full of books. Then she realized that she was running out of space for new books.

Thankfully, at that critical point, she learned that grad students were allowed to take books out of the library for months at a time. So she went on to complete an M.A. (English) degree, including a thesis about the idea of simplicity in Thoreau’s Walden and T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets at the University of Saskatchewan. For fun, she served as the Managing Editor of The Fieldstone Review while she was at it.

Then, having realized that Saskatchewan was lovely, but incredibly cold, she packed up her books (regretfully returning those from the university library) to pursue her PhD degree in Communication a bit further south—at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where she discovered the joy of researching in archival libraries like the Huntington and the Newberry. As a DeKruyter Graduate Scholar in Communication and an Andrews Fellow, she currently studies media, narrative, and society, particularly focusing on transmedial storytelling through the mystery genre. She also teaches undergrads and occasionally works on Digital Storytelling assistantships. In her “spare” moments she writes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, blogs about the writing life, travels whenever possible, and gets a lot of exercise shooing her twin cats, Winston and Emma, off the counter. Every once in a while, she gets to sleep.
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