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Gail Lakritz was born in a rural community in Washington State, but as soon as she sprouted her wings, she flew to New York City, the place she considers home. She is the mother of one almost-grown son (Do boys ever really grow up?), and she now resides in Williamsburg, Virginia.

As a modern single, Ms. Lakritz writes, works a full-time job, is an addicted DIYer, and also advocates for the rights of the abused. She has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Handyman Magazine, and various local publications. After a several-year hiatus from writing, she decided to again pick up the pen and has dashed off a series of articles under the umbrella of “The Chronicles of Mother Toad’s Life,” which have both delighted her audience and left them crying for more. Her unique voice, and even more unique way of seeing life, takes her readers on a belly laugh ride through everyday events.
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