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  jdn001@btopenworld.comThe Secret Diary of God 
John is a young, aspiring, English writer, and thus has real no hopes for the future. He has written for many websites, including Dooyoo, Ciao, Epinions, Consumer Reviews, the Brains Trust, and the late and very great satire news site,, which imploded recently. (Wipes tear from eye). He has also had work published in Young Writer Magazine and co-written a successful theatre production.

He encourages people who come into contact with him "not to breathe too deeply", as he has been described as "a frighteningly disturbed little individual". But don't let that put you off. He has also been described a "unique human being", which can be interpreted how you like.

His interests include playing the guitar, playing the guitar badly, getting cross with the guitar, getting furious with the guitar, smashing the guitar into several thousand pieces, and breaking down into a silly mess.

He is single and looking but not in the right places.
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