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Jozette Aaron is a published author and freelance writer. She has her work published in a number of anthologies: Forget Me Knots from the Front Porch, Nudges From God, Changing Course: Women?s Inspiring Stories About Midlife, Menopause and Moving Forward, and Real Stories of Spirit Communication: When Loved Ones Return After Crossing Over. All of these anthologies are or will be available through local book stores,, and

Jozette works as a freelance writer and has had articles published by the Women's Independent Press newspaper in Champaign, Illinois, the Kansas Writers Association newsletter, and on various sites across the net. She has her own web site: The Authors Desk, a space she shares with her alter ego, Georgie DeSilva, who writes fiction for her while Jozette sticks to non-fiction.

Jozette is editor-in-chief and publisher of a monthly newsletter, DeSilva?s News a tool writers rely on to meet their creative needs. She has recently retired from her position as a full-time RN and spends her days writing. She has one novel sitting on a publisher?s desk and is working on another.
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