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Mark was once known as the main squirrel pimp in Western Michigan. Years of pimping came to a crashing halt in 1994 when the Flying Squirrel Mafia arrived on the scene. They came from New York, looking to claim the main mid-western squirrel whore hub. Once Mark took a twig in the leg, he conceded to hang up his retro fur and go into hiding.

In 1996, Mark re-emerged on a street corner in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his dancing monkey, Bobo. After learning that monkeys really do fling their feces wherever they like, the short-lived street corner novelty act was called off. Mark and Bobo remain friends to this day.

Around mid 1998, Mark joined a band called Angry Cereal (?You can push us to the bottom but we?ll float to the top?), which lived on for 1 year. Eventually the band turned to mush.

Since then, Mark has become that guy ? the one who mutters to himself at the check-out lane, scares small children, and sings Barry Manilow songs in elevators.

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