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Thanks to his enlightening grandfather, Paul David Parker, the third, has always been influenced by the cinema, in one aspect or another. At first, he had the desire to be an actor—one whose most notorious character would be a detective. Then, after much contemplation, he had the desire to write and direct—as well as still act in—his very own movies (much like his celluloid hero, Charlie Chaplin). Yet, as most people soon realize, he wasn’t able to grasp the instant gratification that he truly wanted. Instead of obtaining a huge amount of financing for his independent projects (which still don’t exist, due to his procrastination), Paul ended up doing what almost every high school graduate is pressured to do: he went to college.

First attending Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and then transferring to the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Paul has found college to be way more complicated than it need be. Without it, though, he wouldn’t have had the fortunate opportunity to be a part of this site—and he wouldn’t have had the chance to stay with his grandfather, who’s helped him shape not only his writing but the very philosophy he believes in.

In the future, Paul plans on finishing his first feature-length script—which he’ll be sure to dedicate to a lot of individuals who’ve made him who he is today (such as his mother, who weened him and his sister on horror movies since the day they were born, and his two Media Arts teachers from Hilliard Davidson High School, Mr. Gerdeman and Mr. Penzone, who’ve never stopped believing in him).

Feel free to check out Paul’s Facebook page, which has other links as well. You can also email him to discuss what was either right or wrong about his reviews at Just be at ease to express yourself to your heart’s desire (especially if you’re a single female, between the ages of 20 and 23, who lives close to OSU).
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