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Rodd Justice is on the record as declaring himself one of the greatest journalists, social commentators, and writers of all time. Always starting -- but rarely finishing -- great projects, he's been dubbed the man Will Self will "never be" and "the unambiguously straight version of Oscar Wilde".

Justice has written for Laughsend, until his story on the science of child molestation got the site shut down permanently. He has also contributed to a student magazine, had hundreds of stories rejected flat by The "Brains" Trust, and once got asked to stop sending abuse to The Onion. Currently Rodd writes regularly for and is developing his own account of the War on Terrorism, "It's My War!"

Rodd is a student at the University of London and will have to go into the real world this June. He rarely gets girlfriends because of his social allergy of not being able to kiss in public and also because half his face was eaten by a flesh eating disease. He is a huge fan of the work of Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci, Will Self, Boris Johnson,and Simon Heffer. Also, Rodd likes cricket and often vents his cynicism about the state of the national game towards the kids playing in the park (restraining order pending).
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