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I am an Eastern Massachusetts guy. I grew up on the Cape, went to college in Lewiston, Maine, and have then spent the rest of my adult life just north of Boston. I had a bunch of English credits by my junior year, so I was forced to choose that major if I wanted to graduate. More than four years was not an option; otherwise, Iíd still be there. I truly enjoyed sitting through my college English classes, and my professors were brilliant and truly kind people on top of it. I donít write very often or read nearly enough. One thing I do on a regular basis is read the movie reviews in the New Yorker. Itís an interesting hobby, since I donít even go to the movies that often, comparably speaking. I think it is great that I met Kristen and was given this opportunity to get my two cents in about books and movies. etc. I have recently gotten into fansub anime, and it has become a bit of an addiction. Lately, itís all about ninjas and/or samurais.
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