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Sammy Stein has been writing for over 20 years and has written books, reviews, articles, and courses. Sammy usually writes about horticulture but makes regular forays into the world of music, writing reviews on live gigs, new and re-forming bands, and favorites.

A musician of sorts, singing and playing clarinet and oboe, Sammy has been in bands in London, including The Razors and Dragonar with Robin Willow, with whom she made an album and single. Sammy has won folk festivals and sang opera for several years as well, so music has always been a big part of her life.

Sammy is always keen to write about older bands as well as new bands coming into the music market, and she has a strong love of jazz, pub rock, and new wave music.

As well as writing about music, Sammy is a professional associate of the RHS, which is totally away from the music context, but it means traveling to London and the South of England from darkest Suffolk and taking the chance to mix travel with gigs when time allows.

Sammy has written for Essentials, The Environment Times, Bella, Business Life, The Lady, and many other magazines.

Sammy went to London University, where she combined study with regular attendance at gigs.
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