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Twenty-five years of marriage and three teenage children give Shawn much fodder for her writings. Understandably, her family does not appreciate being in her observant cross hairs and the subject of her material. Her writing is a good weapon to hold over their heads, to discourage future misdeeds.

Shawn enjoys writing about daily events, family adventures, vacations and travel, her three well-behaved children, and her favorite subject, her husband. She lived in France with her family for a year in 2001-2002, and her misadventures of speaking the language and day-to-day living in a foreign country are legendary. All of her stories are absolutely true, with no embellishments, additives, or preservatives. It is Shawn’s hope, after reading her stories, that you realize you don’t suffer the misfortunes of your spouse’s or children’s bad behavior on your own.
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