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Tequila Dirty - Mickey J. Corrigan
Pages: 71
Goes Well With: A greasy burger and fries

For many readers, chick lit is like a comfy, well-worn security [more...]
Mai Tai Guy - Mickey J. Corrigan
Pages: 8
Goes Well With: A stack of pancakes and a Mai Tai, of course (hold the rum if youíre heading back to work)

A [more...]
The Blow Off - Mickey J. Corrigan
Author Mickey J. Corrigan first caught my eye with her gritty short romances set in the beachside town of Dusky Beach, Florida. Now, with The [more...]
Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella
Unabridged book on CD
9 CDs (approx. 10.5 hours)
Narrated by Kate Reading

Iíve found another excellent reason to listen to audio [more...]
Big Fan
Since moving to a Big Ten City almost five years ago, Iíve been surrounded by obsessive sports fansóthe kind of people who decorate their houses and [more...]
It Ends with Us - Colleen Hoover
Itís pretty easy to take a look at another personís life and judge his or her actions without really knowing the whole story. But in Colleen [more...]
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