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Did you know that the only animals besides humans with the propensity to become alcoholic are hamsters? I gleaned this delectable tidbit of [more...]
Solos, Sessions & Encores - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Solos, Sessions & Encores features a magnificent sampling of Vaughanís work throughout the years and offers a generous list of impressive [more...]
Lazarus Gone Wrong
Dear Christine,

A few months ago, I broke off an unhealthy relationship. I recently had a vivid dream that I was sitting in a quiet room. [more...]
Live at the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival - Dizzy Gillespie
With his captivating stage presence and mind-blowing talent, Dizzy Gillespie makes for a fabulous addition to the Monterey series. Much like [more...]
Bee Gees Greatest - The Bee Gees
Back in the Ď70s when John Travolta evolved from sweathog, Vinnie Barbarino, to the ultra-cool Tony Manero rocking that fine white suit, the most [more...]
Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival - The Miles Davis Quintet
Itís tough to go wrong with Miles Davis and Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival is no exception. This deliciously smooth listen has [more...]
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