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The Lion in Winter
It’s Christmas of 1183, and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole) has to decide to name one of his three sons as heir to his throne. It’s an urgent matter [more...]
If you’re a woman with “lady problems” in London, 1961, there’s one man you want to see: Dr. Otto Powell (Jack Davenport), the brilliant, handsome, [more...]
Picnic at Hanging Rock
“…a dream within a dream….”

It's Valentine’s Day, 1900, in rural Queensland, where a group of schoolgirls, corseted and all in [more...]
Hit & Miss
Mia (Chloë Sevigny) has her life all sorted out. She makes good money working as a top-level hit woman for the Yorkshire mob. She’s using the cash to [more...]
Haven: The Complete First Season
Every small town has its troubles, but the residents of the seaside town of Haven, Maine, have a lot more than their share. When ambitious young [more...]
Hinterland: Series 1
A man runs alone, staring intensely into the cold rain, alongside a barren, wind-beaten Welsh shoreline, finally stopping at his rusty, off-kilter [more...]
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