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Armstrong & Charlie - Steven B. Frank
Itís all too easy to see someone who doesnít seem to be like usósomeone from a different neighborhood, a different social standing, a different [more...]
Unless youíre a critic, itís generally frowned upon to offer your brutally honest opinions about things. Weíre taught at a young age to soften [more...]
T2 Trainspotting
More than 20 years ago, director Danny Boyle burst into the spotlight with his wild, drug-fueled adventure, [more...]
In TVís classic cop show CHiPs, a couple of lovable cops motored their way into viewers homes each week as they worked to keep the California [more...]
Sweet Lake - Christine Nolfi
Without a little bit of tension and conflict, even contemporary romances can fall flat. But in Sweet Lake, the first book in a new series by [more...]
The quest for the perfect source of clean, safe energy has been a key topic of conversations and political campaigns for decades. But the sci-fi [more...]
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