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Portraits, Titles, and Positions
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Well, the big buzz of late is the Duchess of Cambridgeís first official portrait. The [more...]
Royally Speaking - Holiday Edition
Hello, everybody, and welcome to this yearís holiday edition of Royally Speaking. Dig in to this yearís holiday news. Hopefully, the excitement [more...]
A Royal Baby: A Special Report
As the whole world knows, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (nťe Kate Middleton), is pregnant. And itís about damn time. At the time of the [more...]
A War, a Dinner, and Employment
I hope you like this month's interactive Royally Speaking column. Be sure to click on the links so you can really enjoy yourselves. You don't want [more...]
Train Wreck - Bennett Gavrish
Nick Buchanan spent two years selling life insurance for the Firm. Then, one day, heís called to the Bossís office, where heís told that heís been [more...]
Royal Update: Passings and Whatnot
Itís been a long time since Iíve been around with the updates, and I can only imagine your excitement. But donít think that youíre going to be [more...]
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