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The Pirate’s Revenge (The Lobster Cove Series) - Sarita Leone
Pages: 108
Goes Well With: Sandwiches with dill pickles, followed by ginger biscuits and a fine cup of chamomile tea

In [more...]
A Sacrificial Matter - Ilona Fridl
Pages: 72
Goes Well With: A plate of sandwiches and a glass of wine

In the 1920s, it was hard for a working woman to [more...]
Eternity Swamp - T. C. Tereschak
Pages: 30
Goes Well With: A fine cognac, perhaps. Or, failing that, a well-balanced meal with simple food and drink—and no [more...]
Not2Nite - Barbara Burke
Pages: 124
Goes Well With: A dish of candy hearts and a nice cup of tea

Not2Nite, a Candy Hearts Romance by [more...]
When Highland Lightning Strikes - Willa Blair
Pages: 118
Goes Well With: Fresh-baked bread and a bowl of broth

The Scottish Highlands are a dangerous place in the [more...]
Kiss of the Silver Wolf - Sharon Buchbinder
Pages: 124
Goes Well With: Apple pies, apple cakes, candied apples, and a glass of wine, of course

When it’s a choice [more...]
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