Trivia for Dummies Review
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Players: 3 or 4
Play Time: Less than 30 minutes

Before you get too excited about going out and buying this game, I have to warn you that it wonít be easy Ė because itís no longer in production (as far as I can tell). But if you happen to come across it at a garage sale, by all means, snatch this one up!

Trivia for Dummies is a fast-paced, virtually brainless game. Players travel around the board, answering trivia questions that range from duh to just guess. Every answer comes from one of the following categories: colors, numbers, or true/false. Players receive ten cards, which they use to answer the questions Ė every answer possible is on these cards. Whichever player throws the correct card into the center of the board first gets to move forward.

hereís no trick to Trivia for Dummies. Itís a simple, straightforward game that requires little or no advanced intelligence or concentration. If you hate playing competitive games, this is the game for you Ė itís way too brainless for anyone to take to seriously.

As an added bonus, it doesnít require a huge time commitment. Even if you have four players who are paying attention and answering questions correctly, itíll still only take about twenty minutes to play.

Search far and wide for this game Ė scrounge through garage sales and online auctions Ė because Trivia for Dummies is the perfect game for people who donít like games.

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