Dave Barry is Not Taking This Sitting Down! Review
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Okay, so Iíll admit that I was one of those losers who actually had long, excited email conversations with my friends when I heard that Dave Barry was coming out with this book. When it comes to Dave Barry, Iím like one of those Harry Potter fans who dress up like Harry and sit outside the bookstore, anxiously awaiting the moment when the book goes on sale.

Really! Iíve got the coolest Dave Barry wig Ė you should see it!

Of course, thereís one little difference between me and those Harry Potter fans. My mom doesnít give me advances in my allowance so I can buy the latest Dave Barry books. Iím a starving artist, which means that I have to wait until I find them at a used bookstore Ė and I have a gift certificate.

So Iíve finally added Dave Barry is Not Taking This Sitting
to my bookshelf (though Iím guessing that someone will borrow it soon, and Iíll never see it again). And if youíre wondering, yes, itís just like Daveís other books. Itís funny.

I was educated in English literature. I was forced to spend my Thanksgiving break trying to make sense of Moby Dick. Perhaps thatís why I find Dave Barry so refreshing. Every once in a while, itís good to read 200 pages about brassieres. And while Dave Barry is no literary genius (and sometimes his bizarre use of colons drives me crazy), he makes me laugh. Out loud. Forcing my family to look at me as though theyíve decided that it really is finally time to call the sanitarium.

Dave Barry is Not Taking This Sitting Down! is another collection of Daveís syndicated column. So, if youíre a regular reader, many pieces will be familiar Ė but theyíll still make you laugh. Since the book is made up of shorter pieces, you can easily read a handful at a time Ė to make the joy last even longer.

If you do decide, however, to read the entire book in one giant gulp, please make note of the following precautionary tips:

  • Be advised that you should not read this book while drinking any beverages Ė especially those with some sort of carbonation, which, I hear, are very painful if shot out of your nose.
  • Be advised that after you read this book, you will find that you will use the word ďpoopĒ much more than usual.

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