Braveheart Review
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What kind of man would defy a king?

A man like William Wallace would!

In the year of 1995, Mel Gibson starred and directed the part historical and part mythological story of William Wallace, a common man of Scotland of no wealth or heritage who leads an army of Scottish Rebels to fight for their freedom against the English Army under the reign of the tyrant Edward Longshanks.

When William is but a mere young boy, his father and brother lose their lives in a fight to free Scotland. William leaves his homeland in Scotland to be raised by his uncle. On becoming a man, William returns to be thrown in the deep to free Scotland once more after losing further loved ones.

It makes the Great William a legend through Scotland for years to come.

The winner of five Academy Awards, Braveheart is cram-packed with action, adventure, romance, comedy, and drama. There's love, fights, betrayal, laughs, risks. Braveheart has it all – with amazing performances from Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Peter Hanly, Donal Gibson, and Catherine McCormack.

Now you can experience this masterpiece on DVD containing, deleted scenes, behind the story magic, out-takes, cast bio, and many, many more extras, making this a classic for anyone’s home entertainment collection.

I'd give this one a 10/10. I've seen thousands and thousands of movies, but nothing moves me to tears and cheers as much as this film does. But don’t forget to watch out for the biggest Scot goof-up in movie history when a proud Scot gets himself shot in the buttocks only to reveal his white cotton Calvin Klein boxer shorts. Funny… I didn't know those things where even invented in those days.

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