Dr. Dolittle Review
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When my husband first exclaimed, “You’ve never seen Dr. Dolittle? It’s so funny – you have to see it!” I thought he was kidding. I couldn’t believe that he liked a kids’ movie that much – or that he’d admit it. But when I finally watched it, I had to agree (and I’m not afraid to admit it, either).

Dr. Dolittle is based on the kids’ books written by Hugh Lofting. Eddie Murphy (an excellent choice, by the way) plays John Dolittle, a doctor who’s a little too caught up in making money. One day, his whole life is shaken when his car hits a dog – and he distinctly hears the dog call him a bonehead. From then on, he starts hearing things – or, more specifically, he starts hearing animals. And they start hearing him, too.

Word spreads quickly throughout the animal world that John understands them – and they start showing up at his house, hoping that he can help them with their medical (and personal) problems. He can keep it from his family – and his colleagues – just so long. And when they find out, they can’t decide whether to believe him or institutionalize him.

Recently, my husband and I brought our copy of Dr. Dolittle (he got it for me for Christmas) to our friends’ house – so we could watch it with them and their four-year-old. Everyone in the room sat in silence, paying close attention to the movie. We all loved it – even though the adults and the four-year-old often laughed at different times. But that’s the great thing about this movie – it’s funny on two levels (child and adult), so everyone can enjoy it (as long as you don’t mind your kids calling everyone a “bonehead” for a while).

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