Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth series, Book 1) Review
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With this book Terry captures our imagination almost instantaneously, sucking us deep into the lives of two very different people embarking on a quest of love and adventure.

This book is touching, frightening, powerful, chilling and joyous. A whole bundle of emotions wrapped up in one marvelous adventure. This is a book where the people in it become real to you, where you share their laughs, tears and fears.

Wizard’s First Rule introduces you to Richard Cypher, a woodsman who is destined to find out the truth of the world hidden to him for so long. Leading him to the ultimate battle with the Evil Darken Rahl who seeks to destory magic, and eventually plunge the world into the total Darkness of his Evil Reign. Life is vi
olent and hard at times, as Richard and others fight a war to save their world.

There are some parts you can't help but bite your bottom lip at and others where you cheer Richard on and your Mum looks like you like you have gone crackers as you while mumble your frustration at Kahlan's blonde moments, laugh at Zedd's jokes or wish that Richard would do such and such, or notice that so and so is planning revenge on him.

The characters are wondrously created—they soon seem like real people, and you come to care about them greatly.
The great fact about this book is the author, Mr. Goodkind, does leave some threads untold, leaving the reader to span out their imagination, fabricating their own ending.

This is the type of book where you'll read for as long as your mind will let you. It's addictive. Soon you find yourself missing meals, staying up at twilight hours, even forgetting to pick up the spouse. So read this story and look for a review of the second book in the series soon!

(Ed. Note: Other reviews of books in this series:Stone of Tears (Book 2))

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