Ten Little Indians Review
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6 ½ hours

Ten Little Indians was on my high school book list—which may explain why I never read it. But now I’m beginning to wonder if my high school English teachers actually did know what they were talking about…

One August evening, ten guests meet at a mysterious island mansion—owned by an even more mysterious Mr. Owen. They soon discover that they’re not on the island for a relaxing summer holiday —they’re there to die. Each one has been accused of a murder—a murder that couldn’t be proven and prosecuted by the courts—and Mr. Owen is taking justice into his own hands.

One by one, guests turn up dead—each a carefully planned murder. After a search of the island, it’s obvious that no one is hidden there—so the murderer must be one of the guests. But which one? Is it the bitter old maid? The doctor, who could easily possess the deadly chemicals required? Mr. Lombard, who admits to bringing a revolver to the island? As guests try to protect themselves from the murderer, they’re forced to decide who can be trusted—and who can’t.

In the six-and-a-half hours it takes to listen to this recording, you’ll second-guess yourself repeatedly—and you’ll never guess the conclusion. Ten Little Indians is an excellent, captivating mystery written by an extraordinary, well-loved writer. It’s hard to imagine a cheery little grandma writing about such sinister murders—but Dame Agatha Christie did it with refined style.

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