The Error of Our Ways Review
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Today’s lesson: Never underestimate the books in the bargain bin!

I stumbled on The Error of Our Ways in the three-for-two-dollar bin at the local mega-bookstore, and I figured it (and the other books I quickly grabbed before the store manager changed his mind and raised the price) was worth 67 cents. After all, one of the main characters is a linguist—and I graduated from college with a linguistics minor. So I was intrigued.

And I was impressed. I smiled to myself as I flipped through the pages, realizing that the bookstore had practically given this book to me.

The Error of Our Ways is about two very different characters whose paths cross at a very important time in both lives. Ben Hudnut is a successful business owner (he sells nuts, actually), father of four daughters, and husband of an aspiring writer. Jeremy Cook is an unemployed linguist who’s followed his wife, Paula (also a linguist) to St. Louis, where she’s taken a teaching job.

Ben has no clue that mistakes he made in his distant past are about to come back to haunt him—and his happy family. And Jeremy has no idea what his wife is secretly planning.

The Error of Our Ways is a quick and easy read. It’s a book that you’ll want to pick up whenever you have a few spare minutes—because it’s interesting. It’s pretty amusing, too (sometimes, you may even laugh out loud). And if you’re concerned about the linguistics connection, don’t be—Carkeet makes it totally painless. It’s interesting enough for those who appreciate the field, but it’s not overwhelming—you can easily ignore it if you prefer.

The story isn’t flawless, of course. The relationship between the two main characters is a bit uncertain—even stretched a little. And there are a few subplots that could have been a little more fully-developed. But don’t worry about the technical stuff. Just enjoy it—The Error of Our Ways is a good book (just don’t tell the bookstore manager I told you so).

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