e-Bay Electronic Talking Auction Review
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Players: 3 or 4 (ages 10 and up -- though my 8-year-old played very well)
Playing Time: About 10 to 15 minutes per round

This home version of the popular Internet auction site has quickly become the favorite at our house. Fast-paced and boisterous, the game features an electronic Ďauctioneerí who guides players through the process of trying to outbid each other to win items for their collection. (Items are represented by cards containing a photo and description.) Several auctions occur at once, and players continue to bid on items of their choosing until the auctioneer announces the end of the game. The player with the collection of highest value wins -- but buyer beware! Auction items arenít always as valuable as they appear. The condition and actual worth of items vary, and the real prices arenít made known until the end of the game.

To keep things varied and interesting, there are multiple copies of the same items, all of different worth. Plus, from time to time players are able to bid on chances to take another playerís item at the end of the game.

Even my younger kids caught on to this game quickly and became successful collectors of items -- ranging from a clown doll to the sword Excalibur! And although the limit of four players isnít enough to accommodate my larger family of six, the e-Bay game is entertaining enough for spectators, so those taking a turn on the sidelines have fun, too.

This game is definitely worth picking up. As of this writing, I've seen it on clearance at several stores, including WalMart and KayBee (Ed. note: it's on sale at AreYouGame, too!).

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