Servant of the Bones Review
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Read by Michael Cumpsty

Anne Rice is famous for stories about vampires and witches and the stuff that nightmares are made of. In Servant of the Bones, she tells the story of Azriel, who's otherwise known as the Servant of the Bones.

As a young Hebrew man in ancient Babylon, Azriel gets caught up in a political plot that would have killed him—if it hadnít been for the magic of a sorceress and the priests of Babylonís god, Marduk. Instead, they turn him into a sort of genie— neither fully living nor fully dead. He travels through time, destined to serve whoever possesses his casket of bones.

I have to admit that I was disappointed by this story. I expected the nightmare-inducing quality of other Anne
Rice works—like Interview with the Vampire. Instead, I found Servant of the Bones to be rather slow— definitely not terrifying. I didnít have a single nightmare after listening to it. Itís not a bad story at all. Itís interesting, but itís nothing spectacular. If you decide to listen to it, donít expect anything especially horrific.

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