Jenga Review
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Players: Any number (ages 8 and up)
Playing Time: It all depends on how steady you are (but give yourself about 30 minutes)

Jenga is the perfect game for brain surgeons –- but jittery caffeine addicts should probably play something a little less nerve-wracking.

Before you can begin, you have to stack a bunch of rectangular blocks to make a tower. Then you set the tower up, and players take turns removing blocks and replacing them on the top of the stack -– until one of the players makes the tower collapse, thus sending little wooden blocks flying in all directions. The winner is the last player to successfully remove a block (thus, the strategy is to place yourself right in front of the player who’s the most on edge).

At first, Jenga is just good fun. It’s easy. But after a few turns, it starts to make you nervous. Then it makes you neurotic. You’ll be afraid to move. And you’ll stop breathing altogether. In the end, either someone knocks the tower over or everyone passes out from lack of oxygen (which will then cause the tower to collapse, but, since everyone is passed out, no one will know who won).

Jenga drives me crazy. Other members of my family, however, love it. Apparently, they’re not quite as anxious as I am. So if you’re a steady, relaxed person, buy this game. Then invite your stressed out, caffeine-addicted friends over to play -– you’ll never lose.

(Ed. Note -- See also: Tumbling Tower)

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