Tumbling Tower Review
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Players: 2 or more, ages 7 and up

Our favourite family game is Tumbling Tower, or Timber, as it is also known. It consists of 57 small wooden logs that are stacked in threes at right angles to each other. The person who built the tower is the first to remove a log.

Players can remove a log from anywhere except the top row. After that, they replace the log on top of the tower, at right angles, to create another row. Both manoeuvres are executed by using one hand only.

Each player, in turn, removes a log without toppling the tower. Again, the player replaces the log on the top of the tower to form another level, using one hand. Each level at the top must be completed before another level is started.

The challenge, and the fun, comes when some smarty-pants removes a log from the very bottom of the tower, rendering it unstable and likely to fall. Whoever tumbles the tower is the loser, and he or she must reconstruct the tower for another go-round.

Tumbling Tower sounds quite easy to play, and it is. It is recommended for ages 7 and above and for 2 or more players.

(Ed. Note -- See also: Jenga)

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