Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth series, Book 2) Review
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If you thought the first book in The Sword of Truth series from Terry Goodkind, (Wizardís First Rule) was a masterpiece, hold that thought. This one beats that one hands down. This book is the sequel to Mr. Goodkindís first, set only a few hours after Book 1. The same good guys and new bad guys make this book a thrilling adventure for any fantasy reader, young or old.

After following Richard and his adventures against Darken Rahl in Book 1, our much loved hero returns again, with Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, who all men want to marry, and Zedd, the very strange old man we just can't help but smile at.

Having saved the world of magic in the previous book, Richar
d must now seek and repair the veil to the underworld that has been torn. Little does Richard know he will be meeting an old enemy with a sinister plan more evil and dreaded then the last.

Wizards First Rule (WFR) is a set stepping stone for this book (an introduction if you will), a chance for us to get to know the characters better. By the time you read Stone of Tears you're familiar with the characters and are ready to getting to know them on a more personal scale. In this book Richard and Kahlan's role in the world is more realistic. The bad guys are ten times more frightening. The good guys seem to be going from pillar to post, fighting each other, making you wonder if they really are good guys.

This book does a superb job of keeping your interest as well as making your finger ache with wanting to turn the page.

In my experience with this book, I couldn't read it quickly enough. Terry Goodkind delivers us a rollercoaster of suspense within minutes of turning the first page. I also found with this book, I had to hang on to every last piece of hope that was available to me. When I say this book delivers, I mean just that! It is truly amazing. Even the scenes are just that little bit more realistic for your liking, sucking you once more into this fantasy world you left behind not so long ago with Book 1.

No book, however, is complete without a well thought out ending, and Goodkind provides just that by, once more, giving a high speed, action packed ending, full of emotions and twists.

But always bear in mind while reading that your eyes can deceive you, as things are not quite what they seem...

(Ed. note: Also check out Coinneach's review of Wizard's First Rule, the first book in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth fantasy series.

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