Charade Review
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I can’t think of a better way to wind down after a long week than with a bottle of champagne, a box of truffles, a comfy couch, and an Audrey Hepburn movie. Try it sometime. And, while you’re picking out your truffles, be sure to pick up a copy of Charade. You won’t be disappointed.

In Charade, Audrey stars as Regina Lampert, an American living in Paris, who returns from a ski holiday to an empty apartment. She soon discovers that her husband, Charles, had auctioned off their belongings and fled for South America with a quarter of a million dollars. Before he could escape, however, he was murdered.

With the help of CIA agent Hamilton Bartholomew (Walter Matthau), Reggie discovers that she never really knew Charles. She’s told that her husband -– along with some friends –- had stolen $250,000 from the US government and buried it, agreeing to split it later. Charles, however, had taken the money -– and his old friends had finally hunted him down.

Suddenly, everyone’s after Reggie –- because they believe that she’s got the money, even though she has no idea where it could be. She finds herself stuck in a hotel with three guys who want the money and another mysterious guy (Cary Grant) who may be trying to help her –- and may just be trying to get the money, just like everyone else. Somehow, she’s got to escape with her life and get the money back to its rightful owner -– the US government.

Charade is an excellent mystery. Audrey Hepburn is breathtaking (as usual). And Cary Grant is... well, Cary Grant. How can you go wrong with a combination like that? This film will not only mess with your mind, but it’ll also make you laugh out loud.

So break out the bubbly -– this one’s a must-see.

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